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Imagine Going Kayaking And Finding THIS In The Middle Of The River. Unbelievable.

Three kayakers were enjoying their time out on the Ohio River when they came across something surreal… and totally awesome. In the middle of the river, shrouded by trees, stood a large ghost ship. It turns out, the old, decommissioned ship was over 100 years-old and full of history. I bet they didn’t expect to find something so cool in an Ohio river.

The shipwreck was situated in the middle of a tributary of the Ohio river.

They cautiously approached it, but decided to go inside for a peek.

Even though the ship was 110 years-old, it was structurally sound enough to explore.

Nature had completely taken over the ship.

The remnants of the engine and machinery were still on board.

It seemed like the ship had been sitting there for years.

As it turns out, it had. The vessel started out as a sight-seeing boat in New York City.

Then, it was repurposed to fight in both World Wars.

Thomas Edison even used it once during an experiment regarding communications technology.

The boat even made a cameo in Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” music video.

In the 1980s, the ship was decommissioned and taken to a tributary near the owner’s land. It has rested there ever since.

Even the rope attaching it to the shore shows its age.

Now, the boat still sits there silently in Ohio, full of history and memories.

It’s a strange thing to think about. This boat was used for years and so many different people lived their lives around it. Now, it sits still in the water and will probably never move again. It can still be found in that small tributary in Ohio, but if you find the coordinates, be wary of cautious landowners. Source: Queen City Discovery To share this with your friends, click on the button below.

She Was Supposed To Watch This Baby. Instead, She Left Her Alone In A Park Overnight

Having a drink or two can be a simple way to put your daily stresses behind you and relax.

While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional drink, when your drinking interferes with your daily responsibilities, that’s when the real trouble starts. When this woman from Blackpool, England, put her own inebriation above her duties as a babysitter, she put a child’s life in danger.

When 44-year-old Julie Gill was supposed to be looking after a friend’s tiny baby, she began a night of binge drinking across the tiny resort town.

The night started with Gill at home drinking vodka before going out to a local pub to meet a friend. The two eventually left and continued on to a club a few blocks away. Gill carted the baby with her to the bars in her stroller.

Gill allegedly left the club around midnight but did not arrive home until almost 4 a.m. In a moment of inebriation, the woman pounded on a neighbor’s door because she could not find her house keys. The baby was nowhere in sight.

What This Man Found 350 Feet Deep In A Canyon Will SHOCK You. How It Ends? Even More so.

On June 20, 2010, Zak Anderegg was hiking alone in an Arizona desert. While trying to find his way through a canyon, he managed to find so much more: a stuck puppy and a heartbreaking example of just how cruel humans can be. Take a look at how Anderegg handled finding a dog at the bottom of a 350’ canyon.

The entrance.

The exit.

The dog eating a much needed meal.

Unable to rescue the dog that afternoon, Anderegg left food and water and set out to fetch what he’d need to save the pup’s life.

He was back the very next morning, ready to bring the dog to safety.

The poor little guy had to spend some time at the animal hospital.

And even after that, it took him a while to get his strength back.

But it all led to him finding a new home and a new name: Riley.

Riley with his savior.

Riley living the life he was always meant to lead.

According to Anderegg, there’s no way Riley got down in that canyon on his own. As angering as it is to know that there are people out there who would leave a pet to die in a desert, it is comforting to know that there are also people like Zak Anderegg who would stop at nothing to help that discarded dog. Check out this video for more on Riley’s rescue.

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Exploring A Condemned Duplex Is Creepier Than You Might Think

For many people with an adventurous streak, there is nothing more interesting than exploring abandoned homes and buildings.

There’s just something about the experience that really gets your blood pumping. It’s so interesting to spend time in these spaces and wonder what happened inside those walls before they succumbed to disuse and neglect.

Sure, everything is broken down, but you can usually walk away and go about your daily life as usual afterward without being too disturbed. Unless, of course, you’re Redditor Asherbaby.

Asherbaby and one of his friends decided to explore a condemned duplex located directly behind the friend’s house.

The exploration started innocently enough.

But things quickly took a turn for the worse. I really hope that’s not blood.

Then they started noticing these bizarre tally marks on the walls.

It looks like someone was stuck in here for days, marking each one with a line and watching time slip away.

They just went on and on and on…

In the corner of one room was this creepy-looking video camera.

And what scary abandoned house would be complete without a bunch of handwritten letters sitting around?

They were scattered everywhere.

When Asherbaby put these photos up online, commenters said it looked a lot like the home of a schizophrenic.

Despite the obvious signs to stop, they continued exploring.

While nothing happened to them, Asherbaby said that the place had a really bad vibe.

(source: Reddit)

If I know my horror lore (and I do), Asherbaby and his friend are due for a visit from a very creepy demon or ghost in the near future. Sorry, guys.

What One Hiker Found In The Mountains of Tennessee Is Beyond Incredible.

While hiking in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hiker Jordan Liles discovered something you probably wouldn’t expect to find in the middle of a nature preserve: an entire town, completely abandoned, and being reclaimed by nature. 

The Wonderland Hotel Annex

A cottage, heavily damaged.

The town is, or was, named Elkmont, and is now referred to as being part of the Elkmont Historic District. It’s located on the still-active Elkmont Campground, in the park. Since it was built in the early 20th century, the site has been home to a hotel and resort community, and, before that, to a pioneer community and logging town. 

The hotel in the early 1900s.

The fountain’s foundation can still be found on the property.

The dining room of the hotel in about 1990, two years before closing.

At this time, there were only six property holders left at Wonderland.

To get there, Liles went about a mile up an old gravel road inside the park and entered the abandoned community. It consists of houses and a large hotel, called the Wonderland Hotel and built in 1912. The hotel, and the surrounding houses, became known as the “Wonderland Club,” and were used as exclusive vacation properties in the 1920s and 30s. When the land became a federal park in the 30s, the owners of the cottages were given lifetime leases, so they could keep enjoying their vacation homes. However, the park officials eventually got tired of dealing with the properties, and the lifetime leases became 20-year leases in 1952. By 1992, the park refused to renew the leases, and the hotel and cottages were slated for removal. However, some people considered the buildings historical, and a debate over their fate would go on for the next fifteen years. 

For now, it looks like the Wonderland Club has been spared, though the buildings are falling quickly into disrepair. Restoration efforts would more than likely go into the neighboring Appalachian Club, whose buildings are older as well as more historically significant to the area. 

The Wonderland Annex, which is the only part of the hotel that remains standing.

This sign provides hikers with information about the Wonderland Club.

Luckily for us, though, Liles had his camera with him when he rediscovered the Wonderland Club, so even if the buildings deteriorate or are removed, we’ll always have a record of them. Liles compiled his footage into a 22-minute documentary called ‘Tennessee Wonderland,” in which he explores the buildings, including some of the cottages and the Wonderland Annex, which is the standing structure of the hotel. The main hotel collapsed in 2005 after being damaged by a fire a decade earlier, and its remains have been dismantled. 

Be sure to watch it until the end, where you can see images of the Wonderland Club throughout the years, including then-and-now comparison photos.