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Baby Swan Stuck In A Fence Gets Rescued, But Not Before Daddy Causes A Scene.

Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call about a cygnet (young swan) that found itself in a terrible predicament by getting stuck in a fence. Once near the stuck little swan, Simon had to face an angry cob (male swan) that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby.

As he attempted to get the baby swan free, the cob kept on swiping at him with its powerful wings. Simon wouldn’t let it faze him and kindly told the angry male swan “don’t be silly” and to “stop it”. Which is just the most adorably English thing I’ve ever heard. I was half expecting him to offer the swan a cup of tea, too.

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

Seeing that beautiful family swim off at the end was totally worth the few bruises Simon may have received from that cob.

Boy With Prosthetic Flippers Swims With a Dolphin With A Prosthetic Tail.

When 8-year-old English boy Cieran Kelso lost his legs to meningitis as a baby, his parents were determined he would still lead an active life. His father Gary raised enough money to buy him prosthetic flippers so he could go swimming with his friends.

Cieran took to swimming really well and loves being in the water, which is why it was such a magical moment when he was finally able to fulfill an even bigger dream of his, to swim with a dolphin. He traveled to Florida with his family and swam with a dolphin called Winter, a dolphin young Cieran has a lot more in common with than you’d imagine.

That is because Winter also needs a prosthetic to be able to swim, after she lost her tail in a crab trap some years ago.

(Source: Visit St. Pete Clearwater)

You might recognize Winter as the star of the 2011 movie Dolphin Tale.

Wasps Build A Huge Nest Outside A Man’s Window, Giving Him An Awesome View Of The Inside.

What one man found outside his window is the stuff of nightmares. This would convince me to never leave the house ever again.

He recently spotted this large wasps nest (not just any wasps, but European Hornets) outside a double-glass window in his attic. The nest sat right on the window, giving a unique view of the inside of the nest and all the wasps crawling around to feed their larvae.

This is one of those times where “In case of emergency: Break Glass” does not apply… yet “In case of broken glass: Emergency” does indeed apply.

(Source: Vang Tsal)

Every single itch and twitch on my skin just gave me the creeps while watching that.

Dashcam Captures The Really Scary Moment When A Tornado Hits Right Over A Parked Car.

This footage captured last week in the Russian Bashkiria region shows just how scary nature can be at times. The terrifying video was captured by a dashcam still rolling after the owner had abandoned the car. What it recorded? The amazing power of the natural world. Watch as a tornado approaches the abandoned car…


(Source: YouTube)

For those of us not living in an area where you might spot a tornado, you often hear about things like this and think to yourself “Yeah, I guess tornadoes can be pretty destructive.” But to actually see what it would be like with your own eyes? It changes things.

Now, try to imagine the sheer terror you’d feel in the middle of a storm like this. The things you hear and the things you see probably don’t even come close to doing justice to the actual experience.

A Young Boy Made An Awesome Video For His Sister With Down Syndrome. Incredible.

We live in a world where differences are all around us. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in these differences, especially when we see them in the people that surround us everyday.

Young YouTube rapper MattyB believes that everyone deserves the same thing: love. It’s not always popular to love someone and embrace their differences, especially when others make fun of them. But being a leader means standing up for what you believe in and choosing to do the right thing…even when it’s not always popular.

Which is why MattyB made this video of the song, True Colors, for his little sister Sarah. It has a very special message for both his beautiful sister and those that bullied her because they only saw her for her differences.

(Source: MattyBRaps)

We can all learn a thing or two from MattyB and the other kids who helped him with this video.

Scary Tornado Tears A Man’s Garage Down Seconds After He Reverses Out Of It.

“I’ll just pull back into the garage…Oh, never mind!” is probably what went through this Russian man’s mind a few seconds after he had reversed out of his garage only to be greeted by a massive tornado. The tornado was so powerful, it tore down his garage in a matter of seconds.

The whole thing was captured on his dashboard camera, and it’s crazy just how terrifying the footage is. Seriously. My pulse quickened just watching the video.

(Source: ViralHog)

Toyota 1 – Tornado 0. Guess what they say is true, nothing can kill a Toyota.

Little Girl Burst Into Tears After Being Surprised By Her Father In A Pumpkin Patch.

This father and member of the military served a 10 month tour in Afghanistan, and his daughter had no clue that he was on his way back home.

Watch as the little girl gets surprised by her dad while out with her mom picking pumpkins for Halloween. The sweet little girl immediately breaks into tears when she realizes it’s her dad. She was so overcome with joy was she at seeing him again after all that time.

(Source: Meg Kaplan)

Aww what a sweet family moment, hopefully for her sake he’s home for good now.

They Tried To Record This Fox On A GoPro. Apparently, He Was Hungry.

When you leave an expensive camera, like a GoPro, in the wild, the point is for the animals not to notice. After all, the point is the capture footage of the creatures in their natural habitat. Besides, most animals wouldn’t care about a teeny, tiny little camera, right? 

Wrong. (At least when it comes to this smart little fox.)

While filming sea lions in Round Island, Alaska, a group of researchers noticed a fox approaching them in the distance.

Thinking he had a bright idea, camera owner and researcher Jonathan VanBallenberg “stupidly put [his] GoPro on the ground in hopes of getting a close-up.”

What Jonathan didn’t expect though was for the fox to make a snack out of the camera! “Hmm….tasty.”

Still munching on the camera, the fox decided to take his “meal” to go and drug the camera into the tall grass.

Luckily though he eventually gave it up, and Jonathan was able to find it… albeit destroyed.

Watch the full video here:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

Although his pricey camera was shredded, Jonathan was a good sport about it, adding that he’s “glad the fox didn’t get hurt or swallow anything that could have harmed it.” All we can say is that we hope this fox found the lunch he was obviously hungry enough to eat a camera for. Otherwise, we’re leaving ours at home next time we’re out in the wild.

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Two Inseparable Dogs Get Rescued From A Harsh Life On The Streets Of LA.

Annie Hart, founder of the Los Angeles-based animal organization Rescue from the Hart, learned of two cute dogs running around an East Los Angeles street earlier this month.

When she turned up to look for them, she found two of the most precious dogs ever. The dogs were clearly inseparable from each other, and in puppy love! The girl dog was hesitant to trust Annie, so she had to lure her into a trap cage to catch her. Once she did, the boy dog came running into her lover’s arms. The little guy didn’t want to fall behind.

(Source: Rescue From The Hart)

Annie decided to name the inseparable besties after one of television’s favorite couples, Chandler and Monica. Rescue from the Hart is still taking care of these sweet pooches, but hopefully they’ll find a loving owner soon!

Helpful Bird Feeds Two Hungry Great Danes Some Tasty Milk-Bones. What A Friend!

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that birds are dog’s best friend?

Don’t believe me? Well then prepare to be amazed as you watch Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feed his two best buddies some Milk-Bones, by fishing them right out of the box and throwing them onto the floor, where the two grateful Great Danes eagerly wait for their treats.

I suspect it’s payment for protection from the family cat.

(Source: rrry1950)

These three partners in crime are just too adorable. I wonder if I can teach a bird to feed me cookies the same way?