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Harvard cancels finals due to bomb threat; Students applaud [pics]; Update: All clear issued!/EdBajwa/status/412594984588959744

As Twitchy reported, there are unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites at the Harvard campus. Students report from the scene:!/GeorgeGoodwin/status/412590055681961984!/LizzieDfootball/status/412589732057870336

That’s right. Final exams were scheduled today.

Harvard’s newspaper has more:!/thecrimson/status/412601291232141312!/thecrimson/status/412594308261629953


Twitter users suspect the bomb threat is a finals hoax.!/darraghknowlan/status/412587270110056448!/CubicleSquatter/status/412600950675619840!/GB330033/status/412600839472025600!/RedsArmy_Chuck/status/412594631323693056!/SteveCono/status/412594178368217088!/kurlsNkreole/status/412592969338744832!/JRogerDriscoll/status/412592117106475008!/dblight/status/412600608433000448

Twitchy will update as soon as more information is known. In the meantime, we hope all on campus remain safe.!/victoriaev/status/412593508755963905


CNN is reporting all clear.!/sgallman/status/412616815773495296


Update: President Obama has been briefed.!/thecrimson/status/412621508129726464!/thecrimson/status/412626653714460673

It is now being reported that an all clear has not yet been given:!/BecketAdams/status/412621935365718018


The “all clear” has been issued:!/thecrimson/status/412673001780289537


Unconfirmed reports: Harvard University tweets about possible bombs on campus

Greenwald: Canada’s ‘wallowing in war glory’ caused terrorist attacks

The left, especially journalists, seem pathologically incapable of seeing Islamic radicalism as the cause of violence in any situation. Islamist fanatics only attack the west because the west has first done something to them. They intentionally ignore the fact that Islam has been a religion of conquest since its beginning.

Not forbidden so much as naive. Islamist radicals need no provocation to attack the infidels.

Religion of peace or something.



Canadian soldier killed in attack posed for recent photo with War Memorial visitor

‘Running towards danger’: Video captures intense moments inside Canadian Parliament


Maybe he meant ‘lip balm?’ Twitter users buzz about Aldon Smith’s ‘bomb threat’!/ejanke24/status/455530251330670592

Whoa. San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith has reportedly been arrested for making comments about a ‘bomb’ at Los Angeles International Airport.

Twitter users wonder if maybe he meant…something else?!/IamDbills/status/455530320943521795!/BIG_JUICE_LEE/status/455530360109944832!/MBurkie19/status/455505223797071872

He could face a year behind bars.

Reckless terrorist travel threats seem to be a thing today:

I’m not gonna tell my parents’: American Airlines response to ‘joke’ terror threat sparks panicked explanation