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What Happened To This Shark Will Scare You Away From The Water Forever.

When you think of “dangerous ocean animals,” your mind probably jumps to sharks, jellyfish and squid first, right? Those creatures are notoriously dangerous. Maybe they don’t kill humans that often, but they are a huge threat to other animals. 

What you probably don’t realize, though, is that they aren’t the only giant predators in the sea. Meet the giant grouper. This overgrown fish can reach up to 9ft in length and can weigh about 880lbs. It is an absolute monster, and feeds on a variety of marine life, including small sharks and sea turtles. 

This is a giant grouper.

It is beyond terrifying, even if it will never, ever hurt a human.

A fisherman happened to be out on the open waters, reeling in a catch, when he bumped into a local grouper.

At first, the fish was just a shadow.


Well, you’ll just have to see what happened next.

When you see what happened, you’re going to wish you didn’t. This is so creepy: 

(H/T Gizmodo)

Since shark is typically on the giant grouper’s menu, the fish decided to grab a quick and easy lunch from the fisherman. Although groupers aren’t a threat to humans, this footage definitely convinced me to stay out of the waters. 

If sharks are in danger, that does that say about me? I can’t even swim without wearing floaties. 

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They Were Just Skiing When Their Beautiful Trip Turned Into A Rescue Mission.

Professional skier Peter Oswald expected to have a normal day when he travelled to New Zealand’s Hector Mountains for a photo shoot. Or at least as normal of a day one can have where someone takes pictures of you flying down a mountain on two thin planks.

He would not, in fact, have a normal day. He didn’t think much of the falling chunk of snow he saw sliding down the mountain until he noticed something different about the plunging powder: it was a sheep.

Dan Power

Dan Power

When the poor thing finished tumbling, Oswald picked all 88 lbs. of it up and decided he needed to take it somewhere to get care. Luckily for the sheep, Oswald is a good enough skier to bring the two of them down the dangerous mountain without any spills. The sheep was able to get the medical attention it needed at the bottom of the slope and Oswald was able to look at the awesome pictures of the rescue captured by the photographer, Dan Power.

(via Lost at E Minor)

Talk about a baaaaahd day for that poor sheep. Nicely done, Peter and Dan!

What This Man Did For The Woman He Loves Makes Everyone Else Look Bad.

When it was time for this man to get his fiancée a wedding ring, he really went for the gold. Literally. John Greenwood panned for gold in the Scottish mountains. He wanted to personally create the perfect ring for his bride-to-be, Morag Shearer.

Greenwood spent a year and a half panning for gold, and when he was through, he collected roughly 70 grams of it. The gold was melted down and delivered to a goldsmith, who crafted two beautiful rings for Morag and John. Take a look at how these precious materials made it from the Scottish mountains to the alter.

To pan for gold, Greenwood used a gold pan, trowel, shovel, and rake.

Greenwood in action.

The fruits of his labor melting down.

Goldsmith Grant Logan working on the pair of rings.

So far, so good.

The finished products. Beautiful!

John and Morag on their wedding day.

Looks like it was well worth the effort.

(via Elite Daily)

How precious! Kudos to John on the beautiful rings, the beautiful bride, and setting the bar entirely way too high for everyone else getting married.

This Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of. And Most Of It’s On You Right Now.

All of things in these images exist in the world around you. You may even encounter most of these daily. But when you take something seemingly normal, like an eye lash, it turns alien and strange when you zoom in to a microscopic level.

A banana.

The surface of a vinyl disc.


Red blood cells.

Used dental floss.

The filament of a tungsten lightbulb.

A toothbrush.

Toilet paper.

The foot of a housefly.


A split human hair.

The skin of a spider.


Salt and pepper.



The edge of a stamp.


Pencil graphite.

Orange juice.

Needle and thread.

Instant coffee.

A human sweat gland.

A human eyelash.

A guitar string.

The foot of a gecko.

A football jersey.

A flea.




A blood clot.

Just think. Many of these things are even touching you right now.


This Is Proof That We Are Completely Insignificant. Or… Are We Just That Special?

During your day-to-day life, you can get pretty wrapped up in yourself. You can forget to feed your cats or neglect to call your mother on her birthday. We think our lives are just about us. Well when you read through the images below… you’ll either think you’re totally insignificant, or it’ll reaffirm your belief that our existence is really that special.

Well, I suddenly feel very very tiny. How about you? Share this ‘perspective’ with others.

Humans See a Million Colors, But This Artist Can See (and Uses) 100 Million.

Concetta Antico is an Australian artist with a rare condition known as Tetrachromatism. Most humans have three visual receptors known as cones. These cones allow us to see color in the world around us. Those with Tetrachromatism have a fourth cone that allows them to see up to 100 times more color.

Most people can see about 1 million colors, but Concetta Antico and people like her with Tetrachromatism can see almost 100 million different colors. This unique condition makes Antico’s art all the more extraordinary as she finds different colors in places where most people would assume there are just one.

Meet Concetta Antico. She’s an accomplished Australian artist, but what makes her art unique is a condition she has known as Tetrachromatism.

Tetrachromatism is a condition where the eyes have an extra color receptor.

This means that Antico is able to perceive more colors than the average person.

By her best estimate, Antico says she can see nearly 100 million colors, whereas most humans can only perceive around 1 million.

Her Tetrachromatism gives her work an amazing depth and vibrance.

Antico sees the world in a completely different way than most people. Whereas we might just see green, she sees all the subtleties of color within that green.

Antico also actively collaborates with scientists researching Tetrachromatism to help them gain a better understanding about the condition.

“My world speaks to me very strongly and then I can’t wait to paint it,” said Concetta. “I’ve been told that you see gray, mostly, in a shadow. Well, shadows are fabulous. I see emerald greens, I see magentas, I see lilacs, I see blues.”

I love it when science meets art in such a beautiful way. You can check out more art from Antico on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You Touch These Surprisingly Dirty Things Every Single Day.

Most of us seek to live the healthiest lives possible. In order to avoid germs, we take special care of some items in our homes, but there are some spots we miss. In fact, most of these downright disgusting items are things you touch every day but may never think to actually clean.

You may want to go wash these items right away, lest you come into contact with the dreaded germs.

1.) Headphones

Headphones have been known to build up excess bacteria from sweat and ear wax.

2.) Kitchen Sponges

You can find remnants of E.Coli, Salmonella, and other food born illnesses in your kitchen sponges.

3.) Water Bottles

Coliform Bacteria is a common resident of water bottles if they are not properly cleaned.

4.) Towels

Dead skin cells that can cause staph infections have been known to linger on towels after you dry off.

5.) Kitchen Handles

Kitchen handles are breeding grounds for bacteria. If you aren’t washing your hands after cooking, you are spreading the germs everywhere you touch.

6.) Toothbrushes

Ready for this? Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria is sprayed upwards landing on whatever it can cling to. Better keep your toothbrush far far away from your toilet bowl.

7.) Yoga Mats

If you are constantly sweating on your yoga mat then you are at risk of getting ringworm and staph infections.

8.) Laundry

Every time you handle dirty laundry you are dealing with bacteria. Even transferring your laundry from washer to dryer presents the risk of handling E.Coli.

9.) Shopping Carts

Saliva, bacteria, and even fecal matter have been found on shopping cart handles. Ugh.

10.) Bath Mats

Bath mats are known as the most contaminated place in your bathroom beside the toilet bowl. The dampness of the bath mat can house mold and other bacteria.

11.) Restaurant Menus

Menus get used and reused all day at restaurants without a wash. Hundreds of people have their grimy mitts on menus, so you better make sure you don’t put that thing on your fork.

12.) Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are home to mold, yeasts, and other bacteria if you don’t wash them after you cut.

13.) Pillows

That thing you lay on all night is FULL of gross bacteria. From dead skin cells, drool, and even potentially bugs (lice).

14.) Phones

I can’t live without my phone! Well you should know that 1 in 6 phones has fecal matter on them. I think you can miss that text now.


Face it: the things you touch most often are basically the dirtiest. However, now you know where the germs live, you can EVICT THEM. Get some disinfectant wipes and rid your home of at least some of that pesky bacteria. Share this if you know someone who is a germaphobe or lives in filth. 


If You’ve Never Seen Mother Nature’s Fury In action…It’s About Time You Did.

Back on August 29th, Papua New Guinea’s Mount Tavurvur Volcano erupted in fantastic display. It’s rare to see something like this so up close and personal, but thanks to a couple of tourists now we can. This video was captured by Australian couple Phil and Linda McNamara. 

The video starts out normally enough with footage of the coastline from a boat. Then suddenly: 


The explosion was so powerful that it caused a sonic boom, which you can hear in the video. You can also see the shock wave it creates. As the eruption continues, a plume of smoke and ash slowly snakes its up into the atmosphere.

Here’s the full video of the eruption.

If there’s one thing to learned here, it’s that Mother Nature should be feared as much as she is loved. Just imagine if that happened near a big city? It would be utterly devastating. 

After Seeing This, I Don’t Know Whether To Feel Small And Insignificant. Or Extremely Lucky.

A user on Reddit came up with a fantastic idea. They Photoshopped all of our solar system’s planets into the sky, appearing as if they were as far away from Earth as the Moon. The result is absolutely fascinating (and a little bit terrifying). This is what it would look like to live on an alien planet. Wow.

The Moon








Too bad Pluto is missing out on all of this fun (R.I.P).


These 10 Sleep Disorders Are Terrifying…And Possibly Deadly.

There’s nothing like getting a good night’s snoozefest and waking up refreshed. On the other hand, losing sleep can cause even the sweetest person in the world to become an irritable grump-face. Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world to perk a person up.

Having a rough night or two is nothing compared to those suffering from one of these terrifying sleep disorders. I definitely don’t recommend reading these right before bedtime…

1.) Exploding Head Syndrome: People suffering from this are awoken an hour or two after falling asleep by a loud noise from their mind. Ranging from a gunshot to a scream, researchers still aren’t sure what causes it.

2.) Kleine-Levin Syndrome: This rare disease that causes sufferers to oversleep for up to 20 hours a day has been linked to appetite. There is no known cure.

3.) Sleep Paralysis: While either waking or falling asleep, the sufferer feels completely unable to move. Linked to anxiety disorders, narcolepsy, migraines, and obstructed sleep apnea, they often feel as if someone menacing is hovering over them or physically holding them down.

4.) Fatal Familial Insomnia: This extremely rare version of insomnia is fatal, as the name suggests, for those suffering. Death usually occurs within six to 32 months after symptoms arise. This condition impairs the thalamus in your brain and can also cause hallucinations and loss of motor function. It is hereditary, children of sufferers being 50 percent more likely to develop the disorder.

5.) Sexsomnia: Similar to sleep walking, those suffering from this disorder are able to perform sexual activity without realizing it while still asleep. It is more common in those already suffering from sleep walking.

6.) Non-24-Hour Sleep–Wake Disorder: Sufferers of this disorder feel as if they are in a constant state of jet lag, constantly feeling “out of it.” They are dealing with a longer circadian rhythm which causes a 25 or 26 hour sleep/awake cycle and is common among the blind.

7.) Narcolepsy: This disorder is caused by an autoimmune destruction of hypocretin-producing neurons in the brain disrupting the regulation of a person’s sleep/awake cycle. As a result, they are prone to falling asleep without warning at any time of day.

8.) Somnambulistic Eating: A nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, sufferers don’t realize they’re spending their evenings eating second and third dinners until the eventual and unexplainable weight gain.

9.) REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder: Occurring during rapid-eye movement when your dreams are most vivid, this causes the sufferer to unconsciously physically act out what is happening their dreams. This type of parasomnia is thankfully treatable.

10.) Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome: This phenomena of literally sleeping yourself to death occurs mostly in young men and is more common in Southeast Asian areas. The cause is unknown, but some believe the victims’ hearts skip a beat and never start back up.

(via All Day.)

If you’re experiencing any sleep issues of your own, it’s probably a good idea to talk to your doctor before things get really bad. Sleeping isn’t just about dreaming about your crush and having nightmares about not wearing pants. It can be a serious issue.