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TV Guide weighs in on Jessa Duggar’s abortion comments and it’s pitiful

Speaking of crazy media, TV Guide weighed in on Jessa Duggar’s comments about the Holocaust and abortion. As Twitchy readers know, hate-filled libs immediately attacked her. The sane, however, stand in support of Ms. Duggar and precious life.

TV Guide? Not so much.

Jessa Duggar compares abortion to the Holocaust because, UGH

— TV Guide (@TVGuide) September 30, 2014

UGH? Here’s a snippet from the pitiful article.

The 19 Kids and Counting star recently visited Washington, D.C.’s Holocaust Museum and rather than absorbing the atrocity of one of the greatest horrors in recent history, she decided to leverage the genocide of 11 million people to support her view on abortion.

The Holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million Jews and 5 million others, including gay people, gypsies, communists and those with disabilities. They were subjected to horrific experiments, mass exterminated and worked to death if they weren’t killed on sight. Abortion is a legal procedure that one in three women undergoes. By legalizing abortion, it has helped reduce the number of unsafe and illegal means of abortion, which is a leading killer of pregnant women. Whatever your stance on abortion, comparing it to the Holocaust is tone-deaf, insensitive and irresponsible.

Duggar didn’t even do what TV Guide said she did: Read her thoughtful comments here.

Regardless, what about the “leading killer” of, you know, babies?

What a twat waffle "@TVGuide: Jessa Duggar compares abortion to the Holocaust because, UGH

— Adam Benson (@Benson_TheComic) September 30, 2014

Wow. Strong argument there.

Here is an exit nutshell explanation for the confused at TV Guide.

@TVGuide actually #jessaduggar speaks truth. To deny it is to be deceived and/or oblivious.

— tanthony (@2ffsn2ees) September 30, 2014


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