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When They Opened This Ancient Grave In Bulgaria, They Weren’t Prepared For This.

Archaeologists in southern Bulgaria uncovered a body this week that has them puzzled. It’s the body of a 40-year-old man from the 13th century left completely in tact…except for an iron stake stuck through his heart. 

Archaeologists believe the man’s corpse is a victim of vampire hysteria. Hopefully he was already dead when they put the stake through. The man’s left leg was also removed after death and placed beside the body in the grave.

Here is the dig site where the body was found.

Vampires were considered a real threat throughout history in Eastern Europe. It was common during periods of hysteria for stakes to be put through the hearts of dead bodies. This was supposed to prevent them from coming back to life as a vampire.

They must have felt really terrified that this guy would come back, to not only stake his corpse, but to remove one of his legs.

H/T: Smithsonian

Fear can do crazy things to people. Unless, of course, this guy actually was a vampire, and the archaeologists have it all wrong. No, no, no. That’s just too scary of a possibility to consider.

I Wish I Could Talk To The Last Survivors Of These 12 Famous Historical Events.

Hopefully we all get to experience history being made at some point in our lives. However, we can only wish that we’ll see as much as these 12 last survivors of famous historical events. How cool would it be to hang out with #6?! I would have so many questions. 

1.) Voyages of Captain Cook.

Isaac Smith played a significant role during the golden age of exploration in the 1700s. However, Smith is best known for being the only survivor of Captain Cook’s extremely ill-fated trip to the Southern Pacific Ocean on the HMS Endeavour.

2.) Mutiny on the Potemkim.

The Potemkim was a Russian battleship during the early 1900s. It became famous when the crew rebelled against their commanding officers as part of the Russian Revolution of 1905. The last living survivor of the Potemkim rebellion was Ivan Beshoff, who died in 1987 at the age of 102.

3.) Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch.

The Beer Hall Putsch was the attempt of a young Adolf Hitler to start a revolution in Germany with him and his Nazi party at the head. Things went south for the Nazi leader, and he ended up getting arrested and throw in prison.

Among those participants and witnesses to this failed revolution was Emil Klein. He was a member of the Nazi party, and an active participant in World War II. When he died in 2010 at the age of 105, he was the last known witness to this first public display by Hitler.

4.) The First American in Space.

John Glenn became the first American pilot to orbit the Earth in 1962. Glenn is still alive today at the age of 93, and is the only surviving member of the original Mercury Seven.

5.) Sinking of the Titanic.

Millvina Dean was the last remaining survivor of the sinking of the Titanic. Dean held this and one other record related to the Titanic in her life. When the ship left port for the last time, she was the youngest person on the ship, at the age of just two months. She passed away on May 31, 2009.

6.) Last Opposition to Hitler.

Josef Felder was a young politician in Weimar Germany when he had to cast one of the most controversial votes of his life. Felder had to vote on the law that could allow Hitler and his Nazi party to seize power in Germany.

Felder voted against it in 1933. As a result, he was sent to a concentration camp, but survived. When he passed away, he was the last of the 94 legislators who were brave enough to vote against the Nazi party.

7.) Last African Slave in America.

Eliza Moore was born into slavery in 1843. Moore lived through the Civil War in her home state of Alabama, and died as a free woman in 1948 at the age of 105.

8.) The Last Widow of the Civil War.

In 1934, when Maudie Hopkins was only 19, she married William M. Cantrell, who was 86 at the time and a Civil War veteran. I know it sounds bizarre, but it was fairly common for young women to marry and care for old Confederate pensioners in the South. 

9.) Russia’s World War I Army.

Mikhail Krichevsky was a Ukrainian man serving in Russia’s imperial army during the first World War. When Krichevsky died, at the age of 111 in 2008, he was the last survivor of Russia’s old Tsarist army.

10.) The First World Cup.

Francisco Varallo was never the world’s greatest soccer player. However, he went down in history for being the last survivor of the inaugural FIFA World Cup of 1930. Varallo played for Argentina that year, and had a good showing, despite his team not making it to the finals.

11.) The French Revolution. 

Nicolas Savin was a French soldier. He claimed to be one of the last survivors of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

12.) The Mayflower.

Mary Allerton was a passenger on the original Mayflower, the ship carrying the first pilgrims from England. She made a home for herself in the New World, where she landed at just four years old. She passed away 80 years later as the last survivor of the original Mayflower.

Via: List 25

These stories are fantastic. Can you imagine being one of the last people to oppose the Nazi takeover of Germany? That had to be such an intense burden to carry at the time. Not to mention the nerves that go into making a decision like that. 

This Man Set A World Record For Doing Something Alarmingly Awful. Ew.

When is the last time you did planks at the gym? How long did you hold it for? For those not familiar, planks are an exercise in working your core muscles. You start in the push-up position on your arms and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute.

Well, I guarantee you that Mao Weidong, a member of Beijing’s SWAT team, has your best plank time beat. He recently set the world record for longest plank ever.

Weidong held the plank position for 4 hours and 26 minutes.

The previous world record was 3 hours and 7 minutes. Weidong beat that time by an hour and 19 minutes.

Most people can only hold the plank position for 30 second to a minute.

Here he is, proudly displaying his world record certificate.

Via: Telegraph

Bravo! That’s impressive. I can only imagine how much his abs hurt the next day. Maybe it’s time I renewed my gym membership…

This Is The Best Excuse Ever To Not Deliver A Package. Oh My.

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever been given? What’s an acceptable reason for not completing a project, showing up for work or meeting your date? Well, this postman in Canada discovered exactly what the best excuse is that anyone could ever use. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. You’d be forgiven if you had this backing you up:


After Matt Fane tweeted out this photo of the late notice (which was left at a neighbors house), it wasn’t long before the good ole Canada Post came tweeting to the rescue like their Mountie brethren, offering to save the day.


And to further calm down you Internet people, Matt later tweeted out photographic evidence that indeed, Pooh Bear often stretches his legs by roaming around his neighborhood.


Oh, Canada. We certainly do love you and your postal carriers.

Check Out The Awesome Fast Food Items You’ll Wish You Could Order In The U.S.

You’re not really a world traveler until you experience awesome country-specific menu items of your favorite fast food restaurants. Anyone can go on trips to foreign countries; only a true traveler gets exhausted that they’re no longer interested in new and different places to eat. You don’t have to be road weary to eat chili cheese nuggets from an Austrian Burger King, but it sure helps. Take a look at these rather interesting foreign fast food menu items.  

1.) McNurnburger – McDonald’s (Germany)

2.) Fried Chicken With Spaghetti – McDonald’s (Philippines)

3.) Chili Cheese Nuggets – Burger King (Austria)

4.) Egg Tart – KFC (Singapore)

5.) McFloat – McDonald’s (Philippines)

6.) McPrawn – McDonald’s (Russia)

7.) Cono Oreo – McDonald’s (Mexico)

8.) Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – McDonald’s (Australia)

9.) McBeer – McDonald’s (Europe)

10.) Twister Fries – McDonald’s (Philippines)

11.) Crown Crust Pizzas – Pizza Hut (Middle East)


12.) Kuro Ninja Burger – Burger King (Japan)

13.) Jalapeño Bulgogi Hot Dog – Dunkin’ Donuts (Korea)

14.) Green Tea And Red Bean Bagel Ball – Dunkin’ Donuts (Korea)

15.) BLT Bagel – McDonald’s (Canada)

16.) McPoutine – McDonald’s (Canada)

(via BuzzFeed, BusinessInsider)

I don’t know about you, but some of those actually made me super hungry. Do you think Canadian McDonald’s would deliver to me?

Life In Canada Is So Much Different, And Colder, Than Life Anywhere Else.

Canada. America’s northern neighbor. The great wilderness that few of us know about. Our country’s hat. What most Americans know about Canada is that they say “Eh” and that’s about it. (Maybe stuff about Rob Ford, too.)

To find out more about the fine country of Canada, I present examples of regular happenings in this fine sovereign nation. I’ll show you Canadian versions of things that are quite different from what we have in America. They range from awesome to weird, but all of it is 100% Canadian.

Love at first sight.

The most Canadian way to die.

Who would do that anyway?

That’s cold.

Awfully polite.

I found a car!

Why thank you, kind sirs.


You’re forgiven.

What a sweetheart.

Hey, they have to eat somehow.

How obscene!

What’s the answer?

Why would you ever want to trap a Canadian?

Hockey > Babes.

That’s convenient.

Not anymore.

This actually looks awesome.

Hooray! They all survive.


The ice makes it easier.

I’d love to do that.

Holy cow.

I hope we all learned a little bit about what life is like in Canada (it’s a magical, snowy wonderland where absolutely everyone is polite). I also hope we all plan to moving there now because it looks awesome! Who wouldn’t want to see moose in their back yard?

Yes, These People Are Eating Grass By The Handful. But The Reason Why Is Even More Absurd.

A pastor in South Africa is doing something to his congregation that will make you sick (and is actually making them sick). Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries in Garankuwa tells the people in his church that, if they want to get closer to God, they should eat grass. It doesn’t matter that the grass makes them ill and these photos have caused a massive online backlash, his followers still do it.

The members of his church eat the grass, believing it’ll bring them closer to God.

They believe it even heals them from their ailments.

Pastor Lesego will even shout at them, stomp them, tell them to be still.

And these people still obey.

He cannot see past his perceived power. He has bragged about being able to control his people… and even the police if they were to show up.

The grass has made his congregation violently ill, sparking numerous online complaints.

They vomit up the grass, since their bodies are unable to process it.

However, most still believe that with God’s will, they can survive on anything they eat… even grass.

As a response to the protests, the pastor has said that “God is at work.”

This pastor believes he is a miracle man, but all he is doing is bringing insanity and pain to his congregation. Even worse? They’re fine with it.


Please share this story so that others may know just how one pastor is abusing his power.

Texting And Walking Is Dangerous, But THIS Is Ridiculous. People Have To Stop.

Ever look up from your own phone while walking and realize that you can’t move any faster because another oblivious person in front of you is trying to balance looking at their phone and walking, too? Well, the city of Chongqing, China may have the solution to this problem — if you’re willing to put away your phone for a few seconds, that is. 

In a 100-feet stretch of sidewalk, city authorities have divided the walkway into two lanes.

One for walking and the other for texting while walking.

Those who weren’t looking at their phones appreciated the first phone sidewalks in China, but many pedestrians were too busy looking at their phones to even notice the lanes.

In a recent Chinese survey, 80% of the 10,0000 people polled admitted to having a “severe” addiction to their phones.

The lanes were supposedly installed to make people more aware of how much time they spend on their phone when they should be focusing on what they’re doing.

(via Amusing Planet)

Wow. Have we really come to texting and not-texting walking lanes? It seems like some of us need to re-evaluate our phone usage. Nowadays, it seems like the only time people aren’t on their phones is when I message them to see if they want to hang out. And when we do hang out, they’re glued to their phones. It never ends!

Military Aircraft Are Spotted Guiding an Apparent UFO. Fact or Fiction?

Even if you don’t believe in UFOs, the footage you’re about to see is hard to ignore. Two military aircraft or drones were seen guiding another aircraft. Some believe this to be a possible alien craft, but it is for certain a UFO (an “unidentified flying object”). It’s strange…but what do you think it is?


OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘ZwdXllcToWYVyTJk4RNsbJFh7sMGl1CA’, {‘autoplay’:true}); });

Please enable Javascript to watch this video


No matter what you believe, this is strange footage.

A Street Artist Raises Homelessness Awareness In An Awesome Way. A Must See.

Poverty and homelessness are two poorly discussed topics in America. The number of impoverished people has sharply increased in recent memory. They sleep on the streets, panhandle for food, and often can’t get a job no matter how hard they try.

To help jump start the conversation on poverty, an anonymous street graffiti artist named Skid Robot goes around Los Angeles armed with a can of spray paint, a basket of food, and a full heart. He paints imaginary homes for those most in need. His work drew the attention of many across America today, showcasing the incredibly tough lives these individuals face.

Enjoy his thought provoking work for yourself. More importantly, please take the time to consider helping those most in need.

(via Vice / Bored Panda)

If you want to support his work, or help spread it, check Skid Robot’s Instagram page for more tremendous work. It’s truly inspiring, and worth sharing until we can finally start the proper (and necessary) discussion on this subject.