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‘Sick, twisted, demented’: Marcotte thinks ‘Mindy Project’ needs more abortion!/ThePantau/status/507617088769257473

It’s not enough to have to suffer under the iron fist of home-cooked family meals. Amanda Marcotte is also oppressed by the lack of abortions on “The Mindy Project”:!/AmandaMarcotte/status/507615445109592064

Got that?!/AndrewHClark/status/507616934771175426!/mchastain81/status/507617299440750592

Wait, wait … maybe give her a chance to explain:

While no one expects sitcoms to be perfect reflections of life, this unrealistic oversight only contributes to the taboo around discussing abortion and the marginalization of doctors who want to offer the service. The irony here is that by ignoring this very normal part of gynecological care, The Mindy Project is unwittingly making it harder for the real-life Dr. [Mindy] Lahiris in the world, and the women they treat.

Smart take? Not on your life.!/hboulware/status/507616244065792000!/hboulware/status/507617512310059008!/gordonshuckrow/status/507633059798085633!/PointlessPol/status/507623655862321152!/Patriot_Musket/status/507616878982754305

We know that at this point, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: There is something seriously wrong with Amanda Marcotte.!/MeSoSnowflake/status/507616720509362177!/BecketAdams/status/507616584941043712



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