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Every Year, This Couple Decided To Do Something Awesome To Celebrate Their Love.

Over 10 years ago, Giles Paley-Phillips his now-wife Michell stumbled into an adorable annual tradition. It all started with a simple picture, but it somehow transformed into one of the cutest family photos ever

In 2000, Giles and Michell decided to get a photo booth picture taken together. (This was before everyone could just take a selfie.) They were young and just dating back then. Year after year, the couple decided to take the same photo… and the results were adorable.

Giles and Michelle were fresh-faced and deeply in love.

The love thing didn’t change over the years.

Although, this couple certainly did…

First, they got married.

Then, they added to their adorable family.

Their boys, Elijah and Sonny, grew up in the photos.

And they keep growing!

They’re still the same people, but they got to see how they changed in so many wonderful ways.


Family traditions are a source of comfort and love – and this has to be one of the cutest. Share their sweet habit (and adorable transformation) with others by clicking on the link below.

These Amazing Photos Show That There Is Hope After Eating Disorders.

Most people think of “before and after” photos as a way to show off your impressive weight loss. There’s even a day dedicated to it on social media known as “Transformation Tuesday,” where users submit photos of their progress. 

While photos can act as admirable inspiration for others looking to get in shape, these images tell a different story. In fact, they depict the opposite, but their message of health is even more powerful. Take a look.

(Warning: some of these images are graphic.)

Rachel spent four years in her teens suffering from anorexia. Following her recovery, she spoke out about the media’s representation of “picture perfect” women fueling her own disease and other young girls. Rachel and her mother advocate against the overuse of image doctoring in media.

Brittany spent most of her life a little overweight until she developed anorexia and only allowed herself 600 calories per day. Since recovering from the disease, she became an advocate for healthy lifestyles on her blog.

Kate developed her eating disorder after an ex-boyfriend threatened to break up with her if she gained any weight. She eventually got rid of that jerk and found someone who encouraged her to become healthy by buying her a wedding dress two sizes too big. She began eating normally again and looked beautiful in the gown on her big day. She later gave birth to a daughter.

As an avid trapeze artist, this Reddit user realized her disorder began to get in the way of her abilities to perform and made a change. She is now stronger, healthier, and able to dedicate herself to her craft.

Harriet spent years battling anorexia, and at one point was down to only 70 lbs. When she was told how dangerously close to death she put herself, she worked toward recovery. Now, she stays healthy as an avid runner.

Antonia’s first Instagram photo was taken in a hospital, where she was about to undergo treatment for anorexia. She continues to document her recovery on the account and advocates for healthier living.

This Reddit user explained that her disorder came from a compulsive need to control something in her life. She found support from family and loved ones to help recover and return to a healthier lifestyle.

At age 11, Jo began suffering from anxiety and an eating disorder. At 17, she was given only 48 hours to live. She decided to take a job at McDonalds, hoping that seeing other people eat would help her recovery. That not only worked, but she also met her husband, and the couple have two children together.

Hayley suffered from extreme anorexia for eight years, spending a lot of that time in and out of hospitals. Her mom finally helped her reach a healthier weight, and Hayley gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She says she would never jeopardize her health again, for the sake of both herself and her son.

At 5’7″, this 25-year-old was a mere 103 lbs. after suffering an eating disorder. Over 16 months later, she gained 25 pounds back and looks much happier.

Stress at school caused Matthew to develop his eating disorder, which got so bad that his heart actually stopped at one point. After he saw how much that experience scared his mother, he resolved to get healthy. He is now able to lift weights and live a much healthier, confident lifestyle.

In her junior year of high school, Meg decided to tell her parents about her eating disorder. After seeing a psychiatrist, who recommended she spend a year in a hospital, she instead decided to take a more outpatient approach. She immediately began seeing a therapist and dietitian. She hasn’t skipped a meal after six years.

Heather found the inspiration to change her unhealthy eating habits in the happiest place on earth: Disney World. While at a restaurant on vacation, she realized no one else in the room was aware of her difficulties and found power in that feeling. After eating a slice of pizza, she decided to embrace the enjoyment of food and now has a much healthier outlook.

(via Distractify.)

Remember: if you or someone you know are suffering from one of these terrible disorders, it’s important to reach out for help. You can find assistance through this hotline number, 1-800-931-2237, or visit the National Eating Disorders Association website to find help in your area.

Horrifying Things Your Children Could Accidentally Swallow. Hello, Paranoia!

There are labels on almost everything you buy (especially from Ikea), warning you the product contains small objects. Said products usually warn you not to let small children swallow those pieces. The typical response would be, “Yeah! I mean, obviously, right?”

When you have kids, though, you realize that when your children have insatiable hunger for small things, they can (and probably will) choke on them. Don’t freak out, though. Even though your little ones will try their hardest to choke on these things, we’re here to help you avoid the panic attacks.

1.) Pins and Nails: These small but sharp objects can puncture your kids intestinal lining. Very dangerous, like throwing-up-blood dangerous.

2.) Chicken Bones: Similar to pins, these bones can sometimes be sharp on the end and actually pierce the gut.

3.) Hair: Chewing on hair may seem like a harmless habit for a child, but sometimes the hair can coagulate in the stomach and the only way it can be removed is by surgery.

4.) Jewelry: Again, small, sharp, and possibly deadly. Jewelry also has the added threat of being super shiny and much like leprechauns, kids have an affinity for shiny things.

5.) Wire: Sure you’re little munchkin isn’t gonna eat the whole spoon, but if he eats a little piece it’s gonna really tear him up inside.

6.) Buttons: I think the peril with these things stems from the fact that they’re everywhere. Unless you’re kid only wears gym tees (nothing wrong with keeping it casual when you’re two!) you should keep an eye on the number of buttons on your guy’s shirt.

7.) Magnets: If the parts of a magnet break up with in the body they can attract each other and create holes in the stomach walls.

8.) Coins: Classic. Unless you’re short on change, chances are your kid can get to these fairly easily. Make sure to keep your coins up high, or you could spend a crap-ton on medical bills in addition to the nickel Susie decided to eat.

9.) Boogers: Hey man, we all did some things we weren’t proud of in pre-k. But it’s best to cure your kids of this habit or else it could get pretty hazardous for your whole family during cold season.

10.) Batteries: Mainly batteries for watches. Although my son has an appetite and I wouldn’t put it past him to pop some C batteries for dessert.

11.) Pills: The Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans of hazardous child swallowing incidents. Who knows what “flavor” your child will get. Heart medicine? Viagra? I shutter to think…

12.) Alcohol: You might not realize it, but alcohol is everywhere. Not only that, but it’s often hidden in brightly-colored drinks. Please drink responsibly around your baby. (Preferably not at all.)

I know you feel like you’ve already been properly warned about these things, but as a parent myself I couldn’t help but give everyone another nervous reminder. Do with it what you will, but I for one would prefer my kids to still have the breath in them for at least a couple more years.


No One Wants This Two-Nosed Dog And I Can’t Figure Out Why. He’s The Best!

The nose knows what it wants, so why doesn’t anyone want to adopt this lovable pooch in Glasgow, Scotland? Snuffles is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix, a breed known for high intelligence and wonderful personalities. But he has been sitting by himself in the Dog’s Trust Rehoming Center. No one wants to adopt him because he was born a little different than the rest of the dogs at the shelter…

Snuffles is a genetic oddity. He was born with 2 noses.

Dogs Trust

This dog up for adoption is still cute as a button, but people are turned off by his nose.

Dogs Trust

The nostrils aren’t fused together and they can even move independently of each other.

Dogs Trust

Snuffles is only 4 months old and he already has lived in 4 DIFFERENT homes.

Dogs Trust

For now, he is hanging out at the Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust

It’s hard to understand why no one wants to take this adorable dog home.

Dogs Trust

Just because he is different…

Dogs Trust

Doesn’t mean he is a bad dog.

Dogs Trust

Snuffles is an affectionate, smart and fun-loving puppy full of bounce and love. Would you take him home?

Dogs Trust

If you live near Glasgow and would love to take Snuffles home, visit the Dogs Trust site and contact them! There is no reason that a dog like Snuffles should go unloved. In fact, we think he is even cuter because of this congenital defect. Some dogs are bred to look this way, so why won’t anyone love Snuffles? Is it just because he doesn’t fit the “breed standard?” Source: DailyMail Share this article – let’s help Snuffles find a forever home. *UPDATE: After receiving more than 60 inquires, Snuffles has found a new loving home in Scotland. 🙂

This Bride’s Father Passed Away, So Someone Else Had To Walk her Down The Aisle.

Getting married and starting a family is an important goal that many people have. Many women dream about one day marrying the love of their life. Most of their dads also dream of one day walking their daughter down the aisle. That act of giving their little girl away to the man she is going to marry is a tearjerking, important event in any father’s life. But what happens that little girl’s dad passes away before the wedding? Hopefully, that tragedy could be transformed… like this.

Leading up the wedding, Jennifer Urs Sullivan was dreading walking down the aisle without her father, who’d passed away from a heart attack.

When the wedding day finally came though, she thought of the most fitting tribute to both her father, and the man she loved.

Cue Sebastian, the University of Miami Hurricanes mascot (and not coincidentally the cheerleader-in-chief of her father’s favorite school). Donning a Hurricane’s jersey with her father’s nickname on the back, he was the perfect stand-in.

Because it was also at the University of Miami that Jennifer works and even met her fiancé. Between finding her new husband there, and sharing her love for the school with her father, this place has played an amazing role in her life.

It’s no wonder why she’d want to include Sebastian at the wedding! Check out the video below to see the full story:




(H/T: BuzzFeed) According to Jennifer’s Facebook page, the walk “ended up being one of the most amazing/memorable moments of the day,” with all of the guests standing to applaud. She added, “I just want to thank all of the amazing people in the athletic department … who helped to make this happen. Without you, my day might have been just a little less beautiful.” Her incredible day should be shared with others. Click below to show others her story.

Scientists Just Discovered A New Species. It’s So Adorable…And Not Exactly What It Seems.

Scientists have discovered a new (and totally adorable!) species in the deserts of northwest Namibia: the round-eared sengi, A.K.A round-eared elephant shrew. An international team of experts led by John Dumbacher of the California Academy of Sciences discovered the disntinct differences between this round-eared little fella and his fellow sengi after an extensive six-year study. Along with a much smaller frame, the fur on this breed have more of a rust color and no dark pigmentation underneath.

They’re about the size of a mouse, but more closely genetically related to elephants than rodents.

They use their miniature truck-like snouts to hunt insects.

It’s the smallest of 19 known sengi breeds.

This is the third new elephant shrew species discovered in Africa during the last decade.

H/T: IFL Science. They seem to be sticking to the gravel plains of the Namib Desert and hybridization with other sengi seems unlikely. The team has only discovered 16 of the little guys, so don’t go thinking you can grab one up for yourself just yet. But don’t worry. You can still share the all the adorable with your friends below.

Teen Runner Stopped To Help an Injured Competitor. And Then She Carried Her.

Winning or losing doesn’t matter when it comes to some athletes. What matters is the well-being of those in need.

North Dakota teen Melanie Bailey was faced with a tough choice in her final high school cross-country meet. While passing the two-mile mark of the 2.4 mile course, she noticed that the runner ahead of her, fellow senior Danielle Lenoue, was in a great deal of pain. Lenoue was limping and crying, lagging behind in the race. Bailey stopped and offered help, and though the other runner kept telling her to “go on,” Bailey refused and offered her help.

When that didn’t do much to relieve the poor girl’s pain, Bailey took the girl onto her back and carried her a quarter mile to receive medical attention.

(Source: Tricia Kelley)

She may not have won the race, but she won what really mattered: being a good caring person.

This Dog Loves Accordion Music So Much, She Sings Along! Just Too Precious.

If you needed a little pick-me-up, then Jessie the dog has you covered. When her owner, Will, decides to pull out his accordion to play a tune she can’t hold back her joy. There’s something about music that Jessie loves so much. Watch what she does when he begins to play…

I dare you not to smile when you see it!

(Source: MrMeow98)

This gets my Grammy award vote any day, well done, Jessie! Share this singing dog with your friends below. Their day is going to be so much better when they see this.

You’ll Swear These Colorful Animals are Photoshopped, But They’re All Natural.

We all know what pigeons, lobster, and crickets look like, and they really aren’t much to write home about. Sure, occasionally you might find one with an usual marking or two, but nothing too impressive.

That is, until you see these guys. Along with some other friends from the animal and insect kingdoms, each of these seem to have been tampered with on Photoshop or possibly taken a dip into a Lisa Frank factory. But trust us: they’re 100% real and you can totally find them in nature around the world. We promise. 

1.) Nicobar Pigeon

1.) Nicobar Pigeon Flickr

2.) Pink Orchid Mantis

2.) Pink Orchid Mantis Imgur

3.) Purple Snail

3.) Purple Snail DeviantArt

4.) Regal Ring-neck Snake

4.) Regal Ring-neck Snake Imgur

5.) Pink Katydid

5.) Pink Katydid Bored Panda

6.) Rainbow Cricket

6.) Rainbow Cricket Flickr

7.) Texas Wasp Moth

7.) Texas Wasp Moth Bored Panda

8.) Cobalt Blue Tarantula

8.) Cobalt Blue Tarantula Bored Panda

9.) Ayam Cemani Rooster

9.) Ayam Cemani Rooster Imgur

10.) Pink Robin

10.) Pink Robin Flickr

11.) Lilac Breated Roller

11.) Lilac Breated Roller Bored Panda

12.) Blue Lobster

12.) Blue Lobster Flickr

13.) Halloween Crab

13.) Halloween Crab Wikimedia

14.) Red Velvet Ant

14.) Red Velvet Ant Flickr

15.) Mandarin Fish

15.) Mandarin Fish Bored Panda

16.) Blue Grasshopper

16.) Blue Grasshopper Bored Panda

17.) Indian Bull Frog

17.) Indian Bull Frog Flickr

18.) Rosy Maple Moth

18.) Rosy Maple Moth Bored Panda

19.) Polish Pigeon

19.) Polish Pigeon Bored Panda

20.) Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu

20.) Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu Bored Panda

21.) Red Slug

21.) Red Slug National Geographic

(via Bored Panda.)

Makes all those kids dying their hair crazy colors seem a bit more normal, don’t ya think? At least there’s some things in nature they match!

They Went To Let Their Cat Out And Got The Nastiest Surprise In The World. OMG.

Finding spiders in your home isn’t unusual. In fact, having spiders around is actually helpful for cutting down on other pests. However, no matter how harmless or helpful they are, finding one can be a terrible shock. And if you’re like this unlucky homeowner, it can just be flat-out terrifying. 

He opened the sliding door to let the cat out… and this is what he found.

Oh… dear… NO!

A stick of gum for size comparison.

(via Reddit)

…just think, that spider was just inches from being inside the house.