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21 Signs You’re In Love With Rita Volk From MTV’s “Faking It”

1. When you first saw Rita Volk as Amy on Faking It, you did a double take so hard you actually hurt your neck.

2. Her stance on small talk? You connect with that on a very deep level.


3. Each and every time she gets “that look” in her eyes, you wish she was staring at you.


4. When she tries to be sexy…


… you think she totally nails it.


5. You think her reaction to Twilight was a thing of beauty:

6. As was the poetic ranting that followed:


7. When she dishes out the truth you want to stand behind her and scream, “YES, WHAT SHE SAID!”

8. Instead, you usually just stand and applaud at your television screen.


9. When she swears the foul language becomes a timeless work of art.




10. This scene made your heart break into a billion tiny pieces:


11. You had to reevaluate your entire life when you realized this perfectly awkward human actually existed in real life – not just on television.

Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

12. When she stares at Katie Stevens, you still wish she was staring at you.


13. When she parts her hair you can feel the heavens open up above you and the world stops turning for just one moment.


14. When you saw her at the VMA’s you nearly had to be hospitalized – it was so worth it.

Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

15. You get dizzy when she speaks, because only the beautiful truth falls out of her mouth.


16. You remain in awe of her humble demeanor despite her recent success:


17. Her heart is so big that it makes your heart hurt a little.

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18. Her dance moves make you feel sort of uncomfortable, in a good way.


19. And deep down, you know you could be her perfect dance partner.


20. You want to shake Katie in this photo and say, “Hey, I get it!”

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I mean, Katie totally gets it.

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Watch These Dads Meet Their Newborn Twins For The Very First Time

1. Matt and Josh recently welcomed two new bundles into their lives:

2. The twins were born in Mumbai, India, but Matt and Josh are New Yorkers. Their adventure began late one night with a simple email:

“Your surrogate is doing well, and so are the twins. We spoke with her treating doctor today. Please try to reach Mumbai by May 15/16. The delivery will likely happen by end of next week.”

3. From that email, the real adventure began:

The couple filmed the entire journey from New York to Mumbai.

“It’s almost indescribable the feeling of meeting our babies for the first time. It’s shock and awe, in the very best way possible. They absolutely took my breath away.”

13. Because this wasn’t quite adorable enough, these proud papas also kept a blog about the long process:

14. Watch the full video:

h/t: Joe My God

Daniel Hernandez, Intern Who Helped Save Gabby Giffords, Is A Target Of Anti-Gay Smear Campaign

1. Daniel Hernandez, the intern who helped save the life of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords when she was shot in 2011, is now facing anti-gay attacks as opponents try to remove him from his position on the Sunnyside Unified District school board.

Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times / MCT

2. Hernandez is reportedly being targeted by supporters of board members who already face their own recall campaigns for extending the contract of an unpopular superintendent.

Samantha Sais / Reuters

3. The campaign against Hernandez features anti-gay flyers passed around to the community.

Hernandez was shocked and appalled by the flyers. “This is the worst kind of politics,” he told BuzzFeed on Tuesday. “It’s completely repugnant that in 2013 someone thinks its OK to put up negative flyers like this. Even worse, now they’re walking it back and saying they had nothing to do with it.”

Those behind the campaign are said to be supporters of board president Louie Gonzalez and board member Bobby Garcia, who are facing recall campaigns themselves.

The man reportedly behind the effort is the brother-in-law and campaign manager of Gonzalez, Marcos Castro.

Reached by the Huffington Post, Castro said he had received flyers to his home, but denied involvement. “I don’t have nothing to do with it,” he said.

5. But in a statement given to BuzzFeed by the office of the superintendent, Castro is described as the applicant for the recall:

The Office of the Pima County School Superintendent received an application for a recall serial number from Mr. Marcos Castro on August 16, 2013, against Mr. Daniel Hernandez, Jr. and Mr. Buck Crouch, both members of the Sunnyside School District Governing Board. A required 200-word statement filed with the application provides various grievances against Mr. Hernandez’s role as member of the Governing Board. The statement does not provide any specific information regarding Mr. Hernandez’s sexual orientation or his position on any specific social or political issues such as gun control. The Pima County School Superintendent’s Office does not make statements on hearsay comments in the community regarding any public official. Mr. Castro has until December 14, 2013, to file a minimum 1,345 signatures from residents of the Sunnyside School District in order to begin the process for conducting a recall election against Mr. Hernandez. A potential recall could be held in August 2014, at the latest.

6. A flyer attacking Hernandez for supporting gun laws was also circulated.

Hernandez said the attacks go too far.

“It’s a whole new low to send the flyers to parents,” he says. “What are they attacking? My battle to make sure we have sensible gun laws? They want ‘a real man that doesn’t hate their values,’ what does that even mean?”

While he finds the personal attacks on his sexual orientation to be out of line, Hernandez seems angrier about the attacks on his work related to gun measures.

“I don’t do anything when it comes to guns in the school district,” he said. “But I’ve been personally affected by gun violence. I’ve called other survivors since the flyers surfaced and they’re disgusted.”

15 Moments We Fell In Love With Madonna At The GLAAD Media Awards

1. When she showed up wearing this:

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

2. When she shared her feelings about the Boy Scouts:

“So I think that i should be allowed to be a boy scout. And I think they should change their stupid rules.”

3. When she shared her scout skills with us:

4. That moment she commanded the audience:

5. When she confessed to being a horrible Girl Scout:

6. Her bold hypothetical situations:

7. When she addressed those still on the fence about LGBT rights:

8. When she leveled with us:

10. This moment:

11. When she defended her copywriting skills:

12. When she fawned over Anderson:

13. When she said what everyone was thinking:

14. That moment she attempted to resist Anderson’s charm:

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

15. And when this happened:

Fall in love all over again with the full speech: