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Happy anniversary, you magnificent turd of an IT project!!/HealthCareGov/status/385036824923500544

Was it just one year ago today that Obamacare and its badly designed website,, were born and thrust upon America? Yes it has.

And as we debate its flaws, let’s take a look at what Twitter was saying on day-one. First up, remember this lie? It’s so popular and that’s why the website isn’t working:

Public response to the #ACA so great that some exchange websites swamped on first day

— msnbc (@msnbc) October 1, 2013

MarketWatch bats .000 trying to enroll in #Obamacare today: #Obamacare404

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) October 1, 2013

Obamacare Websites Worked Great… Except for a Few Small Exceptions. And a Bunch of Big Exceptions.

— Slate (@Slate) October 1, 2013

Sebelius: Obamacare sign-up glitches a ‘great problem to have’

— Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) October 1, 2013

Obamacare websites worked great, w/ exception of New York, California, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Colorado…

— Will Oremus (@WillOremus) October 1, 2013

Anyone surprised by Obamacare exchange fail didn't follow the California Case Management epic fail at a cost of nearly 2 billion

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) October 1, 2013

Or how about that “transparency” from the Obama administrations we’ve grown to love?

POTUS met w/ObamaCare registrants to hear how wonderful it is. But just to be safe, their meeting was closed to media. #TransparencyFAIL

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) October 1, 2013

Officials tight-lipped about Obamacare problems…


Or how the media was totally unbiased that day?

A press that has never covered those hurt by Obamacare would not cover those who cannot sign up for Obamacare.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) October 1, 2013

EPIC FAIL: @MSNBC Host Tries to Sign Up for #Obamacare, Quits After 35 Minutes (Video)

— Moira Fitzgerald ن (@Moira1987) October 1, 2013

ABC 'World News' Spins For White House On Shutdown, ObamaCare

— NewsBusters (@newsbusters) October 1, 2013

Why are the #Obamacare exchange sites overloaded if nobody wanted this law? Tweet #edshow and we'll share on TV!

— Ed Schultz (@edshow) October 1, 2013

And even future national security reporter for The Huffington Post and former NFL star Donte’ Stallworth weighed in:

Good to hear @TomCoburn's thoughts on #Obamacare, coming from the POV of a doctor. @CrossfireCNN

— Donte' Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) October 1, 2013

Some saw the writing on the wall, however:

Rough roll out for Obamacare website

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 1, 2013

Signing up for Obamacare frustrates millions –

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) October 1, 2013

ICYMI: ObamaCare is already a disaster. There's no need for a #shutdown to prove that to the American people.

— Commentary Magazine (@Commentary) October 1, 2013

And these tweets were eerily prescient:

The Commander-in-Chief would rather fund Obamacare than ensure Veterans get funding

— AlexaShrugged (@AlexaShrugged) October 1, 2013

Krauthammer: those aren't "glitches." But for the shutdown, the big story would be the huge Obamacare fail on Day 1.

— Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) October 1, 2013

Obamacare will bring months of 'glitches'…


When PoliSci majors try to build a 747. #Obamacare

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 1, 2013

Finally, let’s remember who was 100 percent accurate that day:

Hilarious spin: Insurance exchange website malfunctioning because Obamacare is just that popular

— TwitchyTeam (@TwitchyTeam) October 1, 2013

Again, happy anniversary Obamacare, but to be honest, let’s hope they’re aren’t many more.



‘And speak-o was his name-o’: ANOTHER Jonathan Gruber video?!/ez_angus/status/493584094652284928

Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber claimed he made a “speak-o” in a couple of addresses from 2012 when he told audiences that Obamacare subsidies would only flow through state exchanges.

Those videos came back to haunt Gruber after an appeals court recently ruled that Obamacare subsides are illegal in states with federally run exchanges.

Yet another video of a Gruber “speak-o” has been discovered. This one is from later in 2012:!/JonahNRO/status/493583254503849984

In the video, Gruber said “we’re going to have 50 different exchanges” — one in each state. No mention of a federal backup for states that didn’t set up their own exchange. Add another one to the “Gruber vs. Gruber” stack.!/geoffcaldwell/status/493585268067168256!/rubedawg1061/status/493586731351175168

Gruber’s sales pitch to convince states to get moving on their own exchanges continue to bite both him and the Obama administration while they’re arguing for the legality of subsidies for states that have federal exchanges.!/RyanLGustafson/status/493586646965559298!/TheH2/status/493588523203973120



Perfect! Affordable Care Act architect dubbed ‘the MacGruber of Obamacare’

‘Third time’s the charm’: John Sexton may have found another Gruber ‘speak-o’

MSNBC host Chris Hayes: ‘Find me a legislator saying what Gruber said.’

‘Speak-o’ the devil! ‘It’s. The. Law.’ gets a much-needed rewrite

HHS still not saying how many have paid for health insurance plans!/RBPundit/status/418108363226886145

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services scheduled another conference call Tuesday afternoon to provide reporters an update on the progress of the website.!/philipaklein/status/418099705252298752

The big news, of course, was enrollment numbers. Drum roll, please.

White House count of enrollment under Obamacare:
-2.1M in private coverage
-3.9M in Medicaid
-3M under 26 on parents plans— Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) December 31, 2013!/philipaklein/status/418099849695739904

Note the quotation marks around “enrolled.”!/MaeveReston/status/418106734461210624

So, only 2.1 million have enrolled through the federal and state insurance exchanges combined since October 1. But is that under the administration’s “expanded definition” of enrolled, meaning those who have simply placed a plan in their online shopping cart, or does it mean people who’ve actually purchased health insurance? HHS isn’t saying.!/BrianHughesDC/status/418103302413225984!/JimAcostaCNN/status/418113146159517696!/philipaklein/status/418108317051789313

Confident they’re aware of next steps? Does that mean they’re paid up, or just “poised to gain coverage”?!/philipaklein/status/418103339490885632!/philipaklein/status/418104217761374209

So, what about all of those individual insurance plans that were canceled due to Obamacare?!/MaeveReston/status/418109943527780352!/philipaklein/status/418107795079053313

Really? Really?!/BecketAdams/status/418107962222075904

We might as well wrap this up.!/BecketAdams/status/418111536528232448

The main takeaway from today’s conference call?!/justhefax_mam/status/418122237032816640

Pelosi declares ACA a success ‘and a unicorn just flew by my window’

Pelosi is either colossally ignorant or deliberately misleading people. We could mandate a national 5 mile per hour speed limit and declare success when the accident rates dropped but that wouldn’t mean the policy was working.

Beware the person who measures success with one variable. And beware the people who are convinced by it.!/michaelmark12/status/474655881494138880


Amazing how that works, huh?

Senator dodging O-care questions accuses opponent of ‘hiding’ on health care

Earlier this week at a press conference, N.C. Dem Sen. Kay Hagan was asked about the many times she promised “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Hagan responded only by saying the Dems are working on “fixes” to the law.

Later, while leaving the presser, Hagan was asked when she first learned that “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” was a lie, and fleeing the scene ensued:

After all that, Sen. Hagan today accused her opponent of “hiding” his position on health care:

Shameless. But Hagan will do anything to distract from her own complicity in the Obamacare train wreck.