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Bet you can’t guess where Obama went right after his James Foley presser!

As Twitchy reported, President Obama swung by the podium this afternoon for a quick presser on the monstrous slaying of journalist James Foley. He didn’t take questions but he had some strong words for ISIS:

Think that sounds like a man who’s tee’d off? You don’t know the half of it:

Faster than a speeding Titleist!

So much for seeing red. He definitely prefers green.

Hey, what can he say? It’s a gift.


We won’t hold our breath.



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We found what WOULD make Obama evacuate a golf course (Hint: Not Iraq)

Huh. Good question! As Twitchy reported, the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was evacuated. What was President Incompetence doing this weekend? Oh, just this:

Yep. Iraq, Schmiraq!

So, back to the question: What would make Mr. Fore-ward evacuate a golf course?


And some exit brutal truth:


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