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These 13 People Are Not Twins. What’s Even More Unbelievable…They’ve Never Even Met Til Now.

Canadian photographer Francois Bruenelle accomplished something I never thought possible (or really thought about at all, honestly). The photog from Québec found the most amazing, real-life dopplegangers and photographed them together. (A doppleganger is the “apparition or double of a living person.”) These photographs are quite shocking when you realize that none of the people pictured below knew each other or were related.

While not completely identical by any means, what Francois pulled off is pretty awesome. Check them out.

Who knows how this happens, but whatever the reason for it, it’s certainly freaky. To see more of Francois’s doppleganger work, visit his site.

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These Honest Dog Shaming Photos Put Dog Shaming Photos To Shame

Dog shaming is a popular meme on the internet lately. The basic concept is that a dog shamer’s dog misbehaves, he/she adorns a sign on their beloved friend stating what the dog did, snaps a picture, and presumably Rover’s dog friends will see it and mock him at all the popular dog barbecues. Does it really work though? These honest dog shaming photos may have the answer.

Somehow I don’t think this weird form of medieval torture is getting through to our canine friends. If you love the pooches and are mystified that people actually do this, give this a share on Facebook!

The Smartest Person In The Universe Figured Out How To Turn Disgusting Leftover Pizza Into Delicious Cheese Magic.

I admit it. I hate leftover, cold pizza. It’s disgusting no matter how much you want to argue about it. Gross. But what this guy did to make it maybe more amazing than the original… Holy cow!

Ok, you have to start with this. I know, it’s gross.

Start by stuffing in some extra meat. Pepperoni works, but so does bacon. Hmm. Bacon.

Now fold it…

And trim it.

Now here’s where it gets fun. Throw it on the waffle iron.

And let the magic happen.


Bonus tip: Don’t have a waffle iron? Use a toastie maker.

(via: BuzzFeed) All those years of discarding leftover pizza! Nooooooooooooo. Don’t make our mistake. Share this with your friends, spread the word, and become a hero!

You Haven’t Seen Disturbing Until You See What This Photographer Witnessed. It’s Haunting Beyond Words.

Between 1999 and 2002, after the Yugoslav Wars, photographer George Georgiou was living and working in Kosovo and Serbia, photographing mainly the aftermath of the NATO conflict with Serbia. While there he visited three psychiatric institutions, taking these haunting photographs of the patients and their shocking living conditions. George had spent four years teaching a photography class to people with psychiatric disorders in London prior, so psychiatric institutions and patients were not alien to him. What he found in Kosovo and Serbia was a far cry form the contemporary practice in London.

George Georgiou had this to say about his experience there:

When I first visited the institutions they were hidden from the gaze of the general public and came as a shock to Serbs when they were exposed. Money, during the years of the Milosevic regime had drained away, leaving filthy conditions, contagious diseases, lack of medical care and rehabilitation and a failure to provide oversight due to an unmotivated low paid staff struggling with their own economic difficulties. The worst aspect was the total lack of care and stimulation and the high number of people who should never have been in these places. People with physical disabilities, (the boy with no legs was a victim of a car accident and orphaned), downs syndrome, a high proportion of Roma or children whose misfortune was to have been born in the institutions. By living in this environment of deprivation, with little stimulation or compassion they start to display repetitive rocking behaviour and self-injury. By 2002, on my final visits, money had been raised in a public campaign of awareness in Serbia and with the help of a number of NGO’s conditions had improved. For me, after the initial shock at the conditions and total lack of care, it became clear that the patients from all ethnic backgrounds were able to display more community, affection and care with each other, than the sad situation that their “sane” countrymen were displaying to each other on the outside.

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You’ll Never Look At Movies The Same Way Again. These Before & After Shots Are Crazy.

It has been discovered that the average American watches television about 5 hours a day. That’s a lot of programming being consumed and that number doesn’t even include how many hours of movies we see in theaters or in our own homes. Every day we are being entertained, but every day we are being lied to (but not in a harmful way). Most people would never catch how it’s being done. Special effects and CGI (computer generated imagery) is a useful tool in the entertainment industry. Over the years, the techniques have improved. Now, when most television shows or movies use CGI, the viewers can’t even tell what’s real and what’s not… HINT: Most of it’s not.

Before: we see a green screen and a boom mic.

After: a cruise ship on the ocean.

Before: actor Andrew Lincoln riding a horse in a parking lot.

After: Rick Grimes riding a horse into Atlanta.

Before: a small soccer field.

After: a giant World Cup stadium.

Before: a private entrance into a house.

After: a private entrance that leads up to a mansion.

Before: tables in front of a green screen.

After: a bustling restaurant.

Before: two actors posing in front of a screen.

After: a scene in the middle of a city.

Before: a helicopter body in a parking lot.

After: the remnants of an apocalypse.

You should never trust anything you see in the movies or television shows. “Movie magic” has been around for decades, but now the magic is almost seeming… magical. Share these cool before and after photos by clicking below.

Lying Never Gets You Ahead, But It Does Make Us LOL. This Is Ridiculous.

Honesty is the best policy. In fact, it’s more important now, than ever to be honest. Our interconnected world makes it so much easier to find the truth. As a result, it’s also a lot more painful when the truth finally does come out, especially on social media.

Take these 25 people for example. I can’t believe they thought no one would find out. Just wait until you get to #11, oh man. 

1.) Clearly you’re not banking on it hard enough.

2.) I’ll give him credit for the effort.

3.) Looks like a delicious breakfast, but…

sadly it’s a stolen photo.

4.) More correctly, you caught yourself sleeping.

5.) Not what I expected.

6.) Sure. Sure you are.

7.) Double trouble.

8.) If only this was real.

9.) So creepy.

10.) So drunk they don’t even know it.

11.) When you can’t make it to the game…

just photoshop yourself into the game.

12.) Talk about copyright infringement.

13.) They didn’t even try to cover up their lies.

14.) Wow. Just wow.

15.) Sounds like someone wants attention.

16.) Paintings. Also known as fancy Instagram filters.

17.) Sometimes you do something just because you can.

18.) You are no Robert Downey Jr.

19.) A public relations nightmare.

20.) Video game reporters are the worst.

21.) I think there’s a reason for her score.

22.) Almost got away with it, but not really.

23.) I’d be impressed with his grandmother’s technical skills if this was real.

24.) You need to appreciate yourself sometimes.

25.) No you didn’t draw this.

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

The moral of the story: Don’t lie, and especially don’t lie on social media. You’ll get caught, and it will be hilarious. Show you appreciation for honesty by clicking below to share this story on Facebook. 

These 33 People Had One Simple Job… And Failed So Ridiculously Hard. LOLOL.

People, you only had one job. It wasn’t tough. It was easy. We promise. So then why. Why did you do this to us? We’d fire you if we weren’t afraid of unleashing you on society. Because let’s face it, you probably don’t even realize what you’ve done. Check it out below.

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Remind Me To Never Ever Put This One Object In A Washer. OMG, This Is Insane!

A group of brave YouTube pioneers decided to do an experiment that’d test the endurance of a favorite household appliance: the washing machine. They wanted to know just how far one of these puppies would go if you put it under some serious stress. The answer? Not that far. They put a small piece of metal, like what you’d find in a normal combustion engine, into the machine. Then, they started a cycle.

At first, it seemed like the machine could handle it.

But then, the wheels really came off of the whole operation when the machine tried to kick into a normal cycle. Check out the full carnage in the video:

It’s just …

So… violent.

(H/T BuzzFeed) The next time you do a load of laundry, make sure to check your pants and bed sheets for any wrenches, engine parts or random hunks of metal. We all know how common it is to be carrying around a smelted brick of iron ore. If you thought that losing some change in the washing machine was loud and annoying, having this happen would break you (and the washing machine).

Here Are 21 Perfect Inventions… But They’re Totally Useless.

Katerina Kamprani is no ordinary product designer. The Athens, Greece, based artist doesn’t take a traditional approach to design. Instead she does something completely different. Something very counter intuitive that you might not expect. 

In her series called “The Uncomfortable” Kamprani takes on the challenge of redesigning everyday objects. However instead of making them sleeker or more functional, Kamprani does the opposite. She designs them to be completely useless. Yep, you read that correctly. Just take a look.

1.) They’ll keep your feet nice and wet.

2.) Worst salt and pepper shakers ever.

3.) All that cord for just one Christmas light. Totally worth it.

4.) No straw for you.

5.) Reverse Oreo cookie. Could actually be delicious.

6.) Hangers for oddly shaped coats.

7.) That button looks heavy.

8.) Useless for anything but pasta.

9.) Not the best coffee cups I’ve ever seen.

10.) Who needs physics anyway?

11.) Ideal for spilling burning hot coffee on yourself.

12.) I’d love to see someone try to eat a meal with these.

13.) Hardcore Santa hat.

14.) Completely non-functional.

15.) A disaster waiting to happen.

16.) A cooking pot for mutants.

17.) In a pinch it might work.

18.) A very secure doorknob.

19.) Good luck turning the key.

20.) Should be served with bleach to get the wine stains out of your shirt.

21.) Flimsy silverware.

(Via: Bored Panda)

I feel like I might actually buy one of these just to see people’s reactions… Plus, who doesn’t like useless items filling up their closets? Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

The NFL Has A Problem With Their Touchdown Celebration Rules. They Need More.

This season has been a disaster for the NFL. Sure, there are tons of good games, but there are also lots of scandals. They’ve been accused of ignoring claims of domestic violence, unfairly punishing players, and that isn’t even the worst of it. Over the weekend the NFL got into more trouble because of a time honored tradition, the touchdown celebration.

Husain Abdullah was penalized for this touchdown celebration, in which he bows down and prays, a common practice for his Muslim faith. Abdullah is a devout Muslim and even skipped the last NFL season so he could make the Islamic trip to Mecca. This is what the NFL penalizes.

But these…







That seem inappropriate…

That injure people…

Sometimes violent…


That involve more than one person…

That sometimes don’t even work…

…are fine.

I guess you have to draw the line somewhere, but this line seems a little…off. Apparently, this line was drawn when you aren’t doing a dance from a rap song or intentionally disrespecting your opponent.