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‘Common core insanity’! Mom knows ‘garbage math’ when she sees it [pic]

A mom whose child apparently attends school in New York City is not a fan of Common Core math. She recently posted a copy of this ridiculous math problem:

The Common Core standard that aligns to this question — CC.1.OA.6 — indicates that this convoluted problem is for first graders.

The mom who posted the problem, Amber Papadopoulos, previously tweeted numerous politicians urging that New York withdraw from Common Core:

Papadopoulos is just the latest in a long line of parents to post ridiculous Common Core math problem to Twitter. We recently wrote about a kid who missed a Common Core math problem because he didn’t use “friendly” numbers. In January, we noted a confusing Common Core problem that required first graders to use “number bonds” to complete a  “math story.”

Backlash to the Common Core standards has been growing around the country. Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., recently signed a law withdrawing his state from the program.


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12 more ways students sabotaged the PARCC field tests!/CorneliusBayler/status/454808043260497921

As Twitchy told you last week, students have been voicing their irritation, frustration, and aggravation with the costly, experimental, and time-consuming Common Core-aligned field tests piloted by PARCC (the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) over the past few weeks.

As we noted, Spongebob Squarepants seemed to be a popular way to answer PARCC essay questions:!/SeXYDOUBLEsTuFF/status/451854643996688384

Well, more test-takers took to Twitter to share how they undermined the PARCC field tests. Here are the top 12 ways students sabotaged the pilot exams.

1. They just made random guesses:

2. They quoted movies in their English/reading essays:

3. They quoted country song lyrics:

4. They quoted rap lyrics:

5. They wrote in a thug motto:

6. Fan fiction came in handy:

7. So did texting abbreviations:

8. One student recycled a mock trial paper for his math question:!/Apretzy/status/454624447904112641

9. And here’s another novel non-math answer for a math question:

10. There’s a test-grader out there who will be treated to an essay about “Henrry the Carot:”!/FabScarfAlex/status/454594258461147136

11. This guy drew a lot of dots:

12. And this test-taker used the open response to give test-makers a piece of her mind about their assessment:

Kid misses Common Core problems because he didn’t use ‘friendly’ numbers [pic]

In Common Core math, it often is not good enough to get the correct answer. Instead, students are required to show “higher order” thinking skills — in this case, use of the associative property. Yes, the associative property is important and should be taught at some point. Unfortunately, we suspect that many 7-year olds will not be able to understand this particular assignment.  With limited days in the school year, wouldn’t second graders — second graders! — be better off spending their time attempting to master the traditional subtraction algorithm?!/sher2417/status/448281565609881600


In case you were wondering, the use of the term “friendly numbers” by the teacher above bears no relation to the use of the same term in number theory.