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16 Tips From The Depression Era That Are Actually Life Hacks

1. When making a meal with ground beef, replace some of the beef with lentils.

Substitute up to half the amount of beef with cooked lentils. You’ve save a little money and consume less fat and calories.

2. Oatmeal also makes a great meat extender.

3. Make your own toothpaste.

All it takes is sea salt, baking soda, and peppermint oil.

4. Save strawberry pint containers for storage.

Instead of throwing out those cute little pints, save them to organize small objects, like nail polish or your keys.

5. Reuse your clementine boxes.

Use them as plant holders or magazine holders.

6. Grow your own herbs and vegetables.

You’ll have flavorful chives, mint, and basil on hand at all times and end up saving money by not having to drop cash each time you need fresh herbs.

Check out 13 vegetables that magically regrow themselves. Scallions, garlic, and celery are all plants that you should save the ends of and plant in your own home.

7. Mash potatoes with the skin on.

It will bulk up your mashed potatoes and give you an extra dose of vitamins from the skin. Just be sure to scrub them clean before cooking.

8. Keep a soup stock bag in the freezer.

Add leftover bones, onion ends, and vegetable peels. Once you’ve stockpiled enough odds and ends, boil it down to create homemade stock.

9. Start hoarding sugar packets.

Your friends might laugh at you for channeling your inner grandma, but you’ll be laughing your way to the bank. Every time you get a cup of coffee, take a few extra sugar packets. By the end of the week, you’ll have enough sugar for a batch of cookies.

10. Reuse every single container that comes into your home.

Remove the labels from glass pasta or jam jars and use them as a drinking glasses. Or, if you’re feeling super luxurious, gild them.

11. Put whiskey in your soda.

During the prohibition era, they would sneak home-brewed bourbon into their soda. While it’s no longer necessary to get your buzz on so discreetly, this still makes a delicious drink.

12. Make apple pie with Ritz crackers.

During the Depression, apples were expensive and hard to come by. Some thrifty folks figured out that when they broke up the more accesible Ritz crackers and flavored them with lemony simple syrup, they got a filling that’s unbelievably similar to that of apple pie.

13. Shave with a straight razor.

In addition to having the closest shave of your life, you’ll never have to buy razor cartridges or double edge blades ever again. Just give your straight razor a nice stropping and you’re good to go.

Bonus tip: storing it in mineral oil will keep it from corroding and will make your straight razor last indefinitely.

14. Make a “wacky” depression cake that is accidentally vegan.

This recipe uses vinegar and oil, which act as cheaper alternatives to eggs and butter. Get the full recipe here.

15. Before brewing, throw a pinch of salt into your coffee.

The salt reduces bitterness and creates smoothness, making cheaper grounds of coffee taste a whole lot better.

16. Save everything, and never replace an item you can fix yourself.

With such easy access to new stuff nowadays, it feels like no big deal to get rid of a shirt because it’s missing a button or has a small stain.

It’s easier to mend your clothes than you think. Learn the basics here.

Check out this post for 46 more penny-pinching tips.

31 Home Decor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

1. If you need an easy way to hang a curtain rod, use Command hooks.

So smart if you live in a rental or are just plain too lazy to drill a goddamn hole in the wall. Get these nice chrome ones from Amazon.

2. Repurpose your old rhinestone necklaces to make curtain tiebacks for a bohemian-inspired home.

It’s like a chandelier for your curtains!!!

3. Easily switch out seasonal plants by placing your potted plants IN pots.

Ah, the POT IN POT method. So obvious it hurts your brain that you didn’t think of it first.

4. If you have an exposed closet or clothing rack, use colored tape to prettify your hangers.

Imagine a brightly-colored sundress hanging off that striped one and you will be reminded that this is totally worth the effort.

5. Use a hollowed out book to hide an unsightly router.

If you’re averse to the idea of desecrating books for the sake of home decor, try using a binder or a pretty photo album instead.

6. Use a sharpie and draw a design on a light bulb to cast a neat shadow when the light is turned on.

7. Use an upside down Command hook on the backside of a door to hang a wreath.


8. Jute rope is a cheap way to add a rustic/nautical touch to any window dressing.

Bonus points if you incorporate a sailor’s knot.

9. Cut an inexpensive duvet cover in half to make curtains — the fabric will be doubled, creating its own “lining.”

10. If you’re looking for a subtle pop of color, paint the sides of your door.

A nice little compromise when you want to paint a room hot pink but your housemate doesn’t.

11. Painting the sides of a dresser adds a delightful detail to a child’s room.

12. Place a can under a candle in a large vase — you’ll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight!!

13. Put your mouthwash in a decanter.

Adds a touche de classe to any bathroom sink.

14. Light an array of candles in an unused fireplace.

Firewood! Who needs it?? Add a photo of Harry Styles in there for a DIY shrine.

15. Update an unsightly fan with ribbons and tape.

Basically, turn your fan into a child’s bicycle.

16. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect.

For when you can’t afford a disco ball. 🙁

17. Half-painted walls will give the illusion of higher ceilings.

18. Tie shower curtains on with bows instead of metal rings that rust.

19. Poke holes in a dark lampshade for a starry effect.

20. For a statement wall hanging, Staples does oversized prints called “engineer prints.”

The largest size is 3’ x 4’ and they cost only $4.99.

21. Use removable contact paper to pre-arrange your photo gallery before drilling holes.


22. A slim floating bookcase is a nice, clean way to add storage to dead space.

In other words, make your dead space COME ALIVE. Get the directions here on how to turn an Ikea bookshelf into a floating one.

23. Use embroidery floss to weave a welcome message onto your screen door.

24. Use a paste of water and cornstarch to make removable wallpaper out of fabric.


Get the exact directions here.

25. Paint your unsightly vinyl or laminate floors.


Vinyl or laminate flooring can make any kitchen or bathroom look dirty and cheap. You’ll be surprised at how well a floor paint job will actually hold up. Get the directions here.

26. For a space-saving lamp, hang a lightbulb on a cord off of a wall-mounted shelf bracket.

This will look great in a minimalist space. Paint the cord, or cover it in washi tape or embroidery floss, if it’s unsightly.

Get the bracket from Ikea.

27. If you’re hanging something heavy on your walls, use tape to measure the distance between two holes.

28. For a cheap and classy alternative to bookshelves, use stair treads and corbels.

29. Transform a boring window roller blind by covering it with pretty fabric and attaching it with hot glue.


Get more information here.

30. Similarly, you can do the same thing to an ugly rubber mat using spray adhesive.

No-sew fabric projects make you secretly feel like you’re cheating. Get the step-by-step here.

31. This handy website lets you see how your room will look with different paint colors.

So relieved we live in an age where this exists. What the hell took technology so long? Check it out here.

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29 Absolutely Terrible Craft Ideas

1. Baked potato hamster.


2. Toilet paper earrings.

3. Louis Vuitton printed assault rifle.

4. Leg warmers for a stool.

5. Another waste of knitting: men’s shorts.

6. Monkey chair.

7. Playing card corset.

8. Under-the-sea-themed cake with live fish.


9. Tampon gun and bullets.

10. Tampon ghost.

11. Heart-shaped tampon earrings.

Instructions are here, not that I condone this.

12. DIY tampons.

Back to basics.

13. Paula Dean wine glass decal.

14. Studded butt pockets.

Sit down and feel the burn!

15. Carved pumpkin with breasts giving birth.

For legitimately great pumpkin craft ideas, try these instead.

16. Hand-painted jeans.

Would you call these sperm a “tattoo print”?

17. Figurines made from clay made from dryer lint.

Just mix with water, flour, and vegetable oil.

18. Deformed foot cake.

19. Paper Chanel bag.

Straight from the Paris runways.

21. Razor blade soap.

22. Fake flowers, made from buttons.

And what appear to be coasters.

23. Unicorn bike with horn and tail.

24. Deer hoof Christmas ornament.

25. Fake eyelash necklace.

26. Fake bird’s nest as scrunchie.

So “Carrie Bradshaw getting married” — but in the worst way.

27. Preserved orange peel hair floret.

And you were going to throw that out. Silly goose, you!

28. Handbag lamp.

With FEET!

29. Lamp made of melted legos.