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Angry Preacher Tries To Get Press, Yells About 9/11 In Times Square. Lovely Musical Number Ensues.

Meet Terry Jones, the fanatical, extremist, Koran burning preacher who likes to accuse all Muslims of being fanatical extremists. He likes attention. He tries to find public places to get it. So he showed up in Times Square. And then this happened.

At 1:30, a New Yorker says what we’re all thinking. At 1:45, we learn what happens when you preach hate in the epicenter of musical theatre. At 2:20, everyone else figures out the best way to defeat a troll in Times Square and joins the cast.

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One Studio's Approach To Honest Filmmaking Has Me Screaming 'Take My Money!'

Ya know, I can think of tons of films with able-bodied actors playing characters with disabilities. And a good majority of them have received well-deserved critical acclaim! But it seems to me that too many of these films serve as “inspiration porn” rather than just showing people with disabilities as normal people with complex personalities. So why not give actors and filmmakers with disabilities a chance to portray characters and tell stories that are honest to them? Ya know what? That’s a really good idea!