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How the…? These Mind Bending Perspective Pics Will Make You Question Reality. #23 Is Crazy.

The Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa are two of the most iconic places for tourists looking to take what are known as forced perspective pictures. You’ve definitely seen them before. They’re the pictures where it looks like someone is holding the Eiffel Tower in their hand, or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Forced perspective employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. This how they used to make old monster movies, but the technique can also be used to create some great photos. Somehow though the best forced perspective shots always seem to be vacation photos. Here are some of the best ones we found:

1.) It’s pretty windy out there. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

2.) Anyone in there? – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

3.) Hold on tight! – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

4.) Looks comfortable. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

5.) I wish I was that strong. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

6.) Amazing natural rock formations. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

7.) Straight out of Jurassic Park. – Kansas City, Missouri

8.) He’s a giant. – Mojave Desert, California

9.) Let me just grab that real quick. – Laguna Beach, California

10.) I wonder how solid this rock is. – Arches National Park, Utah

11.) Get over here! – Spokane, Washington

12.) This doesn’t look comfortable. – Chicago, Illinois

13.) Umm…ok? – Chicago, Illinois

14.) Set it down here boys! – Washington, DC

15.) Where do you think you’re going? – Seattle, Washington

16.) Kind of like Inception. – Disney World, Orlando, Florida

17.) Be careful not to break it. – London, England

18.) Just putting the finishing touches on it. – Loughborough, England

19.) Go my minions! – Manchester, England

20.) Watch out below! -Stonehenge, England

21.) Of course we had to include the Leaning Tower of Pisa. – Pisa, Italy

22.) I wonder if he stuck the landing. – Pisa, Italy

23.) Whoa. I don’t even know how they managed that. – Florence, Italy

24.) What a view. – Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy

25.) Don’t forget about the Eiffel Tower. – Paris, France

26.) On her tip toes. – Paris, France

27.) We’re sinking! Abandon ship! – Montmartre, Paris, France

28.) Very nice to meet you. -Cairo, Egypt

29.) Don’t lose your balance. – Cairo, Egypt

30.) Yum delicious. – Tokyo, Japan

31.) No PDA please. – Turkey

32.) Just making sure the ground is solid. – Sombrio Point, BC, Canada

33.) We’ll just leave this here then… – Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, Swiss Alps

34.) Please don’t push me! -Yealgiri, Tamil Nadu, India

35.) His cup runneth over. -Scotland

36.) Boop! – Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I still can’t get my head around #23, that’s amazing. Share these crazy photos by clicking below.

These Unusual Homes Are So Cool, You Won’t Want To Go Back To Your Own.

If you have a roof over your head, you should count yourself lucky. If your roof is a Boeing 727 (and not because a plane crashed into your house) then you can consider yourself awesome. Your house would also be on this list of amazing and unusual abodes.

These places (both homes and hotels) are absolutely incredible. I don’t know how these people were able to dream these domiciles up, much less be able to afford them. You’ve got to check them out!

1. House Balancing on a Rock – Serbia

As you can see, it’s a house balancing on a rock. Cool!

2. Boeing 727 Hotel – Costa Rica

“This is your captain speaking, I just wanted to say that this is awesome.”

Finally, a plane with some leg room!

3. Hobbit House – Wales

This place looks great.

Way to be, J.R.R. Buildin’.

4. Transparent House – Japan

You know what they say about living in a glass house…

Don’t throw rocks and always wear pants.

5. World’s Slimmest House – Poland

“No dessert for me, I’ve got to be able to get back into my house.”

6. Flinstones House – USA

It’s a modern-Stone Age four bedroom.

7. Slide House – Japan

You’ll never be late again.

8. Brooklyn Clock Tower Home – USA

9. Dumpster Home – USA

This place doesn’t stink half as much as I thought it would.

In fact, it’s kind of cool.

Oh, okay now it stinks. Still awesome though!

10. Crocodile House – Ivory Coast

(via Distractify)

No matter how much you decorate your apartment, it’ll never look like one of these amazing homes. Share this post by using the buttons below.

17 Insane Fast Food Items You Had No Idea Existed. Some Of Which Look SO GOOD.

Indescribably unhealthy fast food isn’t just for Americans. The entire globe is guilty of creating food so amazingly tasty (and terrible) that the human race will be killed off in approximately 13.2 years. However, while you’re still alive, you might as well focus on trying at least one of these incredible foreign fast food items. Except for the wasabi donuts. Because, gross.

1. A Baby Ruth “chocodilla” – Taco Bell, Guatemala

2. Rice Kongee – KFC, China

3. Coconut Shrimp Pizza – Pizza Hut, South Korea

4. Chili Cheese Nuggets – Burger King, Czech Republic

5. Dry Pork & Seaweed Doughnut – Dunkin’ Donuts, China

6. Tom Yum Crunch Chicken – KFC, Malaysia

7. Green Tea Blizzards – Dairy Queen, Thailand

8. BigSpicy Paneer Wrap – McDonald’s, India

9. Frosty Coffee Jelly – Wendy’s, Philippines

10. Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream – Baskin’ Robbins, Malaysia

11. Cheese & Marmite Sarnie – Starbucks, U.K.

12. Wasabi Cheese and Seaweed Cheese Doughnuts – Dunkin’ Donuts, Singapore

13. Ebi (shrimp) Filet O’Fish – McDonald’s, Japan

14. Star Pops Pizza with Mini-Hot Dogs and Mustard – Pizza Hut, Philippines

15. Spinach & Parmesan Nuggets – McDonald’s, Italy

16. Spicy Bean Burger – Burger King, Europe & Asia

17. Bacon Groovy Pizza – Domino’s, France

The next time someone blames obesity on American fast food, just link them to the pizza with mini hotdogs on top.

I Had No Idea Cool Versions Of These Actually Exist. Wow.

If I didn’t see photographic proof that cool bus stops actually exist, I never would’ve believed that it were true. You would’ve have had an easier time trying to convince me that a bus was going to show up on time (and we all know that’s a statistical improbability).

While it’s doubtful that a cool bus stop does anything to decrease the amount of time you spend waiting, it certainly seems like it would improve your experience. It’s hard to worry about being late for work when you’re sitting in a strawberry.

Take a look at these awesome bus stops!

1.) This one doesn’t do much when it comes to protecting you from the elements, but you can probably see the bus coming from miles away. Assuming it is coming, of course.

Sou Fujimoto

2.) Wow. I think this one is nicer than my house!

Alexander Brodsky

3.) Real bus stops have curves.

4.) Sweet! How unhappy can one possibly be while sitting inside of a fruit?

5.) How spacious! I hope they don’t expect this thing to fill up with people. If that’s the case, maybe they should have spent that money on another bus.

RintalaEggertsson Architects

6.) Don’t worry, I’m sure it only looks like it could be blown away with the wind.

Vydler Vinck Taillieu

7.) Sk8, w8, or die!

8.) It’s like a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award you can sit in. Awesome!

9.) All that’s missing is a bonfire. Please do not try and start a bonfire.

Ensamble Studio

10.) I didn’t know Steven Spielberg did bus stops.

11.) It’s a party!

12.) Ooh! A fun house bus stop!

13.) If that bus doesn’t have bubble wrap walls too, don’t even think about trying to get me to board it.

14.) It’s like sitting in your living room, but with pants on.

15.) Enjoy waiting in this modern bus stop, but be careful not to poke your eye out.

(via Dark Roasted Blend, Thrillist)

With bus stops like that, you probably feel disappointed when the bus comes. Imagine that!

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How You Can Use These 10 Every Day Objects In Other Ways Is Genius. Absolutely LOVE #7.

Here are a bunch of really clever ideas for what you can do with 10 every day items… things like glass wine bottles, old bicycles or milk crates. With these ideas, hopefully you can turn something that you thought was junk into your very own work of art. Or just a really cool sofa made from wooden pallets. Hopefully these clever ideas will inspire you in some way.

1) Uses for wooden pallets.

2) Plastic spoons.

3) Old dresser draws.

4) Wine bottles.

5) Bottle caps.

6) Tires.

7) Credit Cards.

8) Bicycles.

9) Milk crates.

10) Globes.

Some of those ideas are really great, in fact I kinda want to go to my local thrift store now to pick up some old globes! Share these cool DIY ideas with your friends below.

I’ve Never Been So Shocked By An Advertisement. #15 Is Horrifyingly True.

There are countless social issues around the world that really need the public’s attention. Every single person gets caught up in their own life, but these shocking advertisements aim to drag everyone out of selfish habits. Each of these ads are hoping to raise awareness of a very real issue. They do the job by being so horrifying and eye-opening. These organizations are doing the right thing by raising public awareness… and it’s effective, because you’ll never forget these advertisements.

1.) Torture victims are just like you and me.

2.) Stop the violence, don’t drink and drive.

3.) If you smoke, your story will end before it should.

4.) WWF – what’s more horrifying?

5.) The color of your skin shouldn’t dictate your future.

6.) Deforestation continues with the turn of a page.

7.) Spread un-hate.

8.) Slower is better.

9.) Save paper, save the planet.

10.) Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year.

11.) “Liking” isn’t helping. Be a volunteer.

12.) Bird conservation – if you don’t pick it up, they will.

13.) What we see when you smoke.

14.) Animal anti-cruelty league – that’s not a soccer ball.

15.) Don’t talk while she drives.

16.) Child soldiers – it’s not happening here, but it’s happening.

17.) Censorship tells the wrong story.

18.) Don’t drive distracted.

19.) Every 60 seconds a species dies out.

20.) Where’s the pedophile?

21.) Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.

22.) Smoking causes premature aging.

23.) Say “no” to anorexia.

24.) Neglected children feel invisible.

25.) Plastic bags kill.

26.) What goes around, comes around.

27.) Give trucks room.

28.) Instead of tuna, see pandas.

29.) Don’t drive sleepy.

30.) Feeding the hungry can be easy.

31.) You’re causing cancer by yourself.

32.) Deforestation changes the air we breathe.

33.) Every day is a struggle for the homeless.

34.) Don’t lose control of your drinking.

35.) Each child is holding something illegal. Guess which one.

36.) The breast cancer awareness bra.

37.) What goes around, comes around. Stop the violence.

38.) Women should…

39.) Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs.

40.) Same animal. Different owner.

41.) Buckle up. Stay alive.

(H/T Bored Panda) Don’t brush off these social issues and think that someone else will take care of it. The power is in your own hands. You can change the world (even if that means saving your own life). Please share these shocking advertisements. It’ll help make a difference.

We Found The Best Napping Spots On Earth. Warning. This Post Will Make You Sleepy.

Warning. If you love sleep then this post may cause uncontrollable yawning and sudden exhaustion. In the interest of furthering the cause of napping we set out to discover the best places on Earth to take a nap. What we found may not shock you, but it will definitely make you tired.  You probably should not view these photos at work, unless you’re allowed to sleep at your desk.

1.) I would nap here so hard.

2.) Looks amazing.

3.) Perfect spot in nature.

4.) That view…wow.

5.) A delicious way to nap.

6.) A choice of hammock or bed.

7.) Doors open or closed?

8.) Talk about mood lighting.

9.) The ultimate piece of furniture for any home.

10.) So relaxing.

11.) Does Bruce Wayne take naps?

12.) Something is fishy here.

13.) I’d never want to leave this place.

14.) Yes. Yes. Yes.

15.) Gently swinging in the breeze.

16.) For the Pokemon fan in the family.

17.) Protection from the elements.

18.) Relaxing.

19.) Amazing.

20.) I’ll take two please.

21.) Watch the stars as you drift off to sleep.

22.) Looks a little cold to me.

23.) Napping space craft.

24.) Looks so relaxing. Just don’t fall asleep and lose the paddle.

25.) Sleepover time.

26.) Kitty!

27.) A bird nest for your little ones.

28.) Burger time.

29.) Sleep among the clouds.

30.) Tranquility at its finest.

31.) Surreal.

H/T: Distractify *Yawn* I’m just gonna take a quick five minute nap. Before you do too, make sure to share this post by clicking below.

This Apartment Is Really Nice… But When You See What It Has, OMG. I Am Incredibly Jealous.

Most modern apartment design focuses on minimalism, fancy art, luxurious amenities and costing more than any living space ever should. Although the price is still probably outrageous, architect David Hotson found a way to mix in some whimsy into modern design. This is Skyhouse.

What makes Skyhouse unique isn’t its location or Feng Shui (although both are impressive). It’s the slide inside that pulls it all together.

Skyhouse was created in a NYC apartment space.

It is in a previously unoccupied penthouse.

The interior design is gorgeous.

It’s minimalistic…

But also filled with eye-popping color and art.

It’s an impressive house.

But mainly because of the slide.

Instead of taking stairs to get around this massive apartment, you take the slide.

The tunnel starts at the roof…

And it runs all the way to the ground floor.

This fun pad is located in the middle of NYC, in one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers.

Skyhouse’s design mixes fun in with modern ideas. There’s a rock wall, a swing…

The slide isn’t the only awesome part of this apartment.

Living in here would be a child’s dream.

It’s at the summit of the skyscraper.

Making this a rooftop playground.

Every day would be fun if you lived here.

(H/T Where Cool Things Happen)

The price of living in a space like this is probably obscene, so just let Skyhouse be an inspiration to you in your future building and design endeavors. “Fancy” shouldn’t mean “devoid of fun.” Even nice apartments can have a few pieces of playground equipment stuck inside… and they are still incredible. This apartment is to die for, share it with your friends!

These Are the Booby Traps From Indiana Jones We Wish We Had in Real Life.

What is one thing that every house needs to keep away intruders, but every house seems to lack? That’s right folks, booby traps. Too often are we trying to protect our houses with these faulty security systems and barking dogs. Those are such antiquated forms of protection. We need to be more innovative. That’s why I suggest we get architects to build some sweet booby traps from the Indiana Jones movies to protect our families and our valuables.

Spike Floors

Wouldn’t it be awesome if an intruder walked into your house and they were greeted by giant, man sized, spikes shooting up from the floors with each step they take? Be careful, evil-doers. This house is protected via crazy booby traps that you would never expect any normal human being to have. If you are careful enough to somehow get past the crazy spike floors you are then greeted with…

Statue Traps

You see these axe wielding maniacs and you think, “Wow this homeowner has some really weird decorations.” In your head, you can’t think that a person would further booby trap their house, you just dealt with the spike floors, you’re in the clear. Suddenly, the axe that the statue is wielding swings down and nearly chops your arm off. Then you realize you have 2 more of these statues to get past. Is this person crazy? Yes. And guess what? There’s another booby trap just ahead…

Spike Floors And Ceilings.

More spike floors?! Dude, get a life with the spike floors already. Oh, you are so wrong. Not only is it spike floors, it’s spike ceilings too and they are closing in on you. You better find the abort button fast, otherwise you’ll be squished to smithereens. Oh, you found it? Well congratulations, I guess you can have my precious jewels…


Everything seems to be going as planned, you’ve gotten past all of the previous booby traps. There is a certain inkling in your bones that there might be one more booby trap in store for you. You become paranoid but you see the treasure that you seek. Just to be safe, in case there is some kind of weight triggered booby trap, you replace the treasure with a bag of sand. It seems to work and you think you are in the clear. You think to yourself, “Heh, stupid homeowners, thinking I cant get past a few spike floors and statues…”


HOLY CRAP A GIANT ROCK BALL BOOBY TRAP!!! HOW DID THESE MANIACS EVEN GET THIS IN THEIR HOUSE?! Yea, good luck out-running this thing. In all honesty, most robbers probably wouldn’t get past the first spike floors trap, but even if you manage to somehow do it, there is no way you will escape the giant ball of booby trap death.

Look, I realize that none of these booby traps are practical, logical or even possible. But, I’m just saying I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE AND CAR AND ROBBING ME OF MY STUFF AND I WANT TO UNLEASH MY VENGEANCE.

This Talented French Artist’s Optical Illusion Art Will Make You Question Reality.

French artist Georges Rousse specializes in creating amazing, colorful optical illusions. His work, when viewed from the correct angle, can seriously mess with your head. 

When you look at his work straight on, it looks it could be Photoshopped. From any other vantage point, though, his illusions look like an almost random mess of color. How can something look so perfect from one angle and completely different from another?

Take a look for yourself. 

(Georges Rousse via Bored Panda)

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