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Anne Hathaway And Robert DeNiro Do Tai Chi In A Park: Part Two

1. Bobby is this how I do the push?


2. Bobby I’m doing the twist, look at me twist.


3. Bobbyyyyyyy I’m balancinggggg.


4. Bobby, Bobby look. Look. Look at me Bobby. Bobby look at me.


5. I’m holding the can and I’m twisting it up. And I pour it in my cup. OMG! I just made up a song. I’m so talented.


6. I’m so good at this.


In case you are wondering about part 1.

Praise Yeezus: KimYe Tweets A Bathroom Selfie

4. Is this a sequel to the last time Kim tweeted a selfie of her butt?

Kim Kardashian / Instagram: @kimkardashian

6. Probably.

Sweet outfit, though, ‘Ye.

Hillary Clinton Hanging Out With Louis C.K. And Amy Poehler

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

With Louis C.K.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
Larry Busacca / Getty Images

With Amy Poehler

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

She also hung out with Tilda Swinton, Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Lin, Tyra Banks, Babs, and Matt Lauer, too:

With Tyra Banks, Barbara Walters

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

With Matt Lauer

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

With Tilda Swinton

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

With Harvey Weinstein

Aubrey Plaza’s Deadpanning 28 Times

1. “Amy said she trusted me, that I would know the right thing to say on her behalf. So… on behalf of Amy, I want to thank the devil and all the dark lords!”

2. “I was an intern for Samba Post-Its and one day my job was to literally wallpaper a bathroom with Post-Its.”

3. ” I don’t know. Am I famous? Sometimes I get really great shampoo for free.”

4. ” I’m lucky if I don’t spend the entire day watching Bravo and staring at the wall.”

5. “I worked myself until I was hospitalized, which is how I like to do it. I like to just blow it out until I’m almost dead.”

6. “I’m too awkward to date, I think. I’m kind of all or nothing, you know? Either put a baby inside of me or leave me alone.”

7. “I’m terrible at time traveling.”

8. “I went to Catholic school, so a plaid skirt, a button-down, and leather shoes were all I know. That’s still how I dress.”

9. “I have been obsessed with Judy Garland since I was 12.”

10. “Old people can go fuck themselves”

11. ” I wish I was fluent [in Spanish]. My family speaks to me in Spanish, and I respond in English.”

12. “The more stuff I do the more free stuff I get, which is kind of nice.”

14. “I feel like I’m peaking now — maybe I should just call it and quit!”

15. “I might go back to seventh grade and tell myself not to wear those chain ball necklaces or those JNCO jeans that were really wide.”

16. “Fuck you old people, I’m going to live forever!”

17. ” The more naked Shia [Labeouf] we can see, the better.”

18. “Delaware is so fucking weird, but so great.”

19. “I’m always like, “I think I’m just gonna play Boulder Dash with my friends and then watch Battlestar Galactica.”

20. “Me and Miley Cyrus have so much in common. It’s crazy.”

21. “If Nas Approves, I approve”

22. “The thing about me is that it looks like there’s just a storm brewing… It’s a smoke and mirrors. It’s an illusion. There’s nothing happening in here. I know nothing.”

23. “I was definitely a weirdo. I don’t know where it came from. It just kind of happened out of nowhere.”

24. “When I was a kid I really wanted to be an old woman.”

25. “I see Nicolas Cage movies. I watch really bad reality television… I know, I’m a disappointment.”

26. “I fell down a mountain yesterday…yeah, I think it was a mountain.”

27. “The Internet is pretty much how I got where I am.”

Mary-Kate And Ashley Being Huge Twins At A Basketball Game

1. The Olsen Twins made a rare appearance together at the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

WireImage / James Devaney

2. To say they were simply #twinning is an understatement.

WireImage / James Devaney

3. They drank together (at exactly the same time.)

WireImage / James Devaney

4. They ate popcorn together (at exactly the same time.)

WireImage / James Devaney

5. They twinned to the right.

WireImage / James Devaney

6. They twinned to the left.

WireImage / James Devaney

7. The wave! Woo!! Twins!!!

WireImage / James Devaney

8. In comparison, this dude wasn’t #twinning.

WireImage / James Devaney

9. But seriously, when is the last time we’ve seen actual emotion from them?

WireImage / James Devaney


WireImage / James Devaney


WireImage / James Devaney


WireImage / James Devaney