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‘Come on’! Howard Kurtz asks if Jay Carney can be ‘independent voice’ at CNN!/justkarl/status/509704861026627584

As Twitchy reported, Jay Carney is taking his talents to CNN, where he’s been hired as a political commentator. Which makes Howard Kurtz wonder:!/HowardKurtz/status/509701402445090816

Uhhh …!/hmfearny/status/509706487938048000!/Brad_Carlson/status/509708185700016128

Really, Howard?!/MelissaTweets/status/509706433084923904



‘Shocking!’ Jay Carney takes his ‘revolving door’ clown show to CNN

Twitchy coverage of Howard Kurtz

Press given ‘seconds’ to photograph Obama through door creates ‘ugly sight’!/maxwellarm/status/497772445722738689

The White House press pool was allowed to take quick photos through the Oval Office door of the president who doesn’t do photo ops, which created a scene like this:!/Jduckham/status/497769227915649025

That just looks … uncomfortable:!/garyalan82/status/497770409824354304!/AlexisPKeaton/status/497772110769848320!/econdee/status/497772833179594752!/HgHatter/status/497770227019444224!/CarolynMcC/status/497770501754744832!/ME2_22/status/497770592373059584

He’s still got it:!/WaynesterAtl/status/497770550681694212

The opportunity resulted in pictures like these:!/markknoller/status/497767488567123968

You know it’s a serious situation:!/jneutron1969/status/497768183898841089

Joe Biden tells lawyers what will bring them the greatest satisfaction!/JimmyJames38/status/497111425408856066

Vice President Joe Biden today encouraged a legal group to represent kids at the border who are seeking refugee status:!/markknoller/status/497098947216023552

Naturally Biden felt compelled to use technical lingo:!/markknoller/status/497099585605873664

“Really hard stuff.” Like geography.!/markknoller/status/497108249699975168

The veep told lawyers what it would mean to them:!/markknoller/status/497109187399528449

But apparently “greater satisfaction than winning the biggest case you have for a major corporate client” still isn’t the “perfect solution” for lawyers:!/markknoller/status/497110221521944577

‘Alarm clock font’: Nike and Tampa Bay Bucs ruin NFL football uniforms even more

Yeesh. Nike and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled out a redesign of their team uniforms today. Football fans would like them to roll the visual vomit straight back and into the trash can.!/bdomenech/status/440495100037464064

“Futuristic?” LOL. The alarm clock font is circa 1971.!/HockeyBrunch/status/440495996078784512

Alas, not a joke.

This Super-Viral Claim Of A Walmart Cash-Back Scam Still Isn’t True

One of the most viral posts on Facebook right now is about an alleged “Wal-Mart cash back scam” that claims that cashiers are quietly charging cash back amounts onto customers’ receipts without their knowledge, then pocketing the money. One such post, from a woman named Suzie Shultz, has been shared more than half a million times, and hundreds are warning each other about avoiding these situations by taking a closer look at receipts after checking out.

It turns out this so-called “scam” actually dates back to chain e-mails in 2004 and has popped up and spread wildly every few years since then. The stories typically include a picture of the receipt, as shown above, and an “it happened to me” anecdote from various Wal-Mart locations, especially Milford, Delaware.

Urban legend debunking website has exposed the claim, pointing out that it doesn’t make sense since cash-back transactions require customers’ involvement and knowledge.

“Our cashiers have no method of initiating cash back from their register terminal,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said in an e-mail. “The customer is the only one who can prompt the cashier to give cash back.”

It’s still a good idea to check your receipts, generally, but this latest claim shouldn’t really be a factor in that decision.