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‘Bizarro’s world’: AP’s Obama headline grabs Dana Perino’s attention!/JacobEmeryOwens/status/492023054252273664

An Associated Press story running on Yahoo captured the attention of Dana Perino:!/DanaPerino/status/492022555721859072

“Obama fundraises for Dems; demands GOP cooperation.” But of course!!/straightScot/status/492023422910619648!/KeenanEdith/status/492032327262822400

It’s true that the article also contained some gems, such as this:!/SteelersSlob/status/492023408142479361

The Comedian-in-Chief keeps the jokes coming!

‘BENGHAZI BE KIDDING ME’: ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ boards Benghazi ‘humor’ train [pic]!/bennyjohnson/status/464814378525945856

What were the brutal murders of four Americans in Benghazi if not an opportunity for the media to showcase their utter tactlessness? Today, MSNBC took a page from the comedy stylebook of Sally Kohn and The Daily Beast with this pathetic, tasteless attempt at “humor”:!/WalshFreedom/status/464814556301107200

Talk about lame.!/WalshFreedom/status/464815651551735809

He should care. It’s not even a good pun!



Video of the smug segment:



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Adam Baldwin sums up Harris-Perry’s ‘apology’ with truth-boom [pic]!/tarafdavis/status/418038826804576256

As Twitchy reported, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry took to Twitter to faux-pologize to the Romneys for the despicable segment on her show that mocked their adopted black grandson. How did she issue her faux-pology? With a self-serving hashtag!!/JGraham548/status/418038353838108673


Actor Adam Baldwin entered with a brutal truth-boom by pointing out what was missing from her ludicrous #MHPApology:!/AdamBaldwin/status/418035499295469568


Telling, isn’t it?


‘Height of conceit!’ Pathetic Melissa Harris-Perry slammed for ludicrous hashtag-apology to Romneys

‘Lunatic!’ Melissa Harris-Perry ‘apologizes’ to Romneys (with self-serving hashtag); Do you buy it?

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Actress Pia Glenn apologizes — sort of — after mocking Romneys’ grandchild on MSNBC

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It takes a village to school MSNBC’s ‘persecuted’ village idiot Melissa Harris-Perry

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Cartoon ‘demonstrates the utter uselessness’ of hashtag diplomacy [pic]!/drawandstrike/status/466682739878797312

The White House’s tired brand of flaccid, armchair activism has yet to yield any real benefits — other than cheap boosts to the Obama administration’s already-massive egos, that is.

Cartoonist Eric Allie’s take on the White House’s love of empty gestures says it all:!/ericallie/status/466682232166293504

President Bystander and Friends.!/Joe_in_Indiana/status/466685643087958016




Jen Psaki: ‘Let’s hope the Kremlin will live by the promise of hashtag’

‘#Hashtag for our time’: Merciless mockery of State Department’s impotent hashtag diplomacy [Photoshops]

‘When will the adults take over?’ Ted Cruz’ slam of State Department ‘hashtag diplomacy’ seconded

Jen Psaki says Russians not following up their #UnitedForUkraine hashtag with actions

‘Emptiest of empty gestures’: FLOTUS hopes terrorists will live by the promise of hashtag [pic]

‘That can’t be real’: James Woods floored by first lady’s attempt at hashtag diplomacy

‘He pulls a knife, you pull a hashtag’: Administration’s Twitter diplomacy inspires #ReplaceGunWithHashtag

Sandra Fluke jumps on the hashtag diplomacy bandwagon

#BringBackOurBalls: Mark Steyn nails ‘this week’s Hashtag of Western Impotence’

‘Reality slap’ photo puts first lady’s hashtag activism in brutal perspective [pic]

‘Waiting on Michelle’s sign’: When will FLOTUS address ‘abortion financier’ Warren Buffett? [pic]

Cher loses ‘Hope’; May never trust in government again!/cher/status/423898276409012224

Imagine how bad Cher might think things are if “evil” Mitt Romney had won the 2012 election.

Does Cher’s problem have something to do with this?!/cher/status/423890024963125248

We may never know, because deciphering the precise meaning of many of Cher’s tweets is no easy task.

Ha! Charlie Crist stars in #FLGOV race’s ‘best-meanest campaign sign’ [photo]!/Gazi2a/status/526806897073348608

But the message is crystal-clear:


It stings because it’s true.






Twitchy coverage of Charlie Crist

‘Ugh’: Andy Levy unhappy with Chris Martin/ Jennifer Lawrence coupling!/JKay00/status/500379540230008832

The entertainment world was shaken when Coldplay singer Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow mutually decided to “consciously uncouple.” News that Martin is now dating actress Jennifer Lawrence has “Red Eye” ombudsman Andy Levy saying “ugh.”!/andylevy/status/500379909471367169!/btarvin/status/500379946804846592!/Ugarles/status/500380230851493888!/DanFosterType/status/500380936127922176!/raindogtweets/status/500385107296149505!/LarryCarroll/status/500384452187791360

Let’s all keep cool heads and monitor the situation.!/SamValley/status/500386896451997696


Hume: Liberal culture of network news has claimed scalp of Sharyl Attkisson!/rushbaby760/status/443138647320432640

As Twitchy reported earlier, former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson is leaving the network after 20 years. Attkisson has most recently doggedly pursued stories such as Benghazi, as well as Fast & Furious and the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

Fox News’ Brit Hume described the end of Attkisson’s CBS News career this way:!/brithume/status/443137474291060736

According to Politico, Attkisson “reached an agreement to resign” from CBS News after she’d “grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias.”

Hume retweeted this:!/guypbenson/status/443095277420154881

Go figure. If Attkisson had instead worked at MSNBC for three days she might have already won a Cronkite Award.

MK Ham nutshells #MarchForLife ‘burning irony’ reaction as only she can!/bethanyshondark/status/426202768446328832

Wait, what?

Mary Katharine Ham is also flummoxed by this line of “thinking.”

Dude. That is beyond bless your heart-y. And, you know, deranged.

Yep. Plus, abortion is the most dangerous to the lives of children, what with it guaranteeing their deaths.

The great Mary Katharine Ham nutshells it as only she can:

John Fugelsang: ‘It is not possible to be liberal and a bigot’!/JohnFugelsang/status/451815185658155008

Rather than buy a dictionary, we’ll just look up “liberal” and “bigot” online. “Believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change?” That and “a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.” certainly don’t seem to be mutually exclusive. What do you say, Twitter?!/JohnFugelsang/status/452487865096994817!/AaronWorthing/status/452488449061564416

No kidding.!/AaronWorthing/status/452489401072115713!/JohnFugelsang/status/452490210803449856

How many dictionaries do we have to check to debunk that stupid tweet?!/AaronWorthing/status/452491521577975811!/gary4205/status/452497301953449984!/gary4205/status/452497636063338496