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‘They used to be hot’: Logo TV dumps on conservative former child stars [pic, video]!/LisaDeP/status/459395408750735360

Logo TV describes itself as such:

Entertaining a social, savvy audience of gay trendsetters, Logo TV also attracts a straight audience that wants to be ahead of the curve.

But evidently, conservatives — gay or straight — aren’t worth Logo’s effort:!/LogoTV/status/459383791589416960

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Charming. Truly.!/CSimrak/status/459396871140945921

Guess inclusiveness and tolerance have their limits. Eh, Logo?!/Sues_Darling/status/459400271408664576!/WereAll_Insane/status/459398406897549312!/SamuelKhan/status/459395837596925952

A damn shame.!/CarolinaCates/status/459399393897349121

Former M*A*S*H cast member Wayne Rogers explodes at Michelle Fields!/cape_codder/status/505741349354995712

Actor Wayne Rogers, best known for his role as “Trapper” John McIntyre on M*A*S*H, went off on Fox contributor Michelle Fields this morning on the Fox News show Cashin’ In. The contentious discussion was sparked by a disagreement over whether trading prisoners with terrorists amounts to negotiation. (Yes, apparently there is disagreement about this.)

Rough transcript:

Rogers: I’m saying if you’ve got somebody and this person is valuable to you and you want to get them out,  yes, swapping a prisoner for them is fine. But that’s not negotiating with them.

Eric Bolling: No?

Rogers:  That’s saying OK, I want this person, you want this person…

Fields: That is negotiating! That is!



Fields: Wayne, calm down.

Bolling: Go ahead. Michelle, then Jonathan.

Fields: Well, now that Wayne has put down the gun, what I’m trying to say is that is negotiating. When you are making that swap, you are negotiating with terrorists. You are incentivizing [them] to continue to do this. Now they are going to seek out more Americans because they know that when they get one they are going to have bargaining chips. That’s what it is.

Rogers: It is not negotiating, but you’re a moron because you talk too much and you don’t think through it.

Actually, it is negotiating. But remember … she’s the moron.

Mediaite has the video.!/MichelleFields/status/505750869091311617

She sure did.!/BBInnKetchikan/status/505753778327277570!/HSprauge/status/505754670917484544!/Tombx7M/status/505764092146364416

This tweeter has a good suggestion:!/FNC_Ladies_Rule/status/505755108521431040



What’s in a name? Jim Geraghty mocks MSM’s ‘Hillary 2016 obsession’!/jdouglas1914/status/515867262008315904

Chelsea Clinton has announced the birth of a daughter named Charlotte.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty offered snarky speculation about how the MSM might analyze the news:

Coming soon to DC press corps: "Does a granddaughter named 'Charlotte' give Hillary an advantage in winning North Carolina in 2016?"

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 27, 2014


I mock the DC press corps Hillary 2016 obsession, @BuzzFeedAndrew paraphrases me, everyone thinks I am serious.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 27, 2014

Perhaps because it doesn’t sound entirely outside the realm of possibility for the MSM.

Place your bets:

@jimgeraghty @soopermexican $10 that her middle name is Des Moines.

— GregEsq (@GregEsq) September 27, 2014



Bill Clinton cancels fundraising appearance for Mark Udall

White House remembers Grand Canyon Park anniversary in predictable way [pic]!/DefinitionOfFaF/status/438838075276681216

Just because we’ve become accustomed to the White House Twitter feed inserting pictures of President Obama in tweets that are supposedly honoring anniversaries and birthdays of people, places and things otherwise unrelated to the president doesn’t mean they ever cease to amuse:!/WhiteHouse/status/438821119139651584

Why break precedent?!/AaronWorthing/status/439059925818675200

The metaphor of the backdrop might have made it a little more appropriate for Obama to appear in the photo:!/hale_razor/status/438833162496405504


Layoffs at cable news net sparks ‘new careers for fired CNN reporters’ hashtag!/Mayortommm/status/426475384083709952

At the end of 2013, CNN and HLN reportedly laid off dozens of journalists:!/NolteNC/status/426403697032036353

As often is the case, Twitter users were there to help, and the hashtag #NewCareersForFiredCNNReporters was born.

Here’s one possible career option for laid off CNN reporters, with a potential stumbling block:!/DiannyRants/status/426444001802084353!/TheMorningSpew/status/426440788931661824

Many other possible careers were suggested:!/hollyrn2/status/426472515196571648!/AssTales/status/426441000974692352!/WMDOwl/status/426475548802424832!/LibsBeLike/status/426447440724905984!/StevenJBurns/status/426442010849845248!/Major_Skidmark/status/426442023176908800!/TheMorningSpew/status/426448333628923905!/flappdoodle_01/status/426472209515675648

But not everybody saw the humor in this hashtag:!/RDofJE/status/426463975132250112



Gwyneth Paltrow neighbors seek ‘conscious uncoupling’ after Obama gridlock!/redsteeze/status/520936270688976896

Thursday night, as Hollywood celebrities fawned all over President Obama (and no doubt vice-versa) at a DNC fundraiser hosted by actress and “working mother” Gwyneth Paltrow, the tight security in the neighborhood reportedly angered some neighbors:

Obama Visit Fuels a Paltrow Neighborhood Feud @michaelsschmidt via @NYTPolitics

— Peter Baker (@peterbakernyt) October 11, 2014

Paltrow's neighbors disparage her right to worship Obama:

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) October 11, 2014

The children cried, the driveways were blocked — oh the calamity! Obama Visit Fuels a Paltrow Neighborhood Feud

— m.e. welman (@MEWelman) October 11, 2014

Say it ain’t so!

Just brutal via @AmyOtto8

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 11, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow.. Loved by even her neighbors.

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 11, 2014

Or, another way to state the reported anger from some of Paltrow’s neighbors:

Seems time for a conscious uncoupling "@peterbakernyt: Obama Visit Fuels Paltrow Neighborhood Feud @michaelsschmidt"

— Ben Feller (@BenFellerNY) October 11, 2014

@BenFellerNY @peterbakernyt @MichaelSSchmidt "Conscious Uncoupling" touché !

— Jack Hutton (@jackhutton) October 11, 2014

Don’t laugh. It’s a Paltrow thing.



A mix of real and fake, these #GwynethPaltrowQuotes are sure to crack you up

To which Muppet did Michelle Obama read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’?!/markknoller/status/409090920009572352

Here are three guesses speculating about which Muppet CBS News’ Mark Knoller was referring to:!/Matthops82/status/409091209919881217

And this final guess is a vigorous defense of the Veep:!/exjon/status/409091674837504000

‘That is no man, but a beast’: Singer Toni Braxton rails against Ray Rice!/ThabaniDlamini/status/509427519242928128

“Unbreak My Heart” singer Toni Braxton weighed in today on the Ray Rice scandal. Her sister Tamar is a domestic violence survivor.!/tonibraxton/status/509415097584742400!/tonibraxton/status/509415249858924544

Many of Braxton’s followers agreed:!/lakeishastarnes/status/509415407422570496!/tshidi4/status/509415494294970368!/MzGardenia/status/509415602285330432!/Librahoney87/status/509415667645575169

Including, it would seem, Rice’s wife Janay.!/Mzquelle/status/509415333073932289

Let’s hope she finds the strength to do just that.



Singer Toni Braxton: ‘Today I am embarrassed to be an American.’

Twitchy coverage of Ray Rice

Rep. Keith Ellison deleted retweet: ‘hell yeah benihana up in this bitch’!/SFnicko/status/498826321485905920

That retweet, from the Twitter account belonging to Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was posted yesterday then deleted after just 25 seconds. The tweet was originally posted by Michael Hudson, who claims he is the nephew of musician Slash:!/michaeljhudson/status/480914591786868736

The image and deleted tweet can be viewed at Politwoops.

Earthquake causes enormous eagle to fall from ceiling of Wellington Airport [photos]!/nzherald/status/425108862841008128

Two giant eagles were suspended from the ceiling of New Zealand’s Wellington Airport last month to promote the latest Hobbit movie. Unfortunately, an earthquake has caused one of the giant eagles to fall to the ground.!/thatjohn/status/425107256678445057

Fortunately, the other eagle (the one with Gandalf on top of it) is doing just fine:!/RKPriestley/status/425107673047375872