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Oops: Good Morning America isn’t sure who’s playing in the Super Bowl!/k_beck86/status/428002092398428161

The Colts had a brief glimmer of hope there, before Good Morning America wised up and deleted this tweet.!/shohendorf/status/427995547090161666!/303Wes/status/428003838881038336!/SRCAZM4ALL/status/428003809441624064!/karamat/status/427995802225885184!/BarstoolNate/status/427998617375219713


Oops: Bud Light mixes up its NFL teams

Reminder: Super Bowl being played in New Jersey, not New York

ABC News’ Ali Weinberg would like to remind everyone on Twitter that the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey this Sunday, not New York.

Can New Jersey please get a little respect?

Broncos fan commits to ‘champs’ tattoo before Super Bowl; Fix suggested [pic]

It takes a lot of faith in your team to get the “champs” tattoo before the game, but one Broncos fan did just that:!/oddowen/status/430392514932391936


A way to fix the tattoo was suggested:


Some fans got a little luckier than others:

(h/t @Doc_Farmer)



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Michael Sam signing gives Valerie Bertinelli a new NFL team to cheer

Defensive end Michael Sam, after having been cut by the St. Louis Rams, has signed with the Dallas Cowboys as a member of the team’s practice squad.

The news was enough to win over a new Cowboys fan in actress Valerie Bertinelli:



Valerie Bertinelli on Ray Rice vs. Josh Gordon suspension: ‘I call bullsh*t’