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Lance Armstrong going on Oprah, cynical tweeters unimpressed!/Oprah/status/288802486838493184

Disgraced cycling champion Lance Armstrong has apparently decided to come clean about his use of performance-enhancing substances. So, who gets the exclusive? ESPN? Bob Costas? Jim Nantz? Surely a titan of sports journalism would be required for such a massive story, right?

Nope, he’s going on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to cry and beg for forgiveness. Excuse us while we play the world’s smallest violin.

Lance Armstrong news nobody wants to hear is breaking so slowly & painfully I now expect him to say he’s taking his talents to South Beach.

— Eric Rudnick (@ERudnick) January 9, 2013

I already wrote my headline for after Lance Armstrong innaview airs “Lance Armstrong still doesn’t get it.” Just a hunch.

— Jessica Danielle(@NFLGoodwitch) January 9, 2013

Will he jump on the couch?Lance Armstrong giving Oprah exclusive interview: Is this it?

— ICLA (@CyclingLaw) January 9, 2013

here comes the crocodile tears RT @ap_sports: Oprah Winfrey to interview @lancearmstrong for “Oprah’s Next Chapter”:

— John Petit (@Scream13) January 9, 2013

Lance Armstrong chooses Oprah for his first interview since being stripped of titles. Someone is angling for sympathy and a hug.

— Emilie Gramenz (@emgramenz) January 9, 2013

Wonder if Oprah will be as mad at Lance Armstrong for doing drugs as she was at James Frey for not doing them

— J. Doug Hatings (@basquiatball) January 9, 2013

So hands up all those who will actually BELIEVE anything @lancearmstrong says on Oprah? Anyone? *crickets* didn’t think so.. #LiarGonnaLie

— Andrea (@ms_aerovelo) January 9, 2013

OPRAH:Did you cheat in the Tour de France?LANCE:No.I’ve never even been to France.

— Chris Urquhart (@chrisurquhart) January 9, 2013

The “no-holds barred” interview is scheduled to air Jan. 17.

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to indicate that Armstrong’s chat with Oprah Winfrey will be on her prime time program, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

Heartbreaking: Two missing firefighters found dead following West, Texas, explosion!/mrsghc2b/status/324952276236124160

Several firefighters were still missing earlier this morning when one of their colleagues was discovered alive after last night’s terrible explosion at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant.

Praying for Buck Uptmor. Hoping he’s found

— Sophie Grace Pavlas (@sophiegrace914) April 18, 2013

Brent Bridges, 18, says his father Morris is a West firefighter and left home last night to fight the plant fire. Still missing.

— Alex Branch (@albranch1) April 18, 2013

MISSING: Sister says this is Morris Bridges, father of 3. His car is still at firehouse – @rayvilleda#WestExplosion…

— NewsBreaker (@NewsBreaker) April 18, 2013

Sadly, these two men, Buck Uptmor and Morris Bridges, have since been confirmed dead.

Confirmed death: #West #Fire Dept member Buck Uptmor. Last alarm 4-17-2013.

— Lynn Kawano (@LynnKawano) April 18, 2013

West FF Morris Bridges confirmed dead.…

— Lynn Kawano (@LynnKawano) April 18, 2013

Absolutely heartbreaking.

RIP Buck Uptmor. you will always be remembered and loved.

— tanner. uptmor. (@tanner__05) April 18, 2013

RIP Buck Uptmor. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

— danielle kazda (@dani_crayy) April 18, 2013


— Ashton Christie (@BAStoneking) April 18, 2013

Idk if anyone knows who Buck Uptmor is… But if you’re from West… You’ll know how awesome of a guy he was. #RIP

— Gage Allen (@Gage_Allen) April 18, 2013

URGENT PRAYER… URGENT PRAYER… URGENT PRAYER…Please pray. My friend and former church mate Morris Bridges…

— Don Carr (@doncarrdec) April 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.32.36 PM

God rest their brave souls. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones.


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Slate editor: It’s too bad many of the docs fighting Ebola are missionaries!/laurahelmuth/status/517674493477523457

Christian missionaries such as Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, a nurse, have been risking their lives to provide medical care to West Africans with Ebola.  In the eyes of Slate editor Laura Helmuth, it’s “kind of disturbing.”

The author of the linked Slate article — Brian Palmer — acknowledges that missionary doctors don’t personally profit from what they do. In any other circumstance, lefties would adore that absence of capitalism, but if the work is done in the name of God it automatically becomes suspect.

Slate contributor Jessica Morrison has a different take:

.@Slate asks, "Should we worry that so many of the doctors treating Ebola in Africa are missionaries?" <blinks> No.

— Jessica Morrison (@ihearttheroad) October 2, 2014

So does this tweeter, an editor at Physics World:

.@laurahelmuth @PalmerBrian It's probably only disturbing to ppl who are used to thinking of religious ppl as "the bad guys"

— Margaret Harris (@DrMLHarris) October 2, 2014

We doubt Helmuth would agree on much with conservative author Ann Coulter, but they share a common bond in their antipathy toward missionary medical personnel.


— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) August 6, 2014


Stacey Dash urges donations to relief group in honor of Ebola victims


Amanda Bynes: I’m a hero because I lived with a birth defect for 27 years!/AmandaBynes/status/347560056298024960!/AmandaBynes/status/347561579795062786!/AmandaBynes/status/347562411408117761!/AmandaBynes/status/347564710658449408!/AmandaBynes/status/347564869031174147

In other words, if you’re wondering why Amanda Bynes has been acting like a lunatic for the past few months, now you know.

Alas, not everyone is completely convinced:!/bieberdelrey/status/347561680655499265

Editor’s note: This post was updated with additional tweets.

Comcast’s Super Bowl transmission is screwed up?!/Tha_Joker6/status/298225544267440128

This evening, many football fans are receiving a hazy transmission of the Super Bowl, and they believe Comcast is responsible. Talk about bad timing!

@comcast You suck. Fix the picture. we are trying to watch the superbowl. #comcastFail

— DC Guy (@DCGuy4Life) February 4, 2013

everyone call Comcast and bitch!

— .Ugly Flacco. (@Geezuss_) February 4, 2013

No one sucks like Comcast sucks. Super Bowl picture hosed for most of the mid-Atlantic.

— Matthew R. Baise (@matthewrbaise) February 4, 2013

Who is shocked that @comcast messed up the Super Bowl feed?

— Peter D Nellius (@peternellius) February 4, 2013

Anybody else’s Comcast fucking up right now?!?!?!?

— LynnOrellanaCastillo (@Eveelynn86) February 4, 2013

@comcast cares we pay a lot of money for an hd picture…can you give us at least an ok feed…thanks.

— Elizabeth Huber (@lizardbeth1000) February 4, 2013

Come in COMCAST!

— Michael (@mjusu02) February 4, 2013

@comcast You suck. Fix the picture. we are trying to watch the superbowl. #comcastFail

— DC Guy (@DCGuy4Life) February 4, 2013

CBS?Comcast?What the hell is this?

— Casey Phillips (@CaseyPhillips1) February 4, 2013

Comcast starting to glitch. Don’t. Do. Me.

— Rae A. (@LetMeBe_gRAEt) February 4, 2013

Some say the problem has been fixed:

Our Comcast feed just got fixed. Looks fine now.

— Jeff (@jephilip) February 4, 2013

Nvm Comcast fixed it for us

— Thomas Bonanno (@tbonanno2) February 4, 2013

@ebjunkies @ogchoe think it was a Comcast issue. Seems ok now

— Gee (@geebeinggee) February 4, 2013

Others are still complaining. Let’s hope Comcast (or whoever is responsible) gets this resolved for everyone soon.

Heartbreaking photos: A field of graves for victims of factory collapse in Bangladesh!/nycjim/status/329926048819064832

Hundreds were killed when a factory building collapsed in Bangladesh last week. Dozens of bodies were reportedly too battered to be identified.

Empty graves for unclaimed bodies from the Bangladesh building collapse via mayersinsg

— Herman Wong (@hermanywong) May 2, 2013

Burying the dead in #Bangladesh. @reuters photo

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) May 2, 2013

Joe Scarborough’s new music video gives him and Mika a turn to sit and stare vacantly at crap

We bet they’re pretty strict over at MSNBC with employee use of the copier and other electronics; it doesn’t look like any of the interns would let “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough sneak in after hours to shoot and edit the video for his new song, “Mystified.”

‘Hitting the crack pipe?’ Matt Yglesias achieves peak dumbassery with this take on minimum wage

Take Time To Slow Down And Appreciate Your Loved Ones This Mother’s Day

Kids grow up way too fast.

And Nichole Nordeman knows just that. Her song “Slow Down” reminds us that we should appreciate the good things and people in our lives before it’s too late. We might not even notice when things pass us by…

Mothers, fathers, and children alike will need to get tissues for this one.

(via For Every Mom)

This Mother’s Day, take time to remember your mother, show appreciation to other mothers, and just appreciate those you love in your life.