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Oliver Willis suggests conservatives want ‘their own Trayvon’!/hboulware/status/403989263936540672

As disturbing stories of the so-called “knockout game” continue to come out, Media Matters tool Oliver Willis has decided that conservatives outraged by the brutal, deadly attacks on innocent victims are motivated purely by politics:!/owillis/status/403987669270556672

What a jackass.!/RBPundit/status/403989892620767232!/jonzies/status/403990646991880192!/EEElverhoy/status/403994778997506048!/SteveKlein62/status/403995482621767680

Maybe conservatives think that viciously attacking people for kicks is, you know, wrong.!/EEElverhoy/status/403991383523876864!/declinistan/status/403992827342110720

Seriously, Oliver. What the hell?!/gdm320/status/403991438465437696



Twitchy coverage of Oliver Willis

Kitaen: Biden an ‘embarrassing jackass,’ Ryan ‘killing him’; Left attacks!/Tawny_Kitaen/status/256594515425628162

Zing! Tell us how you really feel, Tawny! Tawny Kitaen took to Twitter to offer her opinion on the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan last night.

Im SO glad J Biden thinks this is all so hilarious Hes embarrassing R country if the rest of the worlds watchn this debate This is NOT funny

— Tawny Kitaen (@Tawny_Kitaen) October 12, 2012

If 9/11 happened when a Democratic president was on watch, we still would’ve still been n2 wars. I think Ryan is so killing Biden

— Tawny Kitaen (@Tawny_Kitaen) October 12, 2012

Many Twitter users loved what she was saying, and how she was saying it.

RT @tawny_kitaen: OMG Pres. Obama helped people refinanced their homes? In what universe did that happen in? He’s crazy

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Totally agree! He was rude and did not show the class a VP should.

— Carole (@Carole4551) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Yup, but the delusional Lib press will declare Biden the winner. I thought Biden was a lying, condescending, rude, jerk.

— Scott Stewart (@stujob) October 12, 2012

Finding out@tawny_kitaen is on our side makes my night and restores my faith in all of mankind.

— Gary Jackson (@gary4205) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen God I am more in love with you now than ever!! So you are the perfect woman!!!:)

— M Johnson (@a3vantage) October 12, 2012

Of course, Twitter libs exposed themselves as the sexists they are. They don’t want anyone to tell us what they really feel, especially a woman. She’s not allowed to think for herself! She can’t even think, for cripes sake! Lady parts don’t include minds. As always, they diminish and demean any woman who dares flee the Democrat plantation. She’s just a dum-dum, you see. Also, crazy.

@tawny_kitaen Oh, by the way, Iraq?TOTALLY George Bush’s agenda, so the “two wars” thing is demonstrably false.Stick to reality TV.

— cynicalmatt (@cynicalmatt) October 12, 2012

From the authority on crazy: “@tawny_kitaen: OMG Obama helped pple refinanced their homes? In what universe did that happen in? He’s crazy”

— Damon Oliver (@damonoliver) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen You need an education.BADLY.

— MichaelKajganich (@MichaelKaj) October 12, 2012

@eajosh @tawny_kitaen Lol, she’s an idiot.

— Tara Favia (@tarafavia) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Stop thinking out loud.You’re embarrassing yourself.

— Graham Ernatz E. (@Graham_Ernatz_E) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Dumb, ignorant people like you form the right wing voting block. A voting block dangerous for humanity.

— BARACKMUSTSUCCEED (@Barackmustsucce) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen how did u get on my feed? You’re a dumb ass.

— Diane Maxwell (@drmax613) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Way to go Tawny! Keep reminding us that the big hair 80’s rock prodigies (#Nugent) are entirely worthless intellectually

— William McAvoy (@WilliamMcAwoy) October 12, 2012

That’s it for my politics tonight. Oh & I blocked crazy deluded fascist bitch @tawny_kitaen so I don’t accidentally read her ramblings again

— Setnakt (@Setnakt) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen OMG – You beat the fuck out of your husband with a shoe.Get back on the hood.

— Jim Collins (@JimiOcala) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Please stop, you fucking nitwit.

— brandon (@killbrandonvol1) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen ugh. Enough with your BS.Don’t you have shirts to iron?

— Matthew Gabriele (@TSSMattG) October 12, 2012

And make him a sammich!

@tawny_kitaen You are beyond crazy bitch!

— Setnakt (@Setnakt) October 12, 2012

@tawny_kitaen Joe Biden craps more brains in the morning than you have in your entire airhead. #blocked

— It’s Bonzo! (@BonzoTMonkey) October 12, 2012

And here is an instant classic.

@tawny_kitaen your so smart! Not

— StevenGoldenChild (@stevenWeMajor) October 12, 2012

Your? Not smart, heal thyself.

Kudos, Ms. Kitaen, for speaking your mind and refusing to be punitively shamed into silence.


Sen. Ted Cruz hit with nasty Nickelback accusation

“Cashin’ In” panelistMichelle Fields is riding on Sen. Ted. Cruz’s campaign bus and notes that the candidate was greeted tonight with a pretty standard trolling sign.

This is the sort of accusation to confront right away, rather than to let it fester in voters’ minds. Does President Obama like Nickelback? We still don’t know for sure.

Let’s just leave the family out of it this time.

CORRECTION TIME: Joe Scarborough, Ana Navarro and many others share old Sebastian Gorka story that says he was fired

Members of the blue-checkmark brigade are sharing an old AP story from May 1 titled, “Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka expected to leave White House, official says.”

Well, those officials were wrong back in May and it’s pretty careless of all these folks to share such an out-of-date article. Time for some corrections:

‘Hello, this is Joe’: Joe Biden test drives an Obama phone?!/JoeBiden/status/252607810662170624

Team Obama just loves to tweet pics of POTUS and the gaffetastic vice president chit-chatting on the phone. Evidently phoning it in is what passes for eye candy in Obama’s America.

But is this just any old phone? Or is it one of those fancy Obama phones?

#ObamaPhone!! RT “@JoeBiden: “Hello, this is Joe”:

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) October 1, 2012

This lady doesn’t look too pleased to have Uncle Joe yukking it up on her Obama phone, does she?

The women really wants her phone back. Joe's using up her free minutes contributing to Dial-A-Gaffe. @DeeInHouston

— Wayne Baisley (@craptard) October 1, 2012

We’re betting it’s not Netanyahu on the other end.

@netanyahu called-he'd like u to give at least this much effort to Middle East “@JoeBiden: “Hello, this is Joe”:

— RyanRhodes (@RyanRhodes) October 1, 2012

This photo is just screaming for your captions. Give it your clean and articulate best in the comments.

‘My tax dollars paid for that’? State Dept. takes terrorism to school with ‘ABC’s of Daesh’ (aka ISIS)

The State Department’s Twitter account for “truths about terrorism” is offering an alphabetical list of words that represent what Daesh (ISIS) is all about. Prepare for a learning experience like no other:

What’s perhaps most surprising is that the “C” doesn’t stand for “climate change.”

Will they finish the whole alphabet? We’re just curious what “X” and “Z” would be.

There’s really no other way to react, is there?

And in case you thought ISIS was an all-providing entity concerned about improving the human condition, the State Department helps set things straight:

Not providing services? You don’t say! Maybe the Obama State Department can convince ISIS to be more conscientious about infrastructure and health care.

R.I.P.: ‘Respected’ actor and ‘beloved friend’ Meshach Taylor dead!/cnnbrk/status/483211329034264576

He is probably best known for his work on the long running CBS sitcom “Designing Women,” but Meshach Taylor has a long list of movie and television credits, most recently on “Criminal Minds” with longtime friend Joe Mantegna. His agent reports that the 67 year old actor passed away at his home in California after a long struggle with cancer.!/TMZ/status/483219649090179072!/billyeichner/status/483279987273760769!/ShawnRyanTV/status/483264013942288385!/paulfeig/status/483275206052806657




Want border security? Mickey Kaus has a ‘crazy’ proposal for House GOP!/kausmickey/status/489871335519031296

Mickey Kaus’s fear is that Republicans will, as New York Times’ Ross Douthat put it, exploit the current border crisis to “set in motion a conference process that could lead to a comprehensive reform being essentially smuggled through the House.”

Given the pro-amnesty proclivities of most House GOP leaders, it’s a legitimate concern:!/NumbersUSA/status/489146459716321281!/kausmickey/status/489530191543148546!/kausmickey/status/489493486505168896

Here’s Kaus’s “crazy” proposed solution:!/kausmickey/status/489871639648010240

Whoa, that is a totally far-out idea, isn’t it?

Just one problem, as Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies notes:!/MarkSKrikorian/status/489876792522858496

He’s kidding, right?


Buzzfeed says amnesty advocate Paul Ryan is on a mission to help the poor; Mickey Kaus calls BS

Mickey Kaus: If Obama were really worried about rising inequality, he wouldn’t be pushing immigration bill

Want US workers to earn more? Mickey Kaus has an idea

Matt Yglesias accuses Mickey Kaus of hating immigrants

Mickey Kaus calls out Sen. Marco Rubio on amnesty flip-flop

She Wore A Long-Sleeved Shirt To School. Then An Officer Put His Hand On A Gun.

On May 17, Summer, a senior at Hickory Ridge High School, wore a long-sleeved top to school that she thought was perfectly fine, but the principal couldn’t disagree more.

Summer was eating lunch in the cafeteria when the principal walked up to her and told her that she had violated the dress code. When Summer said, “I think my shirt is fine,” an argument between the two led to the honor roll student not only being suspended for 10 days, not being allowed to walk at graduation, and possibly being expelled from the school. She also thought she was facing arrest at one point.

Most people would say that nothing is wrong with her shirt. After all, it doesn’t expose anything other than her collarbones and shoulders.

However, the school’s dress code explicitly states that off-the-shoulder tops aren’t allowed. That’s why when a friend offered Summer her jacket, she put it on and zipped it up without complaint — but the principal wasn’t satisfied with that.

Read More: These Two Sisters Had An Epic Response To A Ridiculous Dress Code ‘Violation’

As it turns out, the two have a history of butting heads — so much so that Summer’s mom asked the school to start calling her if her daughter had any problems with the principal. That’s why when told she would need to go to the office and change even after putting the jacket on, Summer politely said she wouldn’t go until her mom was called.

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