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This Family May Be A Little Different Than Yours, But The Love Is All The Same.

If the only thing that’s preventing you from having a family of your own is that you don’t want to raise a child on your own, consider exploring the world of co-parenting. It’s a great way for two people to bring a child into the world without having the romantic part of parenthood. Co-parents are close, perhaps even closer than most parents, but the relationships are not sexual in nature. They’re a team of two who are fulfilling their dreams of raising a child in a positive and supportive environment.

Fabian Blue and Dawn Pieke are co-parents who met on a Facebook group dedicated to helping people find an equal partner to raise a child. Both in their early forties, the pair knew they wanted to have a kid. However, they were hesitant to subject themselves to the stress, fees, and possible rejection that can come with adoption, single parenthood, or finding a surrogate. After discussing their thoughts on religion and how they feel a child should be raised, the two decided that they wanted to be co-parents. Shortly after, they welcomed Indigo Pieke-Blue to the world.  

Fabian with Indigo

Dawn with Indigo

The Family with Rosie O’Donnell

They Grow Up So Fast!

For more on Fabian Blue and Dawn Pieke’s co-parenting journey, check out this short documentary.

THE STORY OF INDIGO from Fabian Blue on Vimeo.

What a lovely family they have! Best of luck to Fabian, Dawn, and little Indigo.

If you needed a FLOTUS rap to get you interested in college, the wait is over [video]

For those who were on the fence about going to college and were just one rap song from a U.S. First Lady away from being pushed in the direction of pursuing a higher education, Michelle Obama has provided some motivation, along with Jay Pharoah of SNL:

Students will no doubt welcome anything that takes her focus off their school lunches for a while.

Michelle Obama’s rap got #FLOTUSbars trending.

About 13 and a half months left, but who’s counting?

TSA frisks CNN editor because of ‘suspicious’ substance!/AnneClaireCNN/status/522122983922757633

Apart from NOT catching terrorists, you never know what sort of silly thing the TSA’s crack team of public sector union employees will do next. Frisking a toddler? Stealing your iPad? How about detecting the highly suspicious activity of hand washing?

Airports: Margaritas w Chicago style hotdog & a side of cheesy/caramel Garrett's popcorn. #yummy #chicagostyle

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 14, 2014

Was taken to TSA's back room to get the full rub down after my hands were swiped & alerted machine for something suspicious.

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 14, 2014

The suspiciousness on my hands? According to the lovely TSA lady rubbing me down, must have been the soap on my recently washed hands (Cont)

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 14, 2014

Morale of the story? Don't wash your hands prior to TSA check. Disturbing…

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 14, 2014

There was a silver lining though …

@AnneClaireCNN Oh my! That's crazy! TSA needs to learn about #HandcraftedHappiness ;) Please send us a DM; we'd like to send you a treat 🙂

— Garrett Popcorn (@GarrettPopcorn) October 14, 2014




Katie Pavlich reports ‘TSA absurdity’ that has people disgusted and horrified

‘You found the terrorist’: Zach Braff snarks at TSA after Verne ‘Mini Me’ Troyer searched at airport [pic]

‘Tired of this reality’: ‘Mythbuster’ Adam Savage frustrated by what TSA does ‘every time I fly’

‘Main ingredient in my rants is rage’: Comedian Iliza Shlesinger unloads after TSA encounter

‘A disgrace’: Alec Baldwin’s 5-month-old selected for TSA pat-down?


‘Bizarro’s world’: AP’s Obama headline grabs Dana Perino’s attention!/JacobEmeryOwens/status/492023054252273664

An Associated Press story running on Yahoo captured the attention of Dana Perino:!/DanaPerino/status/492022555721859072

“Obama fundraises for Dems; demands GOP cooperation.” But of course!!/straightScot/status/492023422910619648!/KeenanEdith/status/492032327262822400

It’s true that the article also contained some gems, such as this:!/SteelersSlob/status/492023408142479361

The Comedian-in-Chief keeps the jokes coming!

Wendy Davis campaign says Greg Abbott cited ‘white nationalist’!/willrahn/status/451120175166021632

Republican gubernatorial candidate and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently cited the education research of American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray, whom liberals consider toxic. Here’s the incredibly racist research by Murray that Abbott cited:

“Family background has the most decisive effect on student achievement, contributing to a large performance gap between children from economically disadvantaged families and those from middle class homes.”

The Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign apparently considers this waaaay beyond the pale. It is responding by citing the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of Murray as a “white nationalist.” The SPLC is a paranoid, far-left organization which, as the late Ron Smith of WBAL put it, believes America is “filled with Klansmen and rife with people eager to perpetrate genocide.” A year ago, in response to  the SPLC’s so-called “hate group” list, deranged domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins sought to “kill as many as possible” at the Family Research Council.

Yesterday, Davis’ communications director Zac Petkanas tried his hardest to portray Abbott as white nationalist-friendly:!/Zac_Petkanas/status/451142545012047872!/Zac_Petkanas/status/451175330384838656!/Zac_Petkanas/status/451177526245597184

Just in case anyone missed the smear, Petkanas retweeted these:!/WayneSlater/status/451167709992996865!/cd_hooks/status/451178239281475584!/LEBassett/status/451096893045886976!/scottbraddock/status/451204625425653760

Here’s a problem: If Greg Abbott is guilty of crimethink for citing Murray, then so is former President Bill Clinton:!/WILLisms/status/451189557795373056!/ManhattanInst/status/303559793040302080

Oddly, “white nationalist” Murray has tweeted his opposition to discrimination against Asian-American college applicants. His most controversial book, “The Bell Curve,” was co-authored by Richard Herrnstein, a professor of psychology at that hotbed of white nationalism, Harvard University.


Southern Poverty Law Center responds, calls FRC president’s claims ‘outrageous’

‘Get angry’: AEI’s Charles Murray fed up with discrimination against Asian college applicants


Mother Did The Unthinkable To Her Child When She Came Between Her And Her Boyfriend

It’s no secret that couples need some alone time and that alone time’s usually at a premium when kids are involved.

Being a single mother and raising your kids while trying to take on dating is no small feat, either. And that’s because most parents put their child’s needs before their own. For one English mother, however, her needs were way more important than the wellbeing of her own child. What she did to her young daughter is terrifying and heartbreaking.

Thirty-seven year old Michala Pyke and her boyfriend, John Rytting, have been charged with counts of child cruelty and drug possession after the death of Pyke’s four-year-old daughter, Poppy.

Read More: Charges Have Been Filed Against A Mom Who Injected Feces Into Her Son’s IV

Poppy died of cardiac arrest in June 2013 at Rytting’s home. An autopsy revealed that the little girl had drugs like heroin, ketamine, methadone, and diazepam in her system.

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis talks Holocaust survivor privilege!/Rem870P/status/470288040716689408

When MSNBC’s Touré credits the “power of whiteness” for those who survived the Holocaust, chances are it won’t be long before Media Matters research fellow Oliver Willis chimes in in agreement. What if not white privilege can explain how some escaped the concentration camps and made new lives for themselves in the United States?!/RobProvince/status/470247469612539904!/RobProvince/status/470248131054305280

Not at all.!/RobProvince/status/470253769822044160

It’s not just your opinion.!/Newton_Arsenal/status/470281793355411457!/alleygirl2409/status/470282250144079873!/JulieLvsPACKERS/status/470282750998880257!/AnthonyBialy/status/470284687458709504!/DaveinTexas/status/470285410162069504!/Macranthunter/status/470287206436073473!/zanshi1/status/470287856209264640!/tonykatz/status/470302251701903362!/hale_razor/status/470317279033692160!/jaycutlersux/status/470317490506330112


‘Screw you’: Touré clobbered for foul idiocy about white privilege of Holocaust survivors

#Whiteness: UMUC prof lauds Touré’s callous ‘power of whiteness’ tweet

Lance Armstrong going on Oprah, cynical tweeters unimpressed!/Oprah/status/288802486838493184

Disgraced cycling champion Lance Armstrong has apparently decided to come clean about his use of performance-enhancing substances. So, who gets the exclusive? ESPN? Bob Costas? Jim Nantz? Surely a titan of sports journalism would be required for such a massive story, right?

Nope, he’s going on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to cry and beg for forgiveness. Excuse us while we play the world’s smallest violin.

Lance Armstrong news nobody wants to hear is breaking so slowly & painfully I now expect him to say he’s taking his talents to South Beach.

— Eric Rudnick (@ERudnick) January 9, 2013

I already wrote my headline for after Lance Armstrong innaview airs “Lance Armstrong still doesn’t get it.” Just a hunch.

— Jessica Danielle(@NFLGoodwitch) January 9, 2013

Will he jump on the couch?Lance Armstrong giving Oprah exclusive interview: Is this it?

— ICLA (@CyclingLaw) January 9, 2013

here comes the crocodile tears RT @ap_sports: Oprah Winfrey to interview @lancearmstrong for “Oprah’s Next Chapter”:

— John Petit (@Scream13) January 9, 2013

Lance Armstrong chooses Oprah for his first interview since being stripped of titles. Someone is angling for sympathy and a hug.

— Emilie Gramenz (@emgramenz) January 9, 2013

Wonder if Oprah will be as mad at Lance Armstrong for doing drugs as she was at James Frey for not doing them

— J. Doug Hatings (@basquiatball) January 9, 2013

So hands up all those who will actually BELIEVE anything @lancearmstrong says on Oprah? Anyone? *crickets* didn’t think so.. #LiarGonnaLie

— Andrea (@ms_aerovelo) January 9, 2013

OPRAH:Did you cheat in the Tour de France?LANCE:No.I’ve never even been to France.

— Chris Urquhart (@chrisurquhart) January 9, 2013

The “no-holds barred” interview is scheduled to air Jan. 17.

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to indicate that Armstrong’s chat with Oprah Winfrey will be on her prime time program, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

Heartbreaking: Two missing firefighters found dead following West, Texas, explosion!/mrsghc2b/status/324952276236124160

Several firefighters were still missing earlier this morning when one of their colleagues was discovered alive after last night’s terrible explosion at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant.

Praying for Buck Uptmor. Hoping he’s found

— Sophie Grace Pavlas (@sophiegrace914) April 18, 2013

Brent Bridges, 18, says his father Morris is a West firefighter and left home last night to fight the plant fire. Still missing.

— Alex Branch (@albranch1) April 18, 2013

MISSING: Sister says this is Morris Bridges, father of 3. His car is still at firehouse – @rayvilleda#WestExplosion…

— NewsBreaker (@NewsBreaker) April 18, 2013

Sadly, these two men, Buck Uptmor and Morris Bridges, have since been confirmed dead.

Confirmed death: #West #Fire Dept member Buck Uptmor. Last alarm 4-17-2013.

— Lynn Kawano (@LynnKawano) April 18, 2013

West FF Morris Bridges confirmed dead.…

— Lynn Kawano (@LynnKawano) April 18, 2013

Absolutely heartbreaking.

RIP Buck Uptmor. you will always be remembered and loved.

— tanner. uptmor. (@tanner__05) April 18, 2013

RIP Buck Uptmor. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

— danielle kazda (@dani_crayy) April 18, 2013


— Ashton Christie (@BAStoneking) April 18, 2013

Idk if anyone knows who Buck Uptmor is… But if you’re from West… You’ll know how awesome of a guy he was. #RIP

— Gage Allen (@Gage_Allen) April 18, 2013

URGENT PRAYER… URGENT PRAYER… URGENT PRAYER…Please pray. My friend and former church mate Morris Bridges…

— Don Carr (@doncarrdec) April 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.32.36 PM

God rest their brave souls. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones.


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