No One Knew Where He Went, But After 2 Years, They Found His Body In An Unlikely Place

Having a missing loved one is so incredibly heartbreaking.

Family members of those who have disappeared deal with so much stress and uncertainty. They are often faced with the fact that they have to move on with their lives without ever receiving any sort of closure.

One Pennsylvania grandmother was finally able to close the book on her missing grandson’s case. While some stories are resolved happily, this one, unfortunately, ended tragically.

DyQuain Rogers went missing more than two years ago, leaving his cell phone and wallet at his mother’s house. He had been posting messages on Facebook that indicated things weren’t going well in his life.

Just recently, Zanobia Richmond, Rogers’ grandmother heard a loud noise and went up to her attic to inspect the disturbance. There she found the teen’s body. It was mummified and had fallen against the attic door.

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Police say they are considering this a suicide but are investigating all possibilities. Learn more in the video below.