#DarrellIssainThreeWords: Unhinges vicious liberals


Today was an explosive day for the Operation Fast and Furious scandal as the Obama administration invoked executive privilege to prevent the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder from having to turn over possibly incriminating documents to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Chairman Darrell Issa.  The House Oversight Committee subsequently voted to hold Holder in contempt.

Liberals have already pushed the narrative that the investigation into Fast and Furious is racist. Tonight they continued their vicious attacks on Issa with the hashtag #DarrellIssainThreeWords. (There is also a counter hashtag: #EricHolderInThreeWords.)

#DarrellIssainThreeWords Fucking Jerk Off

— Bill King (@garak99) June 20, 2012


#DarrellIssaInThreeWords Utterly Useless #Douchebag

— Micia Sakowitz (@KaintGetRight) June 20, 2012

Slimy Hypocritical Weasel #DarrellIssaInThreeWords #p2 #CTL

— Shannon MacDonald (@shananigins15) June 21, 2012

Cancer on America #DarrellIssaInThreeWords

— ♊♥Faith♥Hope♥Love♥♊ (@Heknowsmynam) June 21, 2012

#DarrellIssaInThreeWords What a douche!

— caj915 (@caj915) June 21, 2012

Like Kanye says, "Hates Black People" #DarrellIssaInThreeWords

— Little Ball of Hate (@da_breezman) June 21, 2012

#DarrelIissainThreewords Stupid Mother Fucker

— djB_MonEy (@djB_MonEy) June 21, 2012


#DarrellIssaInThreeWords Spawn of Satan

— Mr. Babypants (@mrbabypants) June 20, 2012

#DarrelIissaInThreeWords hair dyeing fucktard

— Fuck Conservatives (@FuckCons) June 20, 2012

#DarrellIssaInThreeWords Corrupt lil dick

— Kernel Wars (@Kernelwars) June 20, 2012

Klu Klax Klan #DarrellIssainThreeWords #OWS #p2 #IStandwithEricHolder

— TheNewDeal (@TheNewDeal) June 20, 2012

Inquisitor Of Blacks #DarrellIssaInThreeWords

— Patrice (@Patrice_ORourke) June 20, 2012

#DarrellIssaInThreeWords An Asshole's Asshole

— Bruce P. Knight (@brucepknight) June 20, 2012

@Kernelwars #DarrellissainThreewords Big Fuckin' Asshole

— Steeler_Steve (@ScottsdaleSteve) June 20, 2012

#DarrellIssainThreeWords – Misogynist, Racist, Bigot

— Kathryn Scaglione (@KathrynJScags) June 21, 2012

#DarrellIssainThreeWords Tea Party Turdbagger

— djB_MonEy (@djB_MonEy) June 21, 2012

#DarrellIssainThreeWords Fascist, un-American thug

— Jovan (@CSRA_prsn) June 21, 2012

#DarrellIssaInThreeWords Koch sucking whore

— Kernel Wars (@Kernelwars) June 20, 2012

Meanwhile, conservatives jumped in to defend Issa and remind liberals of the importance of an investigation into the government operation that took the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry:

Respects Terry's sacrifice #DarrellIssaInThreeWords

— frog129 (@frog129) June 20, 2012

#DarrellIssainThreeWords Justice for Terry

— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) June 21, 2012

#DarrellIssainThreeWords Intent on Justice

— Jim (@BoogymanWF) June 21, 2012


What a contrast between the two sides — conservatives are clearly winning on Twitter while all liberals can do is freak out!