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Take Time To Slow Down And Appreciate Your Loved Ones This Mother’s Day

Kids grow up way too fast.

And Nichole Nordeman knows just that. Her song “Slow Down” reminds us that we should appreciate the good things and people in our lives before it’s too late. We might not even notice when things pass us by…

Mothers, fathers, and children alike will need to get tissues for this one.

(via For Every Mom)

This Mother’s Day, take time to remember your mother, show appreciation to other mothers, and just appreciate those you love in your life.

She Had Headaches For Months, Was Sent Home From The Hospital…And Died Hours Later

Stephanie Dickson was only 24 years old when her family found her dead in April 2013.

The Edinburgh, Scotland, resident had been dealing with painful headaches, a sore neck, and dizziness for nine months before her death. She had gone to different doctors 14 times, and they all told her the same thing: that she was just suffering from migraines and tension headaches. They prescribed painkillers and sent her on her way, but her pain only got worse.

Just like many young women her age, Stephanie Dickson had headaches. But when they continued to get worse, she visited countless doctors. They all told her not to worry.

On April 5, her symptoms got so bad that she went to the hospital. Again, doctors told her that she was just having another migraine and discharged her the following morning. Later that day, she died in her bed.

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What’s more heartbreaking is that she would likely still be alive today if she had been properly diagnosed and treated.

‘Chaos ensues at the House’: ‘Grumbling’ as GOP leadership pulls border bill!/LisaDCNN/status/494912044601466880!/LisaDCNN/status/494912126130356225

Things are a little crazy today at the House of Representatives. A border bill was pulled before a vote.

Here’s a roundup of the day so far:!/costareports/status/494903178010558464!/ChadPergram/status/494903809701732352!/ChadPergram/status/494906443045560320!/ChadPergram/status/494907717333442560!/ChadPergram/status/494909357201448961!/ChadPergram/status/494912225149059072!/ChadPergram/status/494917219768209409!/ChadPergram/status/494921724052262914

Some House GOPers are reportedly blaming outside groups and Ted Cruz:!/charliespiering/status/494910072296722434!/charliespiering/status/494914137802031107!/charliespiering/status/494922892098809856

The House has managed to pass something so far today:!/ChadPergram/status/494912296791969794

Journalist shares heartbreaking story of young Yazidi girl held as ISIS slave

Journalist Jenan Moussa ofArabic Al Aan TV shared an absolutely heartbreaking story of a young Yazidi girl who was captured by ISIS when she was only 8-years old and held in Raqqa as a slave until she was recently freed.

It’s 16 tweets long, but well worth the read (and maybe have some tissues handy):

You May Love These Disney Songs, But Have You Heard Them In Their Native Languages?

Disney movies are childhood staples. Honestly, they are loved by kids and adults alike. Their stories of love and triumph are timeless, and many people can appreciate them on some level. But the songs are perhaps the most adored aspects of these films.

Disney is responsible for creating some of the most memorable songs of all time. Almost every Disney tale is inspired by folklore from around the world, and the company goes to great lengths to translate these stories into accessible narratives for English-speaking audiences. That’s why someone went ahead and translated these famous songs into their native languages!

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Disney Princesses Singing In Their Original Language #1- Alternative Disneyvia: Movie Munchies

Posted by Alternative Disney on Monday, February 15, 2016

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Disney Princesses Singing In Their Original Language #2- Alternative Disneyvia: Movie Munchies

Posted by Alternative Disney on Monday, February 15, 2016

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Your perspective on these Disney classics is probably a bit different now, right? You learned their countries of origin (if you didn’t know them already), and you got to listen to some amazing music along the way! It’s a win-win.

David Frum thinks armed civilians are making cops trigger happy!/AndrewCQuinn/status/363116818296086529

Even Piers “Musket” Morgan has cooled on the push for comprehensive gun control, but David Frum might have stumbled across a new argument to reinvigorate the debate. If fewer people had guns, police might not be so trigger happy.!/anthropocon/status/363116502351749121!/TarheelKrystle/status/363116733680197632!/kesgardner/status/363117283570229249!/TL671/status/363121732564959233!/earldean71/status/363116492360921089!/MrFoPow/status/363114524561260544!/KatMcKinley/status/363115391242862592!/TheH2/status/363116121983295489

Who knows how wide the calming effect might be? If fewer civilians had guns, criminals might be less jumpy too when committing crimes.!/maxjkleber/status/363120798858358785

18 Animals With Ridiculously Misleading Names. Where Did They Come Up With These?

It often feels like everyone in the world is out to trick you. If you think you’re getting a good deal on something, chances are you getting swindled in another way. Of course, we like to use that to our advantage when, say, we turn 29 for the third time.

As it turns out, you can’t even trust animals to tell you the truth anymore. Especially these critters who are all lying to us with their misleading names. Take a look.

1.) Flying Lemurs

They are neither lemurs nor can they fly. Also known as colugos, they were named for their similar features and nocturnal habits, but are closer in relation to primates.

2.) Australian Shepherd

These blue eyed beauties are bred in Europe. Their close relationship to the Australian Basque shepherds gave them their antipodean moniker.

3.) Hedgehog

They have zero relation to pigs or hogs. Their name comes from the discovery that the spiky foragers grunt similarly while hunting.

4.) Red Panda

These adorable animals should have received the name “red raccoons.” They share an equal relation to both raccoons and pandas, but not quite one or the other.

5.) Polecat

These adorable fuzzy faces aren’t related to felines at all. They’re part of the weasel family and were likely named after the French words “poule” and “chat” for their love of poultry.

6.) Koala Bears

Though they look like cuddly teddy bears, koalas are marsupials and more related to kangaroos. But you can’t blame people for wanting to give them a cuddly name.

7.) Sea Lion

Obviously they aren’t lions of the sea, but something called pinnipeds. That means they’re mammals who walk around on their flippers when on land. Their name comes from the thick mane that is often found on their necks, like lions.

8.) Ladybug

These insects aren’t all ladies, and are actually a type of beetle. Their name comes from the Middle Ages when farmers prayed for relief from more nefarious insects eating their crops. When these speckled little bugs came around to eat those jerks, they were given the name “Bug of Our Lady,” referencing the Virgin Mary.

9.) Mountain Goat

Even though they look and sound just like their namesake, these animals are more closely related to antelopes.

10.) Cuttlefish

Nope, it’s not a fish. They’re cephalopods, a species existing for 500 million years. Their internal structure is known as a “cuttlebone,” providing them with their buoyancy and name.

11.) White Rhinos

Their color doesn’t reflect the name, but what makes them unique from other rhinos is the square shape of their mouth.

12.) Fireflies

Named for the “fire” light they emit at night, they are not actually flies. They’re beetles.

13.) Aardwolf

It sounds like the result of an aardvark falling in love with a wolf, but it isn’t related to either of those animals. This is a type of hyena named from the Afrikaans word meaning “earth-wolf.”

14.) Killer Whale

The killer aspect is definitely not a misnomer. As one the largest predators in the ocean, they hunt prey in packs of up to 40. But they’re not whales at all. They’re dolphins.

15.) Geoduck

Pronounced “goo-ee-duc,” these are not actual ducks. Instead, they are a type of clam found in the Pacific Northwest. The misleading name comes from the Nisqually Indian word “qweduc,” which translates to “dig deep.”

16.) Mountain Chicken

This obviously isn’t a chicken. These frogs are one of the world’s most threatened of their species, likely due to their tasty, apparently chicken-flavored meat.

17.) Sea Cucumbers

This cucumber wouldn’t go well in your next salad. The echinoderms come in several shapes and sizes and are closely related to starfish and sea urchins.

18.) Komodo Dragon

Since dragons (sadly) aren’t real, this is nothing more than a large lizard. Its forked tongue inspired the mythical moniker.

(via The Dodo.)

This makes you wonder who we CAN trust in this crazy, mixed up world. Okay, so it might not be that big a deal, but it does make you think about how often we take things like names at face value. Now I want to go back and rename these guys. 

HA! Jonah Goldberg sums up Democrats and why they keep LOSING in ONE perfect tweet

After Ossoff lost, progressive talking heads were front and center pushing the narrative that his loss was actually a win and that people in the south were just too stupid to know they should have voted for him. Seems like a winning strategy, eh?

Because nothing inspires someone to vote for you like telling them they’re not smart enough to know you’re right: