MTP mocked for Buzzfeed panelist and Chuck Todd’s absurd ‘stereotyping’!/flyoverangel/status/513720552532373504

We already knew NBC’s “Meet the Press” was in trouble, but today’s episode serves as further evidence.

Seems like tough times for Meet the Press – today’s panel includes the “Washington bureau chief” for… Buzzfeed.

— Chris Zucker (@cjzxyz) September 21, 2014

No wonder Meet The Press is # 3 in the ratings. They have a Buzzfeed bike messenger on their panel. Get a starched shirt and suit dopey!

— FakeNewsBlues (@FakeNewsBlues) September 21, 2014

Meet the press has a panel member from buzzfeed. Yeah I thought this was a show for educated adults

— Phil Vail (@phildaddy90) September 21, 2014

Just watched the panel on Meet The Press like I was reading the Sunday funnies. Those folks were hilariously out of their skulls. #MTP

— Dana Loves Racing (@DriverAppear) September 21, 2014

It's nice how Meet The Press has an illiterate clown from Buzzfeed on, just in case anyone has a question about lists of pictures.

— Brett Jensen (@BrettJensenITV) September 21, 2014

The show’s genius host, Chuck Todd, decided to divide America between the “Starbucks nation” and the “Chick-fil-A country.”

Dimwit Chuck Todd: Midterms boil down to "Starbucks Nation" vs. "Chick-Fil-A Country." You can't spell "oversimplification" without "MTP!"

— Ben Zelevansky (@BenZelevansky) September 21, 2014

Idiot @chucktodd's election analysis is "Starbucks" versus "Chick-fil-A"? No fucking stereotyping there! #mtp @meetthepress Click!

— RB Blair (@TuxcedoCat) September 21, 2014

But @chucktodd, what happens if you like Starbucks AND Chik-fil-A!?!

— Nacho (@amynacho) September 21, 2014

Chuck Todd divides the USA into "Starbucks nation" and "Chick-Fil-A country." So his plan to save Meet the Press is asinine generalizations.

— Victor Laszlo (@Impolitics) September 21, 2014

More insipid sophistry from Chuck Todd, who splits U.S. into "Starbucks Nation" and "Chick-Fil-A Country"

— John Persinos (@JohnPersinos1) September 21, 2014

Dear @chucktodd: I don't go to Starbucks or Chik-Fil-A. What kind of American am I? #MeetThePress #Stupidity #NBC

— Rebecca Bowers (@rebowers) September 21, 2014

How can you be sure “Meet the Press” is on a downward spiral? When you see tweets like this:

OK, folks are mocking the Starbucks/Chick-Fil-A stuff, but c'mon, this was the best @meetthepress in a long time @chucktodd

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) September 21, 2014

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