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Breaking: Four- to five-alarm fire rages at Houston hotel; multiple injuries reported [pics]; Update: Four firefighters killed!/stephaniesmyth/status/340529872369758209

Firefighters are currently battling a huge fire at a hotel in Houston.!/DFWscanner/status/340527940649508865

The fire may have started in the hotel restaurant:!/KPRCLocal2/status/340526516641357824

More frightening reports and footage, including news of trapped and injured firefighters:!/nancy_guillen2/status/340526289855320065!/HerniseyJohn/status/340530639520555008!/telesara/status/340527762739720192!/BradTatum/status/340531709596545024

Our thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters and everyone affected.!/boothe_cindy/status/340533284150853632

We will continue to monitor this situation and update with developments.



KHOU’s Doug Miller reports that so far, four firefighters have sustained injuries. Two of the firefighters are currently in critical condition:!/DougMillerKHOU/status/340537318387617792

All four have reportedly been taken to hospitals:!/HoustonChron/status/340537732185083904



KHOU’s Miller has amended his initial report of two firefighters being critically injured to four:!/DougMillerKHOU/status/340538140458639360



The Houston Chronicle is reporting that six firefighters were injured:!/MelissAguilar/status/340559467198443520

And that the fire broke out at a restaurant adjacent to the hotel.



Heartbreaking news:!/alertpage/status/340578686153678849

God bless those brave firefighters. May they rest in peace.!/Tlynn96/status/340579024164237312


Mock-tastic! Who did Obama really salute at Kennedy Center Honors? [pic]!/markknoller/status/409860784538148864

As Twitchy reported, President Obama made a lame Area 51 joke at the Kennedy Center Honors gala Sunday. Honorees included Billy Joel, Shirley MacLaine and Carlos Santana.

But wait … it looks like the president’s absolute favorite is missing, no?


Thankfully, Twitter user @CalebHowe got to the bottom of it and helpfully provided a photo for the narcissist in chief:



Obama: ‘I think I just became the first president to ever publicly mention Area 51′

Joan Walsh: ‘Being hoisted with my own petard sure smarts’!/joanwalsh/status/196990781729415170

Isn’t she just precious? She’s totally ignoring it, which is why she’s still talking about it four days later.

Good thing you're not still talking about it RT @joanwalsh My decision about the Malkin Thingy that slimed me last week was to ignore it

— L (@OrwellForks) April 30, 2012

The truth smarts, doesn’t it, Joan? No wonder you aren’t a fan of it. How dare we “slime” you with facts?!

We’re pretty sure one of the reasons that she’s still whining about it four days later is because, no, people did not ignore it. See, people are funny that way. They like being informed of facts. Like the fact that you, Joan, almost single-handedly destroyed the Left’s attempt at faux outrage over Monica Crowley. Kudos, ma’am!

Trying to save face with your fellow travelers now, huh? Only the severely intelligence-deficient will buy it, toots. Like these classy folks.!/DonaldFladjr/status/196992606788534272

@joanwalsh I haven't even heard Michele Malkin's name in some time. I assumed she moved into Glen Beck's basement.

— Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) April 30, 2012

@joanwalsh responding to Michele Malkin is like trying to teach a Gerbil Faust. a waste of time for you both.

— Jon Hartmann (@jonhartmannjazz) April 30, 2012

Yuk, yuk, yuk! How clever. And by clever, we mean super lame and tired.

Here’s a tip: reminding them of your idiocy by pitifully whining and further drawing attention to your dumbassery is not the way to do that. You’re welcome!

‘Well, sh*t’: Quintessentially American reactions to Team USA loss!/funnyordie/status/484103099649253376!/badbanana/status/484104197466365953!/GodzillaSays/status/484105722192338944!/DrewFromTV/status/484102677681274880!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/484106045766524928!/TheBrandonMorse/status/484116197533687808

We’re there.!/iowahawkblog/status/484120112229007360



‘Heroine epidemic’ uncovered by North Carolina newspaper

The good thing about publishing online is that you can easily make corrections to simple things like typos. The bad thing is you can also make stealth edits that alter the entire meaning of your piece and hope no one notices.

Pity the poor copy editor at one of the remaining print newspapers; once it’s in print, it’s in print forever. For example, readers of the Observer News Enterprise in North Carolina were treated this spring to a front-page story about a “heroine epidemic” plaguing Catawba County. We thought it might be a story about concerned mothersfighting drug trafficking, but no, it was just a misspelling.

Hold off on selling your home and moving to Catawba County; it might not be what you expected.

UNHINGED in Hollywood: Actor Kumail Nanjiani has 4-letter message for Donald Trump over #GA06 election

LOL. Actor Kumail Nanjiani is none to pleased with President Trump’s victory tweet over Tuesday’s special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district:

Michael Moore thinks NBC drama ‘jumped the shark’ with OWS portrayal!/MMFlint/status/400748114828886016

Michael Moore is always careful to avoid inaccurate portrayals or false accusations against the Tea Party (wait, never mind), and he didn’t like what he perceived as an unfair criticism of Occupy Wall Street on network television.!/CSnowdeal/status/400753813700620290!/mjmohr24/status/400750415207079936

This Instagram Account Is Literally Your Mother

Instagrammer @CrazyJewishMom might possibly have a lock on overbearing moms.

1. Before there were helicopter parents, there was Kate Siegel’s mom.

3. Yes, Kate Siegel’s mom is a real person, and yes, these are really her daily text messages to her daughter. Kate shares them with the internet via her Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom.

5. Kate’s mom gives her valuable fashion advice…

7. Beauty advice…

9. Relationship advice…

11. Workout advice…

13. … And of course, diet advice.

15. BuzzFeed Life caught up with Kate, ostensibly to hear her story, but mostly to get her advice on how to practice this brand of zen with our own mothers.

17. According to Kate, her mom has always been a tad overbearing, so it’s a learned art.

“Oh, she’s been a lunatic since birth,” Kate told BuzzFeed Life. “Well, since my birth at least. An example: When I moved to New York… she moved too. Uprooted the whole family (dad, five dogs, and two cats), and shipped them from Los Angeles to the East Coast. You know, ‘in case of emergencies.'”

19. The unmarried albatross around her mom’s neck says that she decided to start posting her mother’s sage advice on social media because “Instagram is cheaper than therapy.”

21. Like the rest of us, Kate fears turning in to her mom. “It keeps me up at night,” she laments, “but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the inevitability.”

23. If it does happen, Kate’s got a few things to look forward to. Her mom is a master troll.

27. She wields her social media like a weapon.

29. And you could never call her unsupportive.

31. Kate’s not the only one her mom texts with advice. Her boyfriend has recently been indoctrinated as well.

Something tells us he’s going to do just fine.

33. But what about the mama bear herself? Does Kate’s mom know she’s quickly becoming internet famous?

“My mother knows I’m posting, but she’s terrible at the internet, so I don’t think she fully understands how often and the scope. That said, she LOVES it. She thinks it’s all fantastic advice, stands by every word, and is happy that others are benefiting from her wisdom.”

34. So are we, Kate’s mom. So are we.