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New tone! Ron Perlman wants someone to ‘punch Darrell Issa in the mouth’!/perlmutations/status/358688656577404928

And speaking of everything that’s wrong with America … unhinged “Hellboy” actor Ron Perlman suggests our darkest days won’t pass until somebody punches GOP Rep. Darrell Issa in the mouth. Every single day. Civility!

Btw, every day somebody doesn't punch #DarrelIssa in the mouth is a dark day in #America!!
But I digress…Whudda we want?
#BringBackMotown!— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) July 20, 2013

We’re pretty sure Perlman is no match for the Issa-stache.

But, of course, he’s not the brightest bulb in the Hollyweird Obama marquee (or sadly, maybe he is). Take a glimpse inside the mind of Perlman:

I would like to be [neurally] linked with Obama.  I think he’s the smartest dude in the world,  and he’s always the coolest dude in the room.  He has a vision of how he’s trying to steer the country and there’s a certain nobility to it.  I don’t have his kind of discipline cuz when I hate, I hate big.  But Obama just has this even keel that’s amazing, but he’s still very passionate.  He’s egoless.   I don’t think he aspired to be a powerful man, I think he aspired to make a difference.

Perlman would like to share a neural link with Obama, the “smartest,” most “egoless” guy in the world? That explains so much.

Dude. Please don’t be satire. We’re filing this one under “too good to check.”

College GameDay viewers wonder why Katy Perry was on ESPN [video]!/redsteeze/status/518458290121216000

Katy Perry sitting next to Lee Corso on the College Game Day set on ESPN. In America, anything is truly possible.

— Scott Rabalais (@RabalaisAdv) October 4, 2014

ESPN’s College GameDay was at Ole Miss today, and so was Katie Perry:


— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) October 4, 2014

VIDEO: 'Did you say LSU or LS-PEW?' Katy Perry uses corn dogs to pick Auburn over LSU:

— The War Eagle Reader (@wareaglereader) October 4, 2014

HOT HOT HOT ::::> Katy Perry's football predictions on ESPN College Gameday

— MarcusTheKatyCatMan (@marcusb929) October 4, 2014

Many of ESPN’s College GameDay faithful weren’t impressed:

Katy Perry guest picking on Gameday embodies everything I hate about ESPN.

— Eric (@rugggggg) October 4, 2014

Dear espn, I don't care who Katy Perry picked to win this game. Katy Perry picked Russell Brand.

— Matt Van Dine (@ScrewstonAg) October 4, 2014

ESPN announcers talking about Katy Perry is as awkward as your dad talking about the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.

— Brother Rick (@RickMuscles) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry please get off ESPN, you're making everyone uncomfortable.

— stephanie smith (@StepOnMeSmith) October 4, 2014

ESPN Gameday lost some cool points bringing Katy Perry on set. Surprised she wasn't wearing her lame hipster headdress #realtalk

— Scooter (@polndnjunkie) October 4, 2014

Someone get Katy Perry off ESPN #SaturdaySelections

— Yeff (@GerlicaJ10) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry looks absolutely stupid at #SaturdaySelections. Screw you, @espn. Between this and your @nhra coverage, why do you exist?

— Wade M (@kaleysdad) October 4, 2014

Hate that Katy Perry was the guest picker this morning. I think ESPN is losing sight of what they should be focused on, COVERING SPORTS!!!!

— Austin Solheim (@ajsolheim) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry being on college day game just strengthens why @espn is a joke

— Brett Krysan (@Earl_DaSquirrel) October 4, 2014

Please never let Katy Perry back on an ESPN set again. Thanks.

— Payne Roberts (@PayneHRoberts) October 4, 2014

Why is Katy Perry on College GameDay looking like a pink big bird? Know your audience ESPN, it's not Katy Perry fans

— Brandon Hyer (@aHyerPower) October 4, 2014

Man, this Katy Perry hit on ESPN Gameday is absolutely brutal.

— Kendall Rogers (@KendallRogersPG) October 4, 2014

Did anyone else see Katy Perry on ESPN earlier for college game day? I like her but she was obnoxious #TeamTooMuch

— Kelsey (@KelseyHandler21) October 4, 2014

If you watched Katy Perry pick games based on helmet color, remember that ESPN suspended @BillSimmons for lack of journalistic integrity.

— Jared Carter (@JaredLCarter) October 4, 2014

Why the hell is Katy Perry the guest picker on #CollegeGameday. I wanna hear from someone who knows sports and football, not her #ESPN

— Chicks Love Me (@TheBroChad) October 4, 2014

Why the HELL is Katy Perry on #CollegeGameday ? Like ESPN what the hell? No don't get someone normal or someone who likes sports.

— Audra Smith (@AudraLSmith) October 4, 2014

Oh my God, @ESPN, how the HELL did you allow Katy Perry to be your celeb picker on Game Day? Seriously. Awful. #saturdayselections

— ksimonetti (@ksimonetti) October 4, 2014

Well now I know what Katy Perry looks like. Good grief, ESPN. Ridiculous. #joke

— Jag (@Bama1Jag) October 4, 2014

Dear @espn please get Katy Perry the hell up off Gameday.

— Thomas Lamey (@ThomasLamey1) October 4, 2014

ESPN did get some kudos for having Perry on GameDay:

Katy Perry is a terrible musician, but she's a great "personality". This is genuinely entertaining. Good call, ESPN.

— Poseur (@ATVSPoseur) October 4, 2014

ESPN should just sign Katy Perry to a full time analyst position. Not much football knowledge, never been to a game, but damn entertaining.

— Randy Janinda (@janinda) October 4, 2014

@espn having Katie perry on game day was brilliant! She is like a breath of fresh are and funny as hell.

— kathleen canizaro (@katcan717) October 4, 2014

Bottom line:

Katy Perry is throwing corndogs. And like it or not, based on Twitter attention, ESPN probably just had one of its best guest pickers ever.

— Geoff Grammer (@GeoffGrammer) October 4, 2014

"Why is Katy Perry" is now trending. This is how ESPN gets viewers. So, mission accomplished.

— Roehl Sybing (@roehlteacher) October 4, 2014

Can we just get back to the games now?

WATCH: WWE star Shane McMahon jumps off cage and smashes a table at #WrestleMania –

Tonight is Wrestlemania 32 at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas and one of the marquee match-ups was between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker.

We’re not entirely sure what happened right before the events in this clip, but apparently that’s McMahon on top of the cage attempting to kill the Undertaker, who is laid out on the table below. The Undertaker — surprise! — moves out of the way at the last second, but McMahon’s crash is still fun to watch.

Here’s the video:


Here’s a shorter version:


Is he dead?


The Underaker went on to get the victory:


While McMahon got taken out on a stretcher:


Phew — not dead.

Nick Diaz suspended one year for smoking pot!/robgut155/status/204689995808784385

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended former UFC champion Nick Diaz for 12 months and fined him $60,000. Diaz tested positive for marijuana following his controversial unanimous decision loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

Considering fighters who test positive for steroids don’t even face such harsh penalties, getting suspended for a full year for marijuana seems a little steep.

The NSAC just took 30 percent of Diaz's purse from the Condit fight for smoking pot but said Chael can continue to use Steriods. WTF!

— Conor Heun (@ConorHeun) May 21, 2012

What a bizarre end to the saga. Gotta wonder if Nick's punishment wouldn't have been so harsh had he not taken NSAC to court. Tough break.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) May 21, 2012!/ThisCharmMan/status/204686166451167232

Nick Diaz smokes weed a week before the fight and gets banned for a year and a huge fine. I don't support drug use, but that's asinine.

— Matt Bishop (@mbish86) May 21, 2012

We’re guessing his cocky attitude probably didn’t help matters.

Late to the game: Paul Ryan endorses Romney!/pdoocy/status/185701713041309696

Although it’s no longer as significant as it would have been six months ago, Rep. Paul Ryan has officially endorsed Mitt Romney. He made the announcement on “Fox and Friends” this morning saying, “I’m convinced Mitt Romney is the best guy to do it.”

Here’s the endorsement if you missed it:

White House remembers Grand Canyon Park anniversary in predictable way [pic]!/DefinitionOfFaF/status/438838075276681216

Just because we’ve become accustomed to the White House Twitter feed inserting pictures of President Obama in tweets that are supposedly honoring anniversaries and birthdays of people, places and things otherwise unrelated to the president doesn’t mean they ever cease to amuse:!/WhiteHouse/status/438821119139651584

Why break precedent?!/AaronWorthing/status/439059925818675200

The metaphor of the backdrop might have made it a little more appropriate for Obama to appear in the photo:!/hale_razor/status/438833162496405504


Aussies, World obsessed with ‘One Direction’!/AmusingSwift/status/188781910208688129

Louis and Zayn are getting chased by Aussie fans through the streets, and Paul's running after them. And now Paul is getting chased by fans.

— leeroy hMMM (@TornFor1Dx) April 10, 2012

'one day in australia has made up for 3 months in america.'

— Jenna Doyle (@_jennadoyle) April 10, 2012

Louis and Zayn after arriving in Sydney

— 1Dupdates (@1Dupdates2) April 9, 2012!/BelinaZM1D/status/189678307581759489

On the first day of @OneDirection tour, Australia gave to me, The boys swimming half nakieeeee #SmallzysSurgery

— Nova 96.9 (@nova969) April 10, 2012 << where Louis and zayn ended up after being chased by fans- hahahaaa

— ~ immy ~ (@immykeys) April 10, 2012

On a first day in Australia you'd think boys would relax, chat and have a few beers. Liam Payne though? He goes fishing.

— laura (@_lxura) April 10, 2012

He Walked Into His Kid’s Room And Caught His Older Child Doing Something So Cute

Big brothers are notorious for being, well, big jerks sometimes.

I could go on for hours about how my older brother mercilessly teased me, tricked me into believing things that weren’t true, and made me the target of all his mean practical jokes. Like most people with siblings, I know that’s just part of having a brother, but I sure would’ve appreciated it if he’d taken a page out of this teen’s book.

When David Fairbanks heard what his 14-year-old son, Logan, was saying to his other two-year-old son, Peyton, as the little boy was getting ready to go to sleep, he knew couldn’t keep it to himself and decided to record the adorable interaction for the world to see.

Watch as Logan uses Peyton’s assortment of stuffed animals to tell him a bedtime story. This is too cute!

Logan is such a sweet brother. Be sure to share if you wish all siblings were as nice as he is!

Layoffs at cable news net sparks ‘new careers for fired CNN reporters’ hashtag!/Mayortommm/status/426475384083709952

At the end of 2013, CNN and HLN reportedly laid off dozens of journalists:!/NolteNC/status/426403697032036353

As often is the case, Twitter users were there to help, and the hashtag #NewCareersForFiredCNNReporters was born.

Here’s one possible career option for laid off CNN reporters, with a potential stumbling block:!/DiannyRants/status/426444001802084353!/TheMorningSpew/status/426440788931661824

Many other possible careers were suggested:!/hollyrn2/status/426472515196571648!/AssTales/status/426441000974692352!/WMDOwl/status/426475548802424832!/LibsBeLike/status/426447440724905984!/StevenJBurns/status/426442010849845248!/Major_Skidmark/status/426442023176908800!/TheMorningSpew/status/426448333628923905!/flappdoodle_01/status/426472209515675648

But not everybody saw the humor in this hashtag:!/RDofJE/status/426463975132250112