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‘Holy crap’: Hindsight exposes team Obama’s hat-trick of failure!/redsteeze/status/476876670427996160

The beauty of Twitter is that it often gives people just enough rope to hang themselves. Especially if you’re an operative for a “say anything to win” campaign.

With all the turmoil around the globe, people are revisiting the foreign policy debates of the 2012 presidential campaign. Shocker: the Obama flacks who mocked Mitt Romney’s warnings about our enemies look pretty silly now. There is no shortage of people rubbing it in either.!/OFATruthTeam/status/260375172303962114!/fritzmorton/status/476877687051399168!/TheRightWingM/status/476875429291507712

Al Qaida, Russia, and Iraq. Oh my. A hat-trick of fail with one tweet.

But there’s more.!/DrDowder/status/476881720751312896!/thesavvy/status/476883887080370176


It wasn’t just the OFA hacks. Remember this creepy dude?!/OriKeinan/status/476873513136324608!/Stormcrow6/status/476881433215004672!/BarackObama/status/256809480585637888!/BarackObama/status/255797463317901312!/instapundit/status/476871261541642240

And then there’s Piers Morgan.!/forewit/status/476875569196695552




Is al-Qaida ‘on the run’? Laura Ingraham suggests possible spin for Obama admin

‘We’re screwed’: Obama won’t concede Romney was right, writes off Russia as ‘regional power

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The NYT is totally ‘pro-skirt’ … ‘now where’s my sammich?’ [Photoshop]!/RBPundit/status/466893944862040064

Amazing: We had the same dream.

The New York Times fired Jill Abramson from her position as executive editor and the New York Times is on it … sort of:!/mkhammer/status/466859149306134528

The pesky questions about whether the oh-so-feminist Times paid Abramson less than her male predecessor and a male deputy managing editor are being covered elsewhere.!/NoahCRothman/status/466919213685555200!/CuffyMeh/status/466908320566358017

But don’t worry, guys. The sanctimonious NYT’s “editorial position is still pro-skirt.” Who ordered the schadenfreude stew with a side of giggles? Photoshopper @Slublog at your service:!/Slublog/status/466739713337204736


‘War on women is coming from inside the house!’ John Ekdahl re-tweets NYT pay equity sanctimony

‘How great is this?!’ Jim Geraghty reminds NYT of headline they can re-use for Jill Abramson story

‘Pass the popcorn’: Jill Abramson reportedly discovered pay ‘considerably less’ than male predecessor

‘Need to follow some new people’: Jill Abramson’s NYT exit fills Twitter feeds with journo buzz

This Girl Was Sick Of Her Tiny City Apartment Balcony. Wait Til You See What She Did To It.

Some might think that the outdoor deck in your apartment is just a waste of space. After all, you’re never out there, and it takes up space you’d love to add to your bedroom. But have you ever actually thought of how you could put it to better use? Well this Portlandian was inspired one day after complaining about Big City livin’ and the result is awesome-sauce. Check it out:

She always wanted a backyard, so her roommate surprised her with one. The cat was not impressed 😉

First she lined the balcony with a tarp for easy cleanup, then she spread some soil.

She then put a small fence to stop that lovely cat from trying to climb through the bars.

She rolled out the sod and gave it some water and they lined up some extra plants.

And of course, a chair was added, i.e., relax station.

Project complete!

2 months later, lawn is still going great, with only one small dead spot where everyone stands the most.

According to them, they let the grass grow without interruption.

Unless it gets to be too much, and only then do they break out scissors.

Add in a few lights, and you’ve got a great place to chillaxe.

How cool is that? Well I know what my weekend project is going to be. Toughest part now is getting MY roommate to agree 😉 Source: Imgur via Reddit

BuzzFeed still pushing bogus story about Newtown ‘hecklers’; Updated!/BuzzFeed/status/296513108141301760

Journalistic integrity, BuzzFeed-style: Twelve hours after Twitchy broke the story of how the left-wing media lied about the “heckling” of a Newtown dad by “gun nuts,” BuzzFeed is still clinging bitterly to the repulsive heckler narrative.

At 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday, BuzzFeed pimped its false story again. No correction, no retraction and the story is still titled “Pro-Gun Hecklers Shout At Father Who Lost Son In Newtown.” The only change was a pathetic CYA attempt: an update at the very end with the unedited video and the text, “Listen to Heslin’s full comments here.”

Unsurprisingly, readers continue to trust the false headline:

Psychos! No one NEEDS Military style assault weapons. RT @buzzfeed: Hecklers Shout At Newtown Father During Gun Hearing

— Lisa (@LeeLee76) January 30, 2013

Some in-bred American’s hit an all time low RT @buzzfeed: Hecklers Shout At Newtown Father During Gun Hearing

— Martin McBrearty (@_myello_) January 30, 2013

Unbelievable RT @_myello_: in-bred hit an all time low RT @buzzfeed: Hecklers Shout @ Newtown Father During Gun Hearing

— Nick Wood (@thewhitewood) January 30, 2013

Slate and The Week admitted that Neil Heslin wasn’t heckled during his testimony at a Connecticut legislative meeting. After being called out by Twitchy’s Michelle Malkin and others, Anderson Cooper acknowledged that Heslin “asked for response and audiences members gave it.”

But BuzzFeed joins the pathetic liars like MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell in refusing to acknowledge the beat-you-over-the-head-obvious truth evident in the full video of the testimony — that Heslin asked a question, paused for a response and received answers the media didn’t like.

@buzzfeed where in the full video was Neil Heslin heckled? Looks to me like you are totally full of shit and just lying about this…

— Troy X Holmes (@troyxholmes) January 30, 2013

@buzzfeed @jtes wow. How are you still calling it “heckling?” Be responsible and watch the full video of his remarks at

— Jason Howerton (@jason_howerton) January 30, 2013

@jason_howerton I can’t believe how @buzzfeed & @jtes have distorted this story. I watched the testimony. Not heckling.NOT AT ALL. #shame

— Nicholas Augusta (@naugusta) January 30, 2013

Next on BuzzFeed: 43 kittens in teacups shame the Newtown hecklers.


BuzzFeed added another update this morning. No correction, no retraction, just some pathetic faux-fence-straddling designed to absolve the reporter of responsibility for the error:

Gun rights advocates and others have suggested Heslin was not heckled, since the crowd was responding to a question Heslin asked. Others counter that Heslin’s question was rhetorical. But around the 15 minute mark you can hear shouts such as “Second Amendment” interrupting Heslin’s testimony. An official can then be heard reprimanding those who were yelling.

See, the facts are totally open to interpretation, according to BuzzFeed, but the right interpretation is that Heslin was “heckled” by people “interrupting” his testimony. Hence, BuzzFeed’s refusal to update the title or issue a correction.

Our response? Some have suggested BuzzFeed reporters are a bunch of crapweasels. Others counter they are more accurately described as douchenozzles.


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Reuters editor who got Newtown ‘heckling’ story wrong goes on factually-challenged anti-Twitchy rant

Outrageous: How the left-wing media lied about Newtown ‘hecklers’

Brilliant: Conservative blogger dons a (D) to avoid media scrutiny!/RBPundit/status/278960108162125827

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! That’s the philosophy blogger RB is subscribing to today. Fed up with the media’s ridiculous double standards when it comes to documenting liberals and Dems behaving badly, he opted to acquire a (D) of his own, thereby rendering him immune from any and all criticism:

I’ve added a (D) next to my name. Now anything I do will be ignored by the media (or explained away.)

— RB (D) (@RBPundit) December 12, 2012

Obama is a jackass! (But it’s okay… I have a D next to my name, racists.) #tcot #p2

— RB (D) (@RBPundit) December 12, 2012

Man, this is liberating.

— RB (D) (@RBPundit) December 12, 2012

Let’s be real. Mrs. Obama does have a rather large can. (It’s okay, though. I’m a Democrat. I can say this.)

— RB (D) (@RBPundit) December 12, 2012

It’s OK, @jim_moran. I have a (D) next to my name (like you do). The media won’t notice what I say (or they’ll explain it away). NICE, huh?

— RB (D) (@RBPundit) December 12, 2012

Exactly. When you’re a Democrat, it’s totally cool to be “embarrassed” that your thugly son is following in your footsteps and beating up women. In fact, it makes you even more awesome!

Other conservative Twitterers are following suit and rejoicing in their newfound freedom:

@rbpundit you can’t be racist. #thepowerofD

— James Chandler (@Chandlej) December 12, 2012

Isn’t it glorious? It’s like being reborn!

Great idea MT @rbpundit: having a (D) next to your name grants you immunity from being held responsible for hiring prostitutes and illegals.

— Greg Wolkins (D) (@gregwolkins) December 12, 2012

@gregwolkins Can I put a (D) next to my non slave name and get immunity? @toure reference 🙂 @rbpundit

— Kënt (D-TX) (@badfr0g) December 12, 2012

Knock yourself out! And your girlfriend, too, while you’re at it. After all, you’re now shielded by your trusty (D).

What the Hell…I’m in RT“@rbpundit: I’ve added a (D) next to my name. Now anything I do will be ignored by the media (or explained away.)”

— Deep Blue (D) (@WildcatDM) December 12, 2012

Done @keder @rbpundit

— Kurtis Marsh (D) (@kurtismarsh) December 12, 2012

@rbpundit Niiice 😀

— Mitchell (D) (@EnasYorl) December 12, 2012

Following the advice of @rbpundit, I’m adding a (D) to my twitter name. Now I can get away with all kinds of illegal shit!

— EEÉ (D) (@EEElverhoy) December 12, 2012

New idea from @rbpundit place a (D) by your name and you can get away with anything. Feel free to now cheat, lie, and steal for the cause!

— Chris (D)(@csbarron4) December 12, 2012

@rbpundit Excellent idea. Just put a (D) beside my name. Now I shall proceed to “forget” to pay all my taxes.

— Kimberly C (D) (@conkc2) December 12, 2012

Not to worry — you’re protected!

@rbpundit now I suddenly have the urge to jump in a tree and fling poo at anyone who disagrees with me.

— Deep Blue (D) (@WildcatDM) December 12, 2012

@suziqleigh @rbpundit I can hire illegal immigrants, prostitutes, drive women off bridges.

— EEÉ (D) (@EEElverhoy) December 12, 2012

The possibilities are endless!

I like @rbpundit‘s idea. I’m going to put a D by my name so I can start pooping on stuff and the media will say I’m a hero.

— Eric(@eriContrarian) December 12, 2012

Just hired a guy. Was going to ask his immigration status, then remembered, “Hey! I have a (D) in my name! No check needed!”

— EEÉ (D) (@EEElverhoy) December 12, 2012

@rbpundit: Look I just added a (D) after my name. I’m going to open a whorehouse and the media will say I’m a clever businesswoman.

— NillaLatte (D) (@nillalatte) December 12, 2012

I’d like to thank @rbpundit (D) for giving me the courage to come out as a huge lib. So free now! Also, pay up.

— Loren (a Huge Lib) (@lheal) December 12, 2012

I can now send young women pictures of my dick over Twitter and blame it on conservative hackers. And the media will nod and smile. #Hero

— Eric(@eriContrarian) December 12, 2012

That’s right. Here, have a candy bar! You’ve earned it.

For a clean sweep!

Sakshi Tanwar, Drishti Dhami, Deepika Singh, Jennifer Winget and Rashmi Desai, the leading actresses of Indian television were recently seen on a common platform. No it was not a award ceremony. They

These Photos Of Stillborn Babies Are Both Beautiful And Incredibly Heartbreaking

One in five women have a pregnancy that ends in miscarriage, yet the subject is rarely discussed in the mainstream. Many feel that they have to hide what happened, which only compounds their feelings of grief and loss.

Last year, a dear friend of mine had a miscarriage…and another…and then another. As I went through the grieving process with her, I couldn’t believe how many women were coming out of the woodwork to say that the same thing happened to them. In fact, we learned that 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first 20 weeks. Why, then, does no one talk about it?

The U.K.-based organization Remember My Baby is seeking to change that. Rather than shun the topic, they are giving parents the chance to celebrate and memorialize their babies with professional photography. Each photo shoot is done on a volunteer basis, and the results are just as beautiful as they are heartbreaking.

When parents lose their babies before, during, or after birth, they are left with little to remember them by.

Remember My Baby is changing that by offering beautiful professional photo shoots, 100 percent free of charge.

When a baby is stillborn and the family is interested in a remembrance photo shoot, participating hospitals and birthing centers contact Remember My Baby. Then, a volunteer photographer visits the family to take the photos.


As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Obama campaign moved swiftly to capitalize on the president’s gay marriage flip-floppery

But not only is he turning a profit from all that pesky “evolution” pandering, he’s co-opting the gay pride movement for his own political ends.

Gay pride, gay schmide. It’s all about Obama pride now, baby!

You want to know what "Obama Pride" is? Obama co-opts gay pride. Everything is about the Dear Leader after all.

— Skip Dunn (@NonStopSite) May 11, 2012

@SRGrapevine Prepare to celebrate "Obama Days" and "Obama Pride Parades." All will have to play golf to celebrate while others starve.

— Michael Brandenburg (@mbrandenburg37) May 11, 2012

Shorter Obama: Thanks for serving your purpose, gays. Now let’s get back to me.