Barbara Boxer trivializes abortion as a ‘health decision’!/BarbaraBoxer/status/293848282239729665

“Pro-choice” libs are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and Senator Ma’am isn’t one to miss out on a femme-fest. She took to Twitter this afternoon to show her support for women who elect to kill their unborn children.

While Boxer has made no secret of her steadfast support of infanticide, pro-life advocates were nevertheless disgusted by today’s display:

@barbaraboxer Celebrating the right to destroy the defenseless? There surely is NOTHING to celebrate in an abortion. Everyone loses. #SAD

— mesamps (@mesamps) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer glad you find jamming a scissor into a baby’s head a “womans health issue” not even a souless lib can believe your spin

— tgnoble (@tgnoble) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer How exactly do you “celebrate” the deaths ofmillions of innocent babies, Senator? Your tweet is repugnant. #prolife #roe40

— Lisa Nuzzi (@ljnuzzi) January 22, 2013

Her celebratory fawning over Roe v. Wade is offensive enough, but what makes it even more despicable is her trivialization of abortion as a “health decision”:

.@barbaraboxer an abortion is not a health decision.#RightToChoose all you want, but health has nothing to do with it.

— TED #teamIDF (@nvm624) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer Yet you voted for #Obamacare which will take so many of our health decisions away, putting them in the hands of bureaucrats

— Claire Mahoney (@TaggertGirl) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer 50+ million dead children, that is a health decision. Can you tell me which of those children wouldn’t contribute to society.

— Jacob Botzman (@JacobBotzman) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer You take joy in death? My mom had me when she was 16. If you had your way I wouldn’t be here. I won’t call you a name, but wow

— Galt’s Gultch (@jesthe3rd) January 22, 2013

@barbaraboxer terminating an unborn child is a “health decision”? For who – the woman or the unborn child? #Roe40Chat #prolife

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) January 22, 2013

Pregnancy isn’t an illness, Senator, and aborting a child isn’t just a “health decision”; it’s about morals.