‘KASICHMENTUM!’ Guess who’s in last place in the latest Michigan polls


The Hill cites two polls in the article. The first is from the Detroit Free Press which has the race at 29% for Trump with Cruz at 19%, Rubio at 18%, Kasich at 8% and Carson at 7%.A second poll from Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell Research & Communications has Trump leading with39% of the vote followed by Rubio at 19%, Cruz at 14% and Kasich at 12%.

It was just a few days ago that Kasich’s chief strategist was telling everybody that it was Rubio who was stealing Kasich’s votes:

And that Rubio had “flopped”:

And that race was headed to Kasich’s “home turf”:

Oops. Time to go, governor:

Here’s the latest average of polls from Real Clear Politics, excluding the one from the Detroit Free Press: