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Heh: Are Iowa Dems sure this mock-worthy photo is worth sharing? [pic]!/JoeC_Esquire/status/459898471185534976

On Friday, RedState editor and radio host Erick Erickson moderated The Family Leader’s U.S. Senate Family Forum in Iowa. The Iowa Democratic Party developed a case of the sads and sent a super-impressive group of protesters that numbered in the ones.!/iowademocrats/status/459834348762857473

The Iowa Dems released this statement:

“It’s shameful that instead of standing up to intolerance tonight, Republicans all chose to stand on stage with it,” said IDP Chairman Scott Brennan. “Erick Erickson represents the fringe of the Republican Party that thrives on fear, ignorance and obstructionism, but that’s the exact type of Senator these Republicans want to be. The GOP candidates have now moved so far to the right, it’s hard for Iowa’s working families to even see them anymore.”

It looks like Erickson will manage to recover from that devastating blow:!/EWErickson/status/459834514614022144

Bless their hearts. The Iowa Dems shared that photo on purpose.!/mattbramanti/status/459834998120796160!/mattbramanti/status/459836988284477440!/RennaW/status/459835404750159872!/BrianFaughnan/status/459834749448904705

Thanks, Iowa Dems!!/EWErickson/status/459897864681189376

Marie Claire mag skewered for absurd jab at Candace Cameron Bure!/Cry4Liberty/status/421086879996735489

As Twitchy reported, actress Candace Cameron Bure responded to feminist attacks on her marriage with a kick-ass photo.!/candacecbure/status/421180428095995904

In her book, Bure writes, “I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work.”

Keyword: “Chose.”

Bure embraces the biblical definition of “submissive” and said, “It is not weakness. It’s strength under control. It’s bridled strength.” That’s a choice that doesn’t get the stamp of approval from the supposedly “pro-choice” Left.

As we noted on Wednesday, this tweet from “women’s magazine” Marie Claire was among the feminist freak-outs.!/marieclaire/status/420671915418611712

A billion!!111!!eleventy!!11!

Marie Claire followed up that tweet with this one:!/marieclaire/status/420672872885915648

Candace Cameron Bure is setting women back “approximately a billion years” by determining what works best for her family, but “Girls” actress Lena Dunham? #GoGirl! Predictable.!/BlondeNY/status/421120365218496512

Pass the barf bag and take a look at some of the other things that really “matter to women,” as determined by Marie Claire.!/nataliees_09/status/421288357550108672!/marieclaire/status/413817270549635072!/marieclaire/status/386225713285963776

Last but not least, a retweet of Planned Parenthood:!/marieclaire/status/386243216149725186

Marie Claire as an arbiter of what’s good for women? What. A. Joke.!/GayleBfromSoCal/status/421097982524538880!/hkamia/status/421076275919613952!/Votegoat1/status/421132246297227265!/blessedboymama/status/421084590229319681!/Mommy4Cocktails/status/421110876562018304

? POTUS predicts Obamacare will be ‘monumental achievement’!/markknoller/status/434354634136645633

The nerve of this guy. Seriously. Check out what he said this morning to the House Democratic Issues Conference:!/JimAcostaCNN/status/434354685492088832!/dsupervilleap/status/434354691015577601!/petermaercbs/status/434355329711624193

In what universe, Mr. President? Sheesh.!/JohnEkdahl/status/434355011485589504


Good point.!/Car_Kaye/status/434354577131835393

Train. Wreck.



WTH, Obama? Obamacare train wreck just a little ‘fumbled’ football, guys

Chipper Jones rescues stranded Braves player Freddie Freeman [pics]!/RealCJ10/status/428385836053581825

A rare winter storm turned the Atlanta area into a not-so-hot mess on Tuesday, with hundreds of automobile accidents and abandoned cars and thousands of stranded residents.!/WCL_Shawn/status/428536232030003200

This morning, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution headline reported, “Gridlock continues as unspeakably horrible commute home stretches into second day.” The nightmare still isn’t over for some.!/NewsBreaker/status/428558014669283328

Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was among those stranded.!/FreddieFreeman5/status/428325280286244864

He lucked out with a gridlock-rescue from retired Braves player Chipper Jones and his four-wheeler.!/lilgeorgiapeach/status/428377119530684416

That tweet was from Jones’ girlfriend, former Playmate Taylor Higgins.!/FreddieFreeman5/status/428386838509010944

Love the camo!!/RealCJ10/status/428387515385786368

For real!!/FreddieFreeman5/status/428389085280223233

Freeman says he arrived home after 11 hours.!/FreddieFreeman5/status/428409542637264896


Atlanta interstate bears uncanny resemblance to scene from ‘The Walking Dead’

(Hat tip: Lynn in Cumming, Georgia)

Wiz Khalifa celebrates National Weed Day!/RealWizKhalifa/status/193325088421056513

We noted earlier that today is National Weed Day, and rapper Wiz Khalifa seems to be taking full advantage of it.

Happy 4/20!!! Happy Every Stoners Birthday!

— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) April 20, 2012

Happy 4/20!!! Happy Every Stoners Birthday!

— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) April 20, 2012

Im Gonna Be Tweetin Pictures Of Weed All Day. Don't Mind Me 🙂

— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) April 20, 2012

Hippie Niggas

— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) April 20, 2012


— We Dem Boyz (@wizkhalifa) April 20, 2012

This Baby Giraffe And Infant Elephant Are The Cutest Best Friends You’ll Ever See

One of my favorite things in the world is when two animals who normally wouldn’t be friends become the best of buds. We’ve seen plenty of cases of dogs and cats doing just that, but it’s not often that you see giraffes and elephants becoming inseparable.

At David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust‘s orphanage in Kenya, a three-week-old elephant called Loboito has become completely attached to a baby giraffe named Kiko, so much so that he follows his much taller friend everywhere.

The magical friendship started after Kiko (a mere one-week-old at the time) was found abandoned in Meru National Park. After being brought to the orphanage, he was made to sleep with the baby elephants as he was much too small to sleep in the giraffe stable.

While their friendship may not last when the pair grows older and they start hanging around their own kin, it’s nice to know that these two orphans have someone to lean on for now. Although, poor Kiko might fall over if Loboito leans on him too much!

Shameful: The Onion reports John McCain’s onstage ‘suicide’!/TheOnion/status/240962735792345088

The Onion is known for satire so sharp that it fools even smarter-than-thou liberals. Hopefully no one falls for this “joke,” published to coincide with Sen. McCain’s address to the RNC, which fell flat with anyone with a bit of class left.

“Folks, I can’t do this. I just can’t do this anymore.” – John McCain before committing suicide at the RNC

— The Onion (@TheOnion) August 30, 2012

poor form, onion. keep it classy over there.

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) August 30, 2012

The Onion has gone completely off the leash. Like, completely.

— Angus Johnston (@studentactivism) August 30, 2012

Even for satire that goes a bit too far. RT @TheOnion: BREAKING: John McCain Just Blew His Brains Out During RNC Speech

— EEE (@EEElverhoy) August 30, 2012

love the onion, but really uncool…RT @TheOnion: BREAKING: John McCain Just Blew His Brains Out During RNC Speech

— Randy Collack (@schmengieBG) August 30, 2012

NOT FUNNY!“@TheOnion: “Folks, I can’t do this. I just can’t do this anymore.” –John McCain b4 committing suicide @ RNC

— Wife of Khan (@smartmom03) August 30, 2012

Seriously, not funny — especially when the retweets strip out the source of the “humor.”

When Animals Have Perfectly Startling Timing, This Hilarity Happens

It’s always hilarious when you’re able to time a prank so perfectly that the prankee spills the cereal they were holding all down the front of their shirt. The bigger the mess, the better. The best pranksters out there, though, might be our furry, bug-eyed, or even scaly counterparts. They’re unpredictable, and you never know what kind of mood they’re going to be in.

These animals have got the spook down…

“BOO! Ha, gotcha.”

If only these animals could give me tips on how to spook my roommates.

99% of people who visit Nevada’s ACA website end up not applying for a plan!/NVHealthLink/status/403670412615118848

Wow, don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back so hard!

Last time we checked, only 1 in 4 Nevadans who selected a Obamacare plan had actually sent in a check (513 paid enrollees out of 1,997 people who had selected plans).

If that pattern still holds, Nevada’s Obamacare program has a total of about 750 paid enrollees.

Meanwhile, more than 24,600 Nevadans have received cancellation notices so far.!/JodiStephens/status/398887594315902976