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What He Did With A Bottle Of Water Is A Reminder That All Animals Deserve Our Help

Southern India is facing a serious drought right now with people and animals alike being affected by the water shortage.

Most of us imagine ourselves as being ready to jump in and do whatever we can to bring water to those in need, but not many would be brave enough to come face-to-face with a dangerous animal to do so. That’s what makes their actions so amazing.

When a few villagers noticed a king cobra coming out of hiding to search for water, they decided to catch the intimidating snake despite the fact that its venom could kill them.

Watch the moment one of the men bravely holds a water bottle up to the thirsty snake’s mouth.

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It takes a seriously kind soul to risk their safety to help others, whether they’re human or animal. Share this touching video if you think the world needs more people like them.

This Is How the IUD ACTUALLY Works

Here’s a nifty crash course in case you’re confused.

1. Recently, Colorado state Senator Kevin Lundberg was quoted as saying that IUDs potentially work by “stopping a small child from implanting.”

NBC / Via

This according to a recent article in the Coloradoan, about proposed funding for a program that would provide low-income women access to long-acting birth control methods like the IUD.

The authors of the article clarified that Lundberg was referring to a fertilized egg when he said “small child.” But… still.

2. Obviously, women do not have small children swimming around their uteruses.

So what was he talking about? Here’s what you have to know:

3. This is what an IUD is:

IUD stands for intrauterine device, which is a form of long-lasting, reversible birth control that a doctor implants into your uterus. Different kinds can last anywhere from three to ten years, and they’re over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Research shows they’re as safe for teens as they are for older women, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended them as an excellent option for adolescents.

4. Here’s how IUDs ACTUALLY work:

“The major mechanism of action is that it prevents sperm from getting up into the uterus,” Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine tells BuzzFeed Life. It also thickens the cervical mucus, making it a very hostile environment for sperm. “It basically kills sperm on contact,” says Minkin. It’s also possible that hormonal IUDs might stop the release of an egg, but that’s not the primary mechanism.

HOWEVER, if by some strange accident sperm does make it up there and somehow meets with an egg and fertilization occurs, it’s possible that the presence of the IUD would prevent implantation. How? “We’re not 100% sure. Many people think it’s an inflammatory response,” explains Minkin. Or it could be that the IUD thins the lining of the uterus, making it harder for an egg to attach. This doesn’t mean that it kills the tissue, it just wouldn’t implant, and you would have a normal period. That said, no small children would have been harmed in the making of that period. “What it would be is a collection of cells,” says Minkin.

Worth noting: Lundberg and others also characterize the IUD as an abortifacient (meaning it can induce an abortion), which is based on the fact that it prevents implantation. In order for that to be true, one would have to define life at the exact moment an egg is fertilized. However, it’s widely believed in the medical community that pregnancy doesn’t occur until a fertilized egg has been implanted in the uterus.

5. SO TO SUM UP: IUDs don’t reroute any small children swimming around in your fallopian tubes (smdh).

Getty Images Ryan McVay / Via

Sure, it’s possible that they could prevent implantation in very unusual circumstances. But even in that case, no toddlers would be involved whatsoever… because that’s not how female anatomy works.


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Here we go: President readying for another pivot — far away from Obamacare!/hale_razor/status/397408596780003328

President Pivot strikes again!

In the face of continued and worsening Obamacare suckage, the White House has decided that the most pressing issue facing Americans is … anything but Obamacare.

Gay rights are a choice distraction:!/justkarl/status/397429169643986944

Carney mentioned it at today’s press briefing:!/markknoller/status/397426388682031104

And the White House Twitter feed is getting in on it, too, complete with an Obama-as-preacher photo:!/WhiteHouse/status/397449962536988673

But if you believe that the Obama administration has its priorities wrong, well, sucks to be you.!/michellemalkin/status/397402416028459008

From Hot Air’s Allahpundit:

So, for the thousandth time in his presidency, he’s pivoting to jobs — and to amnesty and to the minimum wage, with a sprinkling of blather about the glories of health-care technocracy mixed in.

Indeed. More from The Wall Street Journal:

“We are very aware of the fact that health care is going to overshadow November, and it’s probably going to overshadow December, but we want to push on immigration and we want to be pushing on the economy,” the official said.

The president’s senior aides had at one time planned for him to be holding events aimed at encouraging Americans to shop for insurance on the new federal health-care website, with stops in places with high numbers of uninsured people. But the problems plaguing the site have forced them to shift strategies.

“Shift strategies.” In other words, dangle shiny objects like the minimum wage in front of us in the hopes that we forget we’re getting screwed by Obamacare.!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/397433538619793408

Of course it’s not acceptable. Unfortunately, Obama just doesn’t care.

He's a multi-tasker.
He can fail at many things at the same time.— Arthur Kimes (@ComradeArthur) November 04, 2013

Accountability, anyone?!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/397433632639303680

Bueller? Bueller?!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/397434116011851776

Sigh. Of course not. But since when has that ever stopped him? Look at the national debt — Obama can’t technically afford to do any of the things he does.

And we can’t afford to let him get away with this.!/michellemalkin/status/397403253547089920



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You Can Make These Toilet-Cleaning ‘Bombs’ And Never Use Nasty Chemicals Again

Looking for a way to clean your toilet without the hassle?

Then you’ve come to the right place! With just a handful of simple ingredients, you can create something that’ll do 98% of the dirty job for you. What are we talking about?

Toilet bombs!

These nifty cleaning orbs can be made at home with minimal effort…plus, you’ll know exactly what goes into them and won’t have to worry about breathing in toxic fumes while you scrub!

To make yours, all you’ll need are the following:

Use a wooden or non-reactive spoon and combine the baking soda, citric acid, and Borax in a bowl. Stir them and add 20 drops of lemon essential oil. Repeat with each essential oil you want and mix well.

Next, spray the mix with about five spritzes of hydrosol and stir well. You don’t want any fizzing to happen, so continue adding hydrosol until it is just damp enough to pack into a mold. Let them sit overnight.

This video offers a slightly different recipe. Watch how they’re made — it’s so easy!

Cleaning a toilet has never been this easy!

Get In The Festive Spirit With These 19 Red And Green Recipes

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if everything from decorations to ugly sweaters weren’t red and green.

Once the earth tones of Thanksgiving have their turn, red and green do a hostile takeover. If you ask me, it really helps me get in the holiday spirit to see wreaths and Christmas lights strung from house to house in these festive colors.

And who says the stuff on your holiday table can’t get in on the fun? Don’t be a grinch! Get some cooking inspiration from the list below and wow your guests with red and green treats that’ll take you from dinner to dessert.

1. Start off your holidays and your meal right with these festively delicious, bite-sized Caprese salads.

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2. Don’t be such a ding-a-ling! What’s more festive than a white chocolate ting-a-ling?

This Light Take On Pizza Bites Is About To Become Your Poolside Go-To!

You know what’s the worst? Chilling by the pool at a cookout on a sweltering day and being assaulted with an onslaught of heavy food.

Burgers are cool in theory, but when you’re drowning in your own sweat, the idea of scarfing down a greasy, fatty burger becomes less appealing by the second. The same goes for pizza. I was swimming at my apartment complex the other day when it was 95 degrees out and I almost melted when some guy opened up a steaming box of pizza.

But then it hit me. Going three months without pizza should be illegal and we should just deal with the heaviness that accompanies everyone’s favorite meal. Or should we? Someone prayed to the summer gods for a solution, and it comes to us today in the form of these zucchini pizza bites that bring all of the cheese and none of the gut-busting agony.

Stay tuned until the end if you want to hear a song that’s truly not good at all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a date with some zucchini, a whole lot of sunscreen, and a swimming pool.

‘Put him in jail!’ Marine deserter Wassef Ali Hassoun returns after decade on run!/robertburnsAP/status/483341210241998848

After allegedly faking his own kidnapping and bolting from the U.S. amid formal charges of desertion, U.S. Marine deserter Wassef Ali Hassoun has finally returned. It has been a decade since he went missing in Iraq.!/malbertnews/status/483390889960558593!/Grandbulldoggie/status/483392027275440130


On June 20, 2004, Hassoun bailed on guard duty at his base in Fallujah. He took his military-issued gun and his Muslim prayer rug. Military records obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune showed that he was “torn between military loyalty and his Muslim beliefs.”

According to the internal probe, he undermined intelligence-gathering operations by refusing to translate questions about Islam. He balked at raising his voice to suspected jihadi imams and sheiks. He openly threatened to “walk out the front gate and leave.”

The Muslim Marine told his colleagues he supported Hezbollah terrorist attacks on Israel. Members of his unit told investigators he was “anti-American” and listened to jihad sermons on propaganda CDs. Hassoun had received spiritual counseling from Navy Lt. Cmdr. Abuhena Saifulislam, a Muslim military chaplain tied to a radical Wahhabist outfit under federal investigation, according to Hoover Institution fellow and journalist Paul Sperry.

A bizarre video by Hassoun’s Islamist “kidnappers” showed him blindfolded with a sword above his head. But his fellow Marines suspected it was all staged and the “abduction” a collaborative fake. What did the purported hostage-takers want in return for the shady, disgruntled American serviceman? The release of jihadists in “U.S.-led occupation prisons.” Translation: Gitmo detainees. (Americans would never negotiate such a reckless trade, right? Oh, wait.)

In an even weirder twist, Hassoun somehow resurfaced at the U.S. embassy in Lebanon a few weeks after he walked away from his base. His family was rumored to have enlisted the aid of an Islamist group associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hassoun denied desertion charges, came back to the U.S. for trial and then deserted a second time after failing to return to Camp Lejeune after visiting family in Utah.

May justice finally be served.!/Mesquite_girl/status/483378988736192513

Geraldo regrets his ‘harsh, cranky’ criticism of Clint Eastwood!/GeraldoRivera/status/242233521467441152

Geraldo seems to always have something interesting to add, or retract. Apparently, he felt his criticism of Clint Eastwood’s Thursday night routine at the Republican National Convention was over the top.

@GeraldoRivera Whatever you said, you're forgiven.

— N.V. Mara Czarnecki (@Nickidewbear) September 2, 2012

@GeraldoRivera millions of people thought he was great and he was , he told it like it is,he wasnt lying about anything it was all true…..

— marcsteiner111 (@marcsteiner111) September 2, 2012

‘Your wife is waiting for you to die’: NY Mag editor spars with Donald Trump!/MELANIATRUMP/status/391293803958505472

Earlier today, Donald Trump decided to go a-trollin’. His target? New York Magazine:!/realDonaldTrump/status/391269249626304512

Shockingly, that didn’t go over well with the magazine’s senior editor, Dan Amira, who fired back in a rather morbid fashion:!/DanAmira/status/391275595767640064

Yikes! The Donald was understandably pissed:!/realDonaldTrump/status/391293764146188288

So naturally, he doubled down:!/realDonaldTrump/status/391294337373331456

But Amira welcomed it:!/DanAmira/status/391309914728984576

And ’round and ’round we go.!/realDonaldTrump/status/391300072912084992

Buried Alive? These Strange Graveyard Innovations Can Be Literal Lifesavers.

There aren’t a lot of places creepier than graveyards. Why? There’s something about a large collection of occupied coffins and tombs that makes everyone a little uneasy. Besides the idea of the dead (or undead) that gives graveyards a scary connotation, there’s also a certain fear that keeps some people up at night: being buried alive. It’s not fun to imagine, and (I assume) definitely not fun to experience. In the past (before certain developments in medical/post-mortem tech) the fear of being buried alive was not entirely unfounded. This fear drove people to innovate new ways to ensure that in case they were buried alive it wasn’t a death sentence.  

Most coffins are made a durable wood and sealed tight. Once six feet under, there’s really no way to escape or let anyone know that you would prefer not to be in a coffin.

And if you were buried in one of these babies, you were definitely out of luck (iron coffins like this one were actually invented in order to transport the recently deceased across long distances.

One way (the most simple way, in my opinion) to prevent live burial was to have the body in question sit in a mortuary for a few days under close watch. Think of it as the “alive until proven dead” method.

Some thought burial vaults were a solution. If you was buried in a vault like the one below, just a turn of the wheel on the vault-door and you can scare the crap out of your grieving relatives.

“Ring once if you’re alive.” This intricate alarm system was integrated with the coffin so as to allow the mistakenly buried to sound the alarm and be sure their families keep them in a mortuary for a few days next time.

U.S. Patent Office

As great as these inventions are for alleviating the fears of those who think they may be buried alive someday, they only make things easier for the entities we all really fear deep down: zombies!

Back in the day, people spent a lot of time worrying about burying people and getting buried. It’s good to see more people have hobbies now.