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14 Words That Carry A Coded Meaning For Black People

You don’t hear overtly racist language very often these days. Here are some words with a subtler implication.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

2. Not every black person considers these words coded, nor are they coded in every context. But in some cases, this is how they are perceived.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

What you say: “He is such a thug.”
What we hear: He is the n-word.

What you say: “You’re so sassy!”
What we hear: I associate your self-esteem and demeanor with a one-dimensional, finger-snapping depiction of black femininity.

What you say: “That’s ghetto.”
What we hear: That is a negative thing I associate with blackness and/or the working class.

What you say: “Timberlands [or some other thing black people have been wearing forever] are the hottest trend this season.”
What we hear: Fashion and fads do not exist until white people wear them.

What you say: “My hair is too nappy.”
What we hear: I still believe in the concept of “good” and “bad” hair. I am uncomfortable with the hair that grows out of my own head.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

What you say: “This neighborhood is sketchy.”
What we hear: There are a lot of black, working-class people in this neighborhood and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

What you say: “Natural hair is unprofessional.”
What we hear: Office-appropriate dress codes are equated to whiteness, and natural hair does not conform to that.

What you say: “You are so well-mannered.”
What we hear: The way you carry yourself does not align with the way I have been led to believe black people act. You are a rare case.

What you say: “What an urban style!”
What we hear: I know that the elements of this are associated with a culture that rose from working-class black areas, but I will use this vague term to describe it instead.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

What you say: “I think biracial babies are really beautiful.”
What we hear: Blackness only has worth when it’s been mixed with another race.

What you say: “Your look is so exotic.”
What we hear: I think that you are interesting and beautiful, but I also cannot wrap my head around your blackness.

What you say: “You are very articulate.”
What we hear: You speak clearly and confidently, which I do not expect from black people. Again, you are a rarity.

What you say: “Can I touch your hair?”
What we hear: I’ve never actually been this close to a black person, so I have to seize the moment. I cannot believe how different you are from me.

What you say: “This person is ethnic.”
What we hear: I am afraid to say “black.”

Watching Pointillism In Action Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

David Bayo is a wonderfully creative French artist who specializes in transforming the seemingly mundane into something spectacular one tiny dot at a time.

Bayo works with pointillism, an artistic process in which small, distinct dots are applied in patterns to form an image that appears totally solid, as if drawn in a more traditional style. In this time-lapse video, you can see the painstaking process it takes to complete one of his stunning pieces. This particular drawing took over 90 hours and an incredible one million ink dots to finish.

Wow, that was mesmerizing to watch. I just hope he gave his drawing hand a week-long vacation after that.

He Found A Speaker Outside, And When He Took It Apart, He Found Something Insane

Despite the fast-moving pace of technology, there is one thing that’s fairly uncommon, and that is a USB-powered speaker.

It’s something that just simply isn’t seen very often, and for fairly obvious reasons. Now, why am I pointing this out? Well, if you happen to encounter what looks like a normal computer speaker and there’s a USB cord coming out the back of it, you should probably be a little suspicious about the speaker’s true intentions.

This ordinary-looking speaker was found by Redditor mikezilllaaa outside of his office. Looks normal, right? But pay attention to that USB cord.

Being a smart guy and sensing that something was afoot, mikezilllaaa began to disassemble the speaker to figure out what was going on.

After removing the back, he found this. That white thing is not a speaker — it’s actually a webcam. Someone created this unique spy speaker with bad intentions.

(source: Reddit)

As it turns out, mikezilllaaa works in a “not-so-nice area,” so maybe finding something like this lying around makes sense. Beware those weird-looking speakers!

Carney: Obama not concerned about taking blame for high gas prices!/JoeNYLaw/status/181920401067212800

To be sure. And we’re not concerned about this dog hanging off our ass by its teeth. The Washington Examiner:

“The president is not concerned about who gets the blame. The president is concerned about making sure that we have the right policies to deal with this challenge for the long-term,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in today’s press briefing.

Earlier on Twitchy, San Fran Nan then and now on high gas prices.

WH: Obama 'not concerned' about gas price blame | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner via @dcexaminer

— John Palmer (@mistere7777) March 20, 2012!/joelmentum/status/181836104377450497

Image extracted from The Bridges Center.

We are all lab mice now: WH didn’t think this Obamacare promo through [pic]!/WhiteHouse/status/383273773824086017

You’re drunk, White House. Go home.!/conservbtfly/status/383281404517175296

From a panda to a lab mouse, the desperate White House is now selling the “Adorable Care Act” BuzzFeed-style.!/ExJon/status/383282323954741248

But this time, the White House really phoned it in. You can “rest easy” knowing President Obama and the Dems are experimenting with your health care coverage! Just like this lab mouse.!/foxnewsradio/status/383285326909026304!/ShirleyJG/status/383274525036924928!/GenNerd/status/383284357206532097!/GenNerd/status/383286651499192320!/jrsalzman/status/383286270450888704!/allahpundit/status/383285056959037440

A fitting response:!/GPollowitz/status/383276213319376897

Up next: “I want to hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand”?!/TXTrendyChick/status/383275007230476288

Canadian woman denied parking, claims it’s a ‘human right’!/MuhannadAlBadri/status/177762267650203648

Just when you think you’ve heard it all – think again.

Emirates 24|7:

A Canadian woman has launched a human rights complaint against the city of Ottawa for refusing to let her to park in front of her home in a historic district, a court spokeswoman said.

Pamela Howson has alleged discrimination in a case before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal on the grounds of “family circumstances,” said the spokeswoman.

Zoning regulations do not permit parking on the street in front of her home in the Canadian capital, which is located in a heritage preservation district.

Howson can park behind the house, but the lane is barely wide enough for her vehicle, which is larger than average to accommodate safety seats for her three young children.

Priorities: NAACP wants Eric Holder, Secret Service to probe rodeo clown!/iowahawkblog/status/367441800182509569

The president of the Missouri NAACP chapter has called for the Secret Service and Department of Justice to investigate an “incendiary event” at the Missouri State Fair involving a rodeo clown in an Obama mask.

“The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department,” Mary Ratliff declared Tuesday.

Tuffy Gessling, the clown in question, has been banned from the fair permanently and apologized in a Facebook post, saying he “never meant to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings.” The president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboys Association has stepped down over the controversy and faces an investigation in his day job as a school superintendent.

Dana Loesch notes that the NAACP wasn’t so upset when a black man was beaten at an Obamacare town hall in St. Louis.!/DLoesch/status/367440207894683649!/LadySandersfarm/status/367445550213234688

‘Underwhelmed’: Read Sen. McCaskill’s ‘condemnation’ of race-baiting Alan Grayson!/RKruggr/status/393399309732827136

As Twitchy reported, Dems were conspicuously silent after Rep. Alan Grayson sent his despicable fundraising email comparing the Tea Party to the KKK. But today, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill finally spoke out … sort of:!/clairecmc/status/393389058996457472

Strongly worded. Or something.

Some were grateful for that McCaskill, unlike so many of her colleagues, at least acknowledged that Grayson was wrong:!/RyanBLeslie/status/393391445538635776!/mom2cnb/status/393391066692341760

But for others, her “condemnation” left a lot to be desired:!/GPollowitz/status/393389684908232704

Maybe she should try again:!/SCOAMT/status/393425843088678912

Pakistan’s ambassador leads demand for laws against Islamophobia!/AJELive/status/250702951956496384

Pakistan’s ambassador today called for the world’s governments to “introduce adequate protection” against hate speech targeting Islam.

Citing the “Innocence of Muslims” video, Ambassador Zamir Akram called for protections while addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a group of 56 countries.

Incidents like this clearly demonstrate the urgent need on the part of states to introduce adequate protection against acts of hate crimes, hate speech, discrimination, intimidation and coercion resulting from defamation and negative stereotyping of religions, and incitement to religious hatred, as well as denigration of venerated personalities.

The OIC is backing a resolution urging governments to outlaw “the targeting of religious symbols and venerated persons.” Akram said such acts are a “flagrant incitement to violence” that is not protected by freedom of expression. The ambassador likened the resolution to laws which protect against anti-Semitism.

Pakistan blocked Twitter earlier this year in response to a Mohammed cartoon contest, and recently declared a national holiday to protest the anti-Muslim film. In his own address to the U.N. today, President Obama declared that “the future must not be determined by those who insult the prophet of Islam.”

If #OIC members want to ban blasphemous speech in their respective countries then so be it, just don't bully others to do the same.

— the brown bandito (@curryman) September 25, 2012