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“@archsquare: BREAKING: Burglars tried to steal firearms based on map of legal gun owners printed by NY’s Journal News. #NRA

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And so it begins. The Journal News shamefully published the personal information of gun permit holders in two New York counties. While such information is available via public records, this was widely believed to be a gift to criminals. And, now? One of the outed gun owners has been burglarized. And, gee, guess what may have been targeted?

@capflowwatchso it begins – Gun Owner’s Home Outed By NY Newspaper Is Burglarized,

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Burglars hit home of gun owner ID’d by paper. The newspaper bosses should be charged as accomplices.

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Home on Journal News Gun List Burglarized, Gun Safe Targeted

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Home published in @lohud news stunt burglarized, criminals went straight for the guns

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The criminals apparently targeted the gun safe.

Source: Journal News gun permit map probed for link to White Plains burglary –… via @newsdayny

— NewsdayNY (@NewsdayNY) January 13, 2013

Police are currently investigating whether or not this home was specifically targeted due to the outing.

Police are investigating what role, if any, the database played in the burglars’ decision to target the home, the law enforcement source said.

Sane Twitter users suspected this could happen.

VIDEO: HOME ON JOURNAL NEWS GUN PERMIT MAP BURGLARIZED. – Didn’t we foresee something like this happening? Uhm.yeah!…

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Hmmm, this was predictable, but will the Journal News be held accountable? Please read/share everywhere.

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You liberal morons. House IDed on Journal News Gun Map Is Burglarized – Vandals Go Straight For Gun Safe via @sharethis

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Who could have foreseen criminals using that gun owner map to figure out whom to target for a crime? Except everyone.…

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) January 14, 2013

Guess who else thought something like this could happen? The Rockland County Sheriff.

Rockland County Sheriff pleads with Journal News to take down gun-owner map

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) January 9, 2013

It’s not just the potential targeting of homes in order to steal guns. The sheriff brought up another point that the lapdogs at the shameful Journal News don’t care about.

He said it’s endangering the lives of his correction officers and other Rockland County public servants because criminals, gang members, or others who want to do harm to the officers are searching out the maps to find where they live.

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro was another gun owner outed by the paper. And she rightfully, and brilliantly, gave them the business.

‘Justice’ Insta-poll: Has the Journal News put legal gun owners in danger by printing their names and mapping out their addresses?

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) January 12, 2013

I’ll be on Hannity tonite 9pm et @foxnews talking abt the journal news issue. Tune in 🙂 @hannityshow

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) January 11, 2013

What did you guys thiink of my debate with the professors on the Journal News issue? @foxnews ‘Justice w/ Judge Jeanine’

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) January 13, 2013

EPIC Beatdown – Judge Pirro absolutely Destroys Journal News “You’re nothing but a bunch of cowards” @newsninja2012

— Wayne Dupree (@NewsNinja2012) January 14, 2013

@judgejeanineI am so standing with u on every issue!ThR journal news needs to be put out of business. Take action Judge Jeanine! Thugs

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@judgejeanine Judge, my wife and I watched the video on your response to the Journal. TY so very much for saying what we all feel. #patriot!

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Fight like a gun-toting girl? You betcha!

Putnam County refused to hand over the personal information to the Journal News. The Clerk said he refused to “put lives in danger.” Hint: This is why, “journalists.”

New York State Senator Greg Ball is blaming the paper and its outing list.

Breaking News: Attempted Gun Burglary Tied To Journal News @lohud Gun Maps…

— Greg Ball (@ball4ny) January 13, 2013

Journal News gun permit map used by burglars to target White Plains home? @newsday…

— Greg Ball (@ball4ny) January 13, 2013

News 12 @news12wc caught up with me to speak about the recent burglary that has ties to The Journal News gun maps.…

— Greg Ball (@ball4ny) January 13, 2013

Ball released a statement yesterday, in which he announced that he would be offering legislation today.

Sen. Ball renews call for immediate removal of maps and unveils legislation

Law enforcement plans rally to hold Journal News Accountable

Brewster, N.Y. – 1/13/2013 – Today Senator Greg Ball (Patterson – R, C, I) announced that a burglary has been reported on Davis Ave. in White Plains, New York that evidently ties into The Journal News gun maps. It is reported that the burglar used The Journal News’ interactive gun map to target a home included on the map. Luckily the gun was locked up and no one was hurt.

“The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs. If the connection is proven, this is further proof that these maps are not only an invasion of privacy but that they present a clear and present danger to law-abiding, private citizens. Former convicts have already testified to the usefulness of the asinine Journal News ‘gun maps’ yet the reckless editors are evidently willing to roll the dice, gambling with the lives of innocent local homeowners,” said Senator Greg Ball.

Tomorrow, Senator Ball will be publicly unveiling three separate pieces of legislation, all with bipartisan support, among them (S2132), to protect the privacy rights of ordinary citizens; including: law enforcement personnel, victims of domestic violence and private citizens. Let it be clear however, that under Ball’s legislation that has garnered bipartisan kudos and support, law enforcement and all related agencies would continue to have full access to permit information. Senate bill (S2132) would protect lawful gun owners, including thousands of retired and active law enforcement and victim of domestic violence survivors, from having their information publicly disclosed.

“The same elitist eggheads who use their editorial page to coddle terrorists and criminals are now treating law abiding citizens like level three sexual predators. These bills are critical to keep folks safe and fundamentally protect their inherent right to privacy. I hope all of these bills will be brought to the floor for an up or down vote, and allowed to fail or pass on their own merits and not as part of a large, overarching gun-control package. This is not about the Second Amendment; these bills are simply about commonsense and personal privacy. Publishing this information on a website, as we have evidently just witnessed in the recent attempted gun burglary, provides criminals with a map of where they can steal firearms from lawful owners for later use in the commission of crimes. This legislation is critical,” said Senator Greg Ball.

In addition to Senator Ball’s legislation, the Vice President of the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County, Robert Buckley, said in a letter, publishing these maps online is jeopardizing the safety of residents and is irresponsible.

“The Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County Inc. is putting The Journal News on notice that we will hold [them] accountable for any incident where any of our over 25,000 members are involved with an incident where a criminal or ex-con presents themselves at the residence of one of our members as a result of their name being made public by [their] newspaper,” said Buckley.

The Affiliated Police Association of Westchester will be holding a press conference on January 15, 2013 at the Westchester County Courthouse located at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, White Plains, N.Y. at 1:00 p.m.

Will we now see lawsuits?

Gun Owner’s Home Outed By NY Newspaper Is Burglarized, Police Believe Thieves Were Looking To Steal His Gun LAWSUIT!

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And this Twitter user puts it in a nutshell, brilliantly.

If it stops even one home invasion then it’s worth curtailing the Journal News’ 1st Amendment rights.#tcot

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) January 14, 2013

Heh. Make them play by their own rules, indeed.