Chris Christie acknowledges weight problem, is afraid of gastric bypass!/jaketapper/status/220115946495410176

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who often jokes about his own weight and is certainly the butt of many fat jokes, has started a serious conversation about his health in a recent interview with ABC News. Christie, who suffers from asthma, says his blood pressure and cholesterol are fine, but admits he needs to lose weight.

Chris Christie: “My blood pressure’s fine, my cholesterol is fine…. But I have to lose weight and I get it.”

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) July 3, 2012

Christie added that gastric bypass surgery is not an option for him, calling it “too risky.”

That triggered the most creative Twitter minds to respond accordingly.

@jaketapper @govchristie @nightline Because being 100 lbs overweight isn't risky at all. #fail

— BG (@Ben_is_wt_it_is) July 3, 2012

@jaketapper I look forward to his eventual exercise DVD, "Berate The Weight Away!"

— Dan Munz (@dan_munz) July 3, 2012

So exercise RT @jaketapper: .@govchristie opens up about his weight, says gastric bypass is "too risky." @Nightline

— April (@ReignOfApril) July 3, 2012

Christie’s weight issue will become more prevalent in the public eye as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues to search for a running mate. The New Jersey governor, who was on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to tout his state’s third consecutive balanced budget and his call for a tax cut, said he might have interest if Romney gives him a call.

USA Today: Christie would take call if Romney talks VP

— BREAKING NEWS! (@ReportFeed) July 3, 2012

And although he would be interested, Christie isn’t confident that Romney would choose him.

RT @TheStalwart: Chris Christie asked if he'll be picked for veep: "I doubt it"

— Hudsonette (@hudsonette) July 3, 2012