Part of Atlanta Airport reportedly evacuated after explosion [live updates]!/JoseAlvarez2nd/status/344443530195894275

Breaking news out of Atlanta:!/FOX5Atlanta/status/344442853151346690

First, an evacuation at Richmond International Airport this morning. And now, reports are coming in of an explosion in a maintenance shed at ATL.!/GACheesehead/status/344443063332114432

The evacuation is reportedly limited to Concourse D.!/JohnBorsa/status/344446018894581761

More from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The explosion happened around 9 a.m. in a maintenance shed at Concourse D, according to Atlanta fire spokeswoman Janet Ward.

Ward said there was no fire or smoke, but power is out to Concourse D and the concourse has been evacuated.!/wsbtv/status/344445212472516609


A person on the scene reports that the entire concourse has not been evacuated.!/chanhartsog/status/344446879397982210!/chanhartsog/status/344448211223724032

And elsewhere in Atlanta:!/edgarzuniga/status/344450411840819201

Twitchy is covering breaking updates on the bomb threats near the state Capitol here.

Another image reportedly from the scene at the airport:!/ajc/status/344453181603991552

An airport announcement warned travelers against entering security if they have flights leaving from Concourse D.!/wsbtv/status/344453387636584448

There are reportedly no injuries.!/jenniferfeldman/status/344455983944318977

The concourse was evacuated as a precaution, according to the Atlanta Fire Department.!/jenniferfeldman/status/344454476247203840

The view from a plane that’s been delayed:!/YRN70/status/344454703746265089


The incident is being characterized as an “electrical explosion.”!/edgarzuniga/status/344454009756741634

At 10:14 a.m., the airport’s Twitter account provided its first update on the incident.!/Atlanta_Airport/status/344466297733668865!/Atlanta_Airport/status/344469145913536512

Twitchy will monitor this breaking news and update as details become available.

Editor’s note: The title of this post has been updated to reflect breaking information about the location of the explosion and evacuation. This post has been updated with additional information and tweets.