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Pics: It’s come to this; Santa visits Boehner’s office, ‘pass tax cuts’!/mollyhooper/status/278920312668704768

No, really. That happened.

Santa just appeared outside @speakerboehner‘s Capitol Office sui

— Molly Hooper (@mollyhooper) December 12, 2012

Gaggle of kids greet the Catholics United Santa outside @speakerboehner‘s office: “Santa! Santa! Where are your candy canes?” No candy 2day

— Molly Hooper (@mollyhooper) December 12, 2012

Catholics United brings Santa to the Capitol to urge renewed tax cuts before the end of the year. #fiscalcliff

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) December 12, 2012

Cap Hill presser “Santa Claus” – tax hikes “will hurt my efforts to visit families across the country this Christmas and deliver presents”

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) December 12, 2012

Good grief! Is nothing sacred? Not even Santa?

Just spotted in the U.S. Capitol: Santa Claus headed to the Speaker’s Office. Yes, really. Discuss.

— Ed O’Keefe (@edatpost) December 12, 2012

Ask for discussion, and ye shall receive.

Having “Santa” visit Boehner’s office only further speaks to the childlike intellect of liberalism.

— Donny Ferguson (@DonnyFerguson) December 12, 2012


But, wait, was it Santa Claus or “Santa Clause,” as the White House calls him?

On the plus side, Santa kept his clothes on, unlike the last visitors to Boehner’s office. Shudder.


Santa’s on Capitol Hill!…

— Kara Rowland (@kararowland) December 12, 2012

And Santa gets frisked!

Santa gets the wand and pat down at South entrance to the Capitol. Never know what he’s packin in that beard.…

— Kelsey Snell (@kelsey_snell) December 12, 2012

OH In the Capitol: Alright, Santa, we’re going to go visit Paul Ryan…

— Kelsey Snell (@kelsey_snell) December 12, 2012

Joan Walsh fantasizes Romney undergoes transvaginal ultrasound; Updated!/joanwalsh/status/249234489954410496

Keeping it classy, huh, Joan? Today’s daily emetic is brought to you by Salon’s editor at large, and super classy broad, Joan Walsh.

So… @joanwalsh is a weirdo.

— RB (@RBPundit) September 21, 2012

And “weirdo” is putting it mildly. Another liberal dame obsessed with girly bits.

@joanwalsh You are one sick woman

— L W Eaton (@lweatonNC) September 21, 2012

This time, with more creepy and sick  fantasy. By the way, leftist women keep telling us that a transvaginal ultrasound is the same as rape. So, is she have a sick rape fantasy now? Or do they only absurdly and shamefully equate it to rape when they can use and abuse women?


Aww, poor Joan responds and tries to make a funny and repeat the tiresome “war on women” nonsense.

My #tcot followers are HORRIFIED by my mention of a transvaginal ultrasound. Now they'll all oppose laws that force them on women! Whew!

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) September 21, 2012

She fails.

@joanwalsh I think we're just surprised you didn't write it on your hands and put it on instagram.

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 21, 2012

Zing! Is a creepy cult #ForAll photo next? Try to outdo Messina and Axelrod, if you dare, Joan!

More Than 2,000 People Just Came Together To Sing The ‘Hallelujah’ Chorus

During a recent performance by a famous church choir, something happened that left the Internet buzzing. While the choir’s traditional renditions of beloved songs are incredible, the singers decided to do something a little bit different this time.

The beginning looks like any other performance, but watch what happens about a minute in. It really is a testament to the power of music.

Technology sometimes creates distance between people, but in cases like this, it helps thousands of voices come together in the most moving way.

Instapundit slams ‘legally illiterate’ Cornel West for Ferguson remarks!/feelmytweets/status/521748874063400960

Academic and activist Cornel West was arrested Monday as part of a civil disobedience campaign that capped off a weekend of #FergusonOctober protests.

Dr. Cornell West arrested. #ferguson

— Craig Cheatham (@CheathamKMOV) October 13, 2014

While many supporters were shocked at what they saw as yet another overreach by police, West himself said he had come to Ferguson to be arrested.

"It's a beautiful thing 2 see people on fire for justice, but I didn't come here 2 give a speech…I came here to go to jail" – Cornel West

— Rachel C. Abrams (@RachelAbramsNY) October 13, 2014

@Kristyannasmom @CheathamKMOV Of course he wanted that to happen – that's why he's there – getting big picture in news!

— winsome (@wfmccl) October 13, 2014

@Kristyannasmom @CheathamKMOV It's called civil disobedience, a choice that comes with legal consequences. That's the whole point.

— Lynn Pounian (@Panger2014) October 13, 2014

@wfmccl Yep, only way he gets attention. That's all this is about.. Attention. @CheathamKMOV

— Michele (@Kristyannasmom) October 13, 2014

And while West said he wasn’t in town to give a speech, he did speak long enough to utter something ridiculous.

@CornelWest : "Everybody knows if you shoot somebody down, you're supposed to be arrested…Somebody has to be held accountable." #Ferguson

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 13, 2014

@Yamiche: @CornelWest : "Everybody knows if you shoot somebody down, you're supposed to be arrested." Legally illiterate.

— (@instapundit) October 13, 2014

@instapundit Which is par for the course for @Harvard alumni it seems. I thought they were a good school? @Yamiche @CornelWest

— George Eliseo (@GeorgeEliseo) October 13, 2014

They just hate self-defense. Cops can't do it, citizens can't do it. That much is obvious @instapundit @Yamiche @CornelWest

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) October 13, 2014

Poor @CornelWest hasn't had cogent thought since affirmative action was invented, and likely not before. RT @instapundit @LauraBxd @Yamiche

— Law of Self Defense (@LawSelfDefense) October 13, 2014

@instapundit @CFLancop @Yamiche @CornelWest Everybody knows if you shoot AT someone, they shoot BACK.

— Scott (@NorthCounty3303) October 13, 2014

@instapundit Do either @Yamiche or @CornelWest know that the circumstances of the shooting are paramount to whether there is an arrest? #smh

— CFLancop (@CFLancop) October 13, 2014

Not everyone appreciated West’s presence in Ferguson in the first place.

Take note how Cornel West is the story and not the #FergusonOctober movement. #StayWoke

— PragmaticObotsUnite (@PragObots) October 13, 2014

@PragObots Of course he is…that was West's entire purpose for going down there.

— Pamela Jones (@goodnewsgoddess) October 13, 2014

@goodnewsgoddess But let some folk tell it, Cornel West is the new MLK. People are too impressed by theatrics.

— PragmaticObotsUnite (@PragObots) October 13, 2014

@PragObots Symbolism or Optics over substance…which is why Cornel West cannot point to ONE victory he helped to create for AA community.

— Pamela Jones (@goodnewsgoddess) October 13, 2014


#Ferguson PD not interested in Cornel West's words. #FergusonOctober

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) October 13, 2014

Who is? RT @kodacohen #Ferguson PD not interested in Cornel West's words. #FergusonOctober

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 13, 2014


Thousands in Cairo join Muslim Brotherhood’s pro-Morsi rally for ‘legitimacy and Shariah’!/Nervana_1/status/274847272502689794

Thousands of Islamists gathered near Cairo University today to rally in support of Shariah law and Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian president who recently granted himself dictatorial powers.

Organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, the rally follows a week of large anti-Morsi demonstrations and the passage of a draft constitution by an Islamist-led assembly.

People chanting : “we love you oh Morsi” sign says “rule belongs to Allah alone” #Egypt

— betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) December 1, 2012

Just in case we were in any doubt. They are calling the pro-#Morsi rally at #CairoUniversitythe “legitimacy & sharia” rally. #Egypt

— Con Psalios (@nogods4me) December 1, 2012

Wow RT @sarahebeid Ikhwan protest 12:00 PM .…

— Erin Cunningham (@erinmcunningham) December 1, 2012

Large crowds already at pro- #Morsi demo in Cairo. #Egypt…

— Derek Stoffel (@DerekStoffelCBC) December 1, 2012

Pro Morsi rally chants “Morsi God is Great,Morsi” “Islamiya Islamiya” “people want 2 implement Allah’s law” #Egypt…

— betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) December 1, 2012

At pro-Morsi demo people chant “coming coming oh Islam” #Egypt…

— betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) December 1, 2012

Salafi sheikh also says those in #Tahrir r doing “hanky panky” & previously said wants to lower age of girls marriage…

— betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) December 1, 2012

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is closed to visitors again today due to “security concerns.”

Due to security concerns, we are rescheduling Sunday’s consular appointments.We are anticipating normal ops Monday onwards.

— US Embassy Cairo (@USEmbassyCairo) December 1, 2012

Oops: Students outraged by deal to prevent student loan rates from doubling!/SandiBehrns/status/218830317446901761

Great news, college students! You know that student loan rate hike you and President Obama have been whining about incessantly? Well, Congress voted Friday to freeze the rate at 3.4 percent for one more year.

Now you can take out hefty loans to pay for career-advancing courses on “The Phallus” and “The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie” at Obama’s alma mater and you won’t suffer the untenable burden of an extra $7 a month in interest.

So why the frowny faces?

Aw, you thought preventing the rates from doubling to 6.8 percent could be done with the awesome power of unicorn dollars and rainbow dreams alone?

Next semester, try math courses.

The federal government isn’t an unlimited pot of gold at the end of Obama’s rainbow. Due to previous compromises, the six-month post-graduation grace period for new undergraduate loans will no longer be subsidized. Oh, and beginning in July, Uncle Sam won’t foot the interest bill for grad students while they’re still in school. That subsidy was already eliminated to help fund loans for low-income students.


Stafford loan rates may not be doubling *this* year, but you now no longer have a 6 month grace period after you graduate. Thanks, GOP

— Will Green (@hotgazpacho) June 30, 2012

Congress passed a law keeping student loan interest rates low, BUT we lose our grace period. Grad students pay interest WHILE in school. UGH

— Turner G. Cowles (@tgcowles) June 30, 2012

Recent graduates no longer have a grace period to find a job before they pay interest on their loans. Words cannot describe… #studentloan

— Tyler Ocon (@tyler_ocon) June 30, 2012

That’s what happens when you blindly take your marching orders from the White House and DNC tools like Sandra Fluke. #DontDoubleMyRate isn’t looking like such a sweet hashtag now, is it?

Next time, don’t screech about passing the bill before finding out what is — and isn’t — in it.

These 32 Bad Translations Are The Worst The World Has Ever Seen…LOLOL!

English is a notoriously difficult language to learn as an adult. There are countless ways to mess it up and the grammar rules are downright insane. That’s why, in many foreign countries, the English translations you find can be hilarious. They’re especially bad (and also awesome, in a way) in countries that use a different alphabet. When people in Asian countries attempt to make bi-lingual signs or products… the resulting “Engrish” is just too good NOT to love.

1.) Is that a haiku?

2.) Kissing sounds? Adorable!

3.) That’s not the only thing.

4.) These can be so tricky.

5.) Aww, that’s so sweet.

6.) What?! My favorite.

7.) At least they know their buffet food is gross.

8.) I absolutely HATE tense chicken feet.

9.) Nacho Hippo? Nothing can go wrong here.

10.) NOOOOO! I thought that was just a conspiracy theory.


12.) They always think they are holier than thou, too.

13.) No. No I won’t.

14.) More lawns need to feel confident about their emotions.

15.) Rushing: what you do when you really have to pee.

16.) Ummm. Thanks?

17.) But where can I get coffee, then?

18.) Ugh, those are the worst.

19.) Because old crap would be gross.

20.) I’ll have the “Ugh, whatever.” please.

21.) That sweet, sweet tiny grass.

22.) Heyyyy, back off, okay? I enjoy my meal how I see fit.

23.) Sorry, man, I can’t control the rain.

24.) Ah yes, that ancient and wise phrase.

25.) And I will not.

26.) Ah yes, his classic catchphrase.

27.) That just sounds like an insult.

28.) Is that an offer or a command?

29.) At least they don’t pretend to know why.

30.) That’s convincing.

31.) Okay, sure?

32.) This is a mint for your mouth, right?

Traveling through different countries around the world can be an awesome experience, even if it’s just to experience the awful English translations. Share these hilarious typos and mistakes by clicking below; you’ll make someone’s day.

Snark attack! Ron Fournier has a very ‘special’ tweet for Eric Boehlert!/ron_fournier/status/403897892814872576

For the uninitiated, #FF stands for “follow Friday.”

We’ve always kind of wondered if @EricBoehlert was a parody account. For example:!/JayCaruso/status/403379269318893568

Comedian Mike Birbiglia favorited that tweet by National Journal’s Ron Fournier.


Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert? Not so much.