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Must-read: Sharyl Attkisson previews Benghazi whistleblowers’ bombshells!/brithume/status/331216227383009281

Indeed. CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson is continuing her fierce and fearless coverage of Benghazi.

MUST SEE > The terrific@sharylattkisson is RIGHT NOW tweeting about Greg Hicks, the Libyan Embassy #2 & whistleblower who will testify

— Joe the Patriotic (@joethepatriotic) May 5, 2013

As Twitchy reported, whistleblowers have stepped forward. Ms. Attkisson took to Twitter to review first-hand reports given by the whistleblowers, including Gregory Hicks and Mark Thompson. They are expected to testify at a hearing on Wednesday, May 8.

CBS Exclusive/Attkisson: Details on 3 more officials to testify over Benghazi attacks… via @cbsnews

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

CBS/Attkisson:Three more officials to testify over Benghazi attacks… via @cbsnews

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

CBS: The 1st public eyewitness Benghazi testimony… coming…… via @cbsnews

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

More from Ms. Attkisson’s report:

It’s been a remarkably long period of silence from the dozens of American survivors and eyewitnesses who were in Libya the night of the attacks. It’s not publicly known what testimony the witnesses will give at this week’s hearing, but in a series of interviews and communications, CBS News has obtained information about some of areas of knowledge the witnesses can address.

Hicks was number two to Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was killed in the attacks. With Stevens in Benghazi on September 11, Hicks was the top Foreign Service official at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. When the first U.S. compound in Benghazi fell under attack, Hicks reportedly took the frantic call.

With Amb. Stevens in Benghazi on September 11, Greg Hicks was the top Foreign Service official at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

When the first U.S. compound in Benghazi fell under attack, Hicks reportedly took the frantic call.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Last words from Ambassador Stevens.

“Greg, we are under attack,” Ambassador Stevens told Hicks on the phone. Those were the last words he heard from Stevens.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013


Hicks:”I never reported a demonstration. I reported an attack on the consulate…I thought it was a terrorist attack from the get-go..”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

… I think everyone in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning.” (Hicks)

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Huh. Not a crappy YouTube video protest? Shockah!

Hicks was also on the receiving end of calls when Stevens went missing… and later when an unidentified man called the U.S. Embassy…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

…using Stevens’ own phone to say the amb. was at a Benghazi hospital. Sources believe that may have been a trap to entice a rescue attempt

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Hicks was on duty later that morning when Stevens’ body was turned over to U.S. personnel under circumstances that still remain mysterious.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Throughout the night, sources say Americans on the ground in Libya at times felt helpless and abandoned.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Americans on the ground in Benghazi felt helpless and abandoned. They reportedly asked for help.

And it was denied.

“We relied on Washington for dispassionate assessment,” one eyewitness told CBS News…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

“…Instead, they [Washington officials] were asking us what help we needed. We answered: ‘Send reinforcements!’ “

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

But they were told immediate help wasn’t available. Embassy personnel say they repeatedly asked the Defense Attache for military help.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

“Isn’t there anything available?” one Embassy official says he asked. “But the answer was ‘no.’”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

“What about Aviano?” the official pressed, referencing the NATO air base with US assets in northeastern Italy. “No,” was the answer.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Two of the four Americans killed that night died hours after the first attack began.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Some have complained the Obama Administration has not explained why there were no military resources available to turbulent North Africa…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

…on the Sept. 11 attacks, even at the large Souda Bay U.S. Naval base less than an hour’s flight from Libya.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

The State Dept’s independent Accountability Review Board said government officials did everything they could, considering the challenges.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

The Defense Department has since reported implementation of improvements to make military resources more readily available if needed.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Another witness for Wednesday’s hearing, Mark Thompson, is a counterterrorism expert.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Counterterrorism officials were not consulted, even though it was clear from the start that it was a terrorist attack.

He’s likely to address another sore spot surrounding the night of the attacks: the fact that the Obama Administration did not convene…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

… its top interagency counterterrorism resource, the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG).

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Thompson reportedly to testify he was locked out .. “even though he was the individual who was supposed to react to these kinds of things.”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 5, 2013

Counterterrorism sources and internal emails reviewed by CBS News express frustration that key responders were ready to deploy, but…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

..were not called upon to help in the attack. National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor told CBS News the CSG was not needed.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

Vietor: “From the moment the president was briefed on the Benghazi attack, the response effort was handled by the most senior national…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

…security officials in governments. Members of the CSG were of course involved in these meetings and discussions to support their bosses.”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

Absent coordination from Counterterrorism Security Group, a senior U.S. counterterrorism official says the response to the crisis became…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

more confused. “The response process was isolated at the most senior level,” says an official referring to top officials in the executive..

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

..branch. “My fellow counterterrorism professionals and I (were) not consulted.”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

Unreal. The whistleblowers say they feel marginalized and intimidated.

Hicks and several others whose accounts are at odds with official government statements about Benghazi have reported feeling marginalized…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

… intimidated and/or subjected to threats of retaliation.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Dutch Ruppersberger,told Bob Schieffer on Sunday’s “Face the Nation:”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

“Let’s get the facts.This should not be a partisan issue at all. This should be to get the facts, an open issue, and to hear from everybody

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

And when you hear allegations that people are told not to talk, I would hope those issues would come out and if that’s the case …

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

…we should be held accountable.”

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

Full article here:…

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 6, 2013

Read the whole report.

This is a MUST READ bombshell. See also her Twitter feed. #journalism RT @sharylattkisson: Full article here:…

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) May 6, 2013

Americans praise Attkisson for her tireless efforts.

Well, if she keeps trying to ask those questions we should follow her- DO NOT GIVE UP, SHARYL! @simontemplarpv @sharylattkisson

— SeldenGADawgs (@SeldenGADawgs) May 6, 2013

@ideasbelief @sharylattkisson It breaks my heart to read it… I simply can’t understand how our administration could have said NO

— ColorMeRed (@ColorMeRed) May 6, 2013

@sharylattkisson Thank you for your work.

— Clarence Beeks (@1ClarenceBeeks) May 6, 2013

@sharylattkisson Thank u 4 your investigative reporting on the #Benghazi attacks. I can only imagine that the victims families r thankful 2.

— Dawn Rising (@DawnRising2) May 6, 2013

@sharylattkisson You are to be congratulated for your never ending quest for the truth about #Benghazi.You deserve a Pulitzer

— Melody(@prfekrdumbrella) May 6, 2013

I give big kudos to Sharyl Attkisson ‏@sharylattkisson she has been tenacious re#Benghazi and deserves a Pulitzer.

— Melody(@prfekrdumbrella) May 6, 2013

Thanks to @sharylattkisson‘s timeline and article (…), I’ve now used “#journalism” in a non-derisive way. A first.

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) May 6, 2013

What Bob Woodward was to Watergate, @sharylattkisson is to #Benghazi. She is currently tweeting info that will be part of history’s record

— Joe the Patriotic (@joethepatriotic) May 6, 2013


If you aren’t following @sharylattkisson you are doing Twitter all wrong. #FF #Benghazi

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) May 6, 2013

Keep up the fantastic work, Ms. Attkisson. Thank you for doing the job that many journalists won’t do.


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Pain Pill Use Drops While Heroin Overdoses Shoot Up

As doctors crack down on the misuse of prescription painkillers, more people are turning to heroin — and dying because of it.

Darryl Dyck / AP Photo

The number of people dying from heroin overdoses in the United States nearly tripled from 2010 to 2013, according to a study published Wednesday by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). In contrast, the number of deaths from painkillers over the same period leveled out, the study found.

“The fact that it tripled is clearly a big change,” Holly Hedegaard, an injury epidemiologist at the NCHS and lead author of the study, told BuzzFeed News. “Most things don’t triple in only three years — that is obviously a big concern.”

Though the rate of heroin deaths has risen sharply, the raw number of deaths due to heroin is still less than that of opioid analgesics, drugs commonly prescribed to treat chronic pain. In 2013, 8,257 people died as a result of heroin overdoses and 16,235 died from painkillers.

National Center for Health Statistics

Between 2002 and 2011, an estimated 25 million people started using painkillers recreationally.

By 2010, roughly 12 million of these users had no prescription for the drug, but somehow obtained it illegally, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Others got prescriptions from so-called “pill mills,” clinics where corrupt doctors hand out prescriptions with little discretion. The biggest culprit was OxyContin, or oxycodone hydrochloride, a drug that is highly addictive.

In Florida — home to 93 of the top 100 oxycodone-dispensing doctors in the country — doctors doled out more than 650 million pills in 2010.

The numbers began to shift in 2010, when OxyContin’s manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, reformulated the drug to make the pills more difficult to crush and snort. The Food and Drug Administration reclassified the drug as “Schedule 2,” making it harder to prescribe, and law enforcement got more serious about shutting down pill mills.

But these changes came with an unintended side effect: a rise in heroin use as drug users searched elsewhere for opiates.

“It’s a whack-a-mole sort of thing,” Andrew Gurman, speaker in the House of Delegates for the American Medical Association, told BuzzFeed News. “In response to this tightening supply, people have started to look to heroin for a cheaper and more available alternative.”

Heroin use by age and ethnicity National Center for Health Statistics

In 2003, there were about 314,000 heroin users in the United States. A decade later there were 681,000.

While an 80-milligram OxyContin pill can cost between $60 and $100 on the street, heroin runs for about $9 a dose, according to the Office of Drug Control Policy in Kentucky, which has seen a sharp rise in heroin use.

The drop in pill availability has meant that the demographics of heroin users have shifted as well.

In 2000, black people between the ages of 45 and 64 had the highest rate of deaths as a result of heroin overdose. By 2013, the group dying most was white men aged 18 to 44.

“Back in the 1960s and 1970s, typically heroin was the first opioid these drug users ever used,” Hedegaard said. “Whereas more recently, people using heroin have more likely started using opioid analgesics first.”

Even so, heroin is an equal-opportunity drug.

“What people need to realize is that this is a phenomenon that cuts across all socioeconomic demographics,” Gurman said. “Right-wing Republicans, tea party people, left-wing people are dying from heroin — white, black, Latino, everything.”

Addressing the current surge in heroin use will be far from straightforward, Gurman said. It will take a multifaceted public health approach that continues to target patients and physicians, offers sufficient resources for treatment and counseling, and raises awareness about safe ways to store medications.

“A lot of people might have drugs being stolen from unlocked medicine cabinets and not even know about it,” Gurman said.

Law enforcement will also be involved, but that shouldn’t be where most of our energy is focused, Gurman said. “We can’t just arrest our way out of this problem.”

16 Incredible Mansions In The UK Where You Must Sleep Over

Be king or queen for day.

1. Butley Priory, Suffolk, England


Enjoy history and luxury at the gorgeous Butley Priory. Just two hours from London, it’s the perfect overnight venue for a wedding reception or family gathering. The property has access to beaches and splendid forest walks, and is equipped with modern amenities while maintaining a classic and dreamy atmosphere.

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2. Tower Windmill Cottage, Linton, England


For a cosy countryside getaway, this cottage and adjoining windmill in Cambridgeshire is ideal. The attached windmill often hosts art exhibits, and Cambridge is only a short bus ride away, so you can have your seclusion and your entertainment too.

Accommodates: 2 guests
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3. Aikwood Tower, Scottish Borders


Have a full-on storybook experience at this luxurious medieval castle. On the outside, the tower maintains its historic facade and is surrounded by lush gardens. Inside are modern amenities with a medieval twist, making it perfectly cosy and ideal for receptions and group holidays.

Accommodates: 11 guests
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4. Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire, England


Hark back to the era of Austen at this stately manor house in East Yorkshire. With cosy studies and grand, spacious atriums in equal measure, the property will make you feel at home and worlds away at the same time.

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5. 14th-century private castle, Scottish Borders


Be kings and queens for a day at this secluded castle on the Scottish Borders. The 14th-century sense of ancient grandeur inside and out, will take you back in time, perfect for a romantic wedding reception or family retreat.

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6. Manor House, Wiltshire, England


Escape the the elegance of this country home in Wiltshire for a taste of the best of classic architecture and modern convenience. The house’s exterior is straight out of the pages of a fairy tale, while the inside is cosy and refurbished to allow optimum comfort. As it’s close to must-see spots including Bath and Stonehenge, the property is the perfect home base for a countryside holiday.

Accommodates: 6 guests
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7. Regency Country House, Thetford, England


Dark Victorian glamour abounds at the Regency Country House and Estate in Norfolk. It’s the perfect place to escape for a lazy reading holiday. Enjoy the rich interiors and lush gardens.

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8. Ardgowan House, Inverkip, Scotland


Just 45 minutes from Glasgow is tucked Ardgowan house. The gorgeous manor home has stunning views of the Scottish waterfront and simply splendid Victorian furnishings to give a wedding reception or event the royal treatment. For high romance and style, there’s no comparison.

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16. Cleeve House, Seend, England


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13 Myths You Believed That Are Totally Busted

Brains, animals, and whizzing on an electric fence. We asked the MythBusters for some help with your favorite myths.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been co-hosts of MythBusters for 13 seasons.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

They’ve filmed more than 200 episodes and tested 960 myths (with about just as many explosions), so we asked them to suss out fact from fiction — and whether they could remember their earliest episodes.

1. You use only 10% of your brain. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: Yeah, that’s totally a myth.

2. You lose most of your body heat through your head. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: That is actually one of the ones we wanted to test on the show. I think that’s a myth. What part of your body is exposed in the cold? It’s usually your head, so we wanted to test it.

It’s something we haven’t yet tested — cold-weather myths where specifically we expose (gestures around head) exactly this amount of square footage of your body, watch it on a thermal camera and see, because I don’t think it’s true. I don’t think there’s anything special about the blood vessels here that you’d lose more heat through other body parts.

Allegedly it was based on an Army manual from the 1970s where only people’s heads were exposed.

Adam: Yeah, there’s no control in that test. So it’s like you lose most of your body heat through the part of you that’s in the cold.

3. If you swallow chewing gum, it takes seven years for it to work its way through you. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: Pbbt, total myth.

4. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: (turns to Jamie) Do you have any idea about that?

Jamie: Not sure.

Adam: We’re going to leave them like this. I have no idea.

That’s actually a myth. The Antarctic is the largest.

Adam: Ah! Rainfall. Right.

5. If you fell into lava, you’d sink into it. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Jamie: I’d say that’d be a myth.

Adam: Lava is denser than we are. And also you’d be crispy fried.

6. A coin dropped from a skyscraper would kill someone. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: Yeah, we did that. No. The best part about testing that is when you go to the Empire State Building and you go to levels below the observation deck, they’re all littered with change. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Jamie: Murderous people.

Adam: They collect the change and they donate it to charity.

7. Ostriches hide their heads in the sand. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Jamie: I’d say that’s a myth.

Adam: Yeah, I’m going to guess that’s a myth.

Yeah, it looks like they do, but they’re just kind of hunkering down.

Adam: Ostriches are such dicks.

8. You’re more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark. (True.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: That’s absolutely true. You’re more likely to be killed by a steak than a shark.

9. Snakes typically have two penises. (True.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: Well, they’re shaped like a penis and have two penises.

Jamie: Something rings true to me for that, I think.

Adam: All right, you’ve had snakes.

That’s true, yeah. Some do. Fun fact!

Adam: That’s too weird to make up.

10. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: That is totally a myth. We’ve done it on the show.

11. Deoxygenated human blood is blue. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: That is a myth.

12. Urinating on an electric fence can cause electrocution. (True.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: I have done it, and it hurts.

13. Celery has negative calories. (Myth.)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Adam: It’s something we’ve always wanted to test on the show. I think that’s a myth, but it’s devilishly hard to test. It’s 90% cellulose, which we can’t digest anyway.

Jamie: It’s definitely a myth. There’s a particular sugar that is in that — I want to say it’s the same as a milk sugar. There’s a bunch of different sugars, and it contains a type of sugar that’s specific to celery and a few other things.


“Snake” has been corrected to “steak” in No. 8. We misheard Adam, sorry about that! And we hope our reptilian friends can also forgive us. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_article_correction_time_4985282”).innerHTML = UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(‘2015-02-14 14:22:36 -0500’, ‘update’); });

The season finale airs Saturday, Feb. 14, at 9/8 p.m. CT on the Discovery Channel.

He Shared A Picture Of His Baby’s Toe, And It’s Something All Parents Need To See

When you’re a parent, you constantly want what is best for your child. You will do just about anything to make sure that your little one is safe, secure, and healthy. But sometimes, things go awry and life takes you down an unfortunate path.

That’s what happened to Scott Walker when he noticed an irregularity on his daughter’s toe. He and his wife took off the little girl’s socks and revealed something bizarre.

This is known as “toe-tourniquet syndrome.” It happens when a baby somehow wraps a piece of hair around their toe so tightly that circulation gets cut off. It’s a syndrome that can become serious very quickly if it’s not addressed immediately.

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Had a small scare this afternoon with Ms. Molly. What happened was new to me, but apparently not totally uncommon, so I…

Posted by Scott Walker on Thursday, January 21, 2016

If this situation is not remedied, toes can be lost in the process. Luckily for this cutie, Mom and Dad caught it in time!

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));


Posted by Scott Walker on Saturday, November 14, 2015

(via BuzzFeed)

These parents are extremely happy that they caught it before something drastic could happen. It’s important for parents to be aware of conditions like this, and Walker is certainly great at spreading the word.

Brit Hume stupefied by disgusting argument for ‘AFTER-birth abortion’!/Isla_78/status/437765630536581120

Fox News’ Brit Hume pointed out a story that should make everybody ill:!/brithume/status/437764552890265600

Hume was referencing an article at Slate outlining a hideous attempt to justify “after-birth abortion” which two “philosophers” proposed, ironically, in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. … [W]e propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus … rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.

It’s hard to believe anybody could find a way to justify that, but there are those who try.!/BDayspring/status/437765495350394880


Biden marks anniversary of Obama’s nomination; Not everybody’s celebrating!/emmdee22/status/504651357895557120

It’s been six years — six long and expensive years — but Joe Biden seems thrilled with what they’ve accomplished:!/JoeBiden/status/504643868210769920

And the DNC retweeted it:!/TheDemocrats/status/504650579000705024

It might be the six-year anniversary of the nomination of Obama/Biden, but not everybody’s celebrating:!/PostmasterBen/status/504644054576291842!/JHWillson/status/504644773459005440

Why is everything so absolutely fucked up? Why.

Well, we have the answer right here……— The 57th State© ℅EF™ (@EF517_V2) August 27, 2014!/Wolfiemann/status/504651208834154496

Six years after the nomination and subsequent election (and 2012 re-election) of Obama/Biden, the veep might want to ask himself why his granddaughters are still so horribly oppressed.

Celebs, others react to news of possible lift of gay Boy Scout ban!/RealDlHughley/status/295975386150486017

D.L. Hughley calls himself a comedian in his Twitter bio, so we’ll take his word for it. His method of arguing for gay rights is a bit short on laughs, though. He called conservative blogger Sister Toldjah a “hooker” after she took issue with his characterization of Chick-fil-A founder Dan Cathy as a racist. Tolerance, right? So what better way to argue for the lifting of a ban on gay Boy Scouts and scout leaders than to call the organization’s uniform “gay”? It’s OK, folks, a liberal said it.

Its past time that Boy Scouts lift their (ignorant, hurtful) ban on gay kids

— mia farrow (@MiaFarrow) January 29, 2013

NBC News reported earlier today that the Boy Scouts of America is “actively considering” lifting the ban, which it reaffirmed just seven months ago. BSA spokesman Deron Smith told NBC the policy under consideration “would allow the religious, civic or educational organizations that oversee and deliver Scouting to determine how to address this issue.”  In other words, allowing gay members and leaders would become a sort of “troops’ rights” issue.

Boy Scouts talk about ending ban on gay members but will leave it up to local organisations to decide their own policy.

— Dana B (@common_st) January 28, 2013

Actor Neil Patrick Harris displayed quite a bit more tact that Hughley, although we wonder if “diversity” covers those who have religious or other objections to homosexuality.

Come on, Boy Scouts, do the right thing. Diversity should be honored and valued. There should be a merit badge for it.

— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) January 28, 2013

@actuallynph The new Scout Law should end with “thrifty, brave, clean, and tolerant.”

— Rob Saurini (@Saurini) January 28, 2013

A lift of the ban isn’t quite enough to make Dan Savage happy. It looks like the “my duty to God and my country” clause of the oath would have to go too. Next year, maybe?

Looks like Boy Scouts org may vote to lift ban on gay members – what about ban on atheists? That up for a vote too?

— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) January 28, 2013

Move over Hughley — you have competition.

Saw on the news Boy Scouts of America bans gay scouts.. Aren’t they all gay??

— Colleen (@Colleeenxoo) January 28, 2013

They’re a little late. Other than the Church, where could you find more child abusers already? @rightwingwatch:

— Michael K. Potter (@stumpymccripple) January 28, 2013

Wait….gays cant be boy scouts? ……i thought all the boy scouts were gay

— Pierre Phipps (@PrinceCharmingP) January 29, 2013

Allowing gay Boy Scouts? I thought you had to be gay to be a Boy Scout

— Tyler Wolf (@tylerwolf9696) January 29, 2013

The art of making a woman mad!/CRISCORRAL503/status/186167172454813696

So, what is the best way to make a female mad? Well, Twitter has some thoughts. Although some men gave their opinions about how it is best accomplished, you should probably pay more attention to what women say.

Liability clause:  Try any method of making a woman angry at your own risk. Twitchy is not responsible for any outbursts, ranting, violence, or anger of any kind.

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Burn down her house

— Digeratii (Archive) (@Digeratii) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff ask her how much she paid for "her hair"

— ((Anthony Tucker)) (@NoHumanAllowed_) March 31, 2012!/themariadilemma/status/186165318736031744

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Compare her to your ex

— Roneil Williams (@_RudeBwoy) March 31, 2012!/alexiachristo/status/186167672625565696!/liveLOWKEY/status/186165851572027392

#HowToPissAFemaleOff ignore her 8th email -__-

— ♠ •Cy• ♠ (@Cy13_) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff when she is done talking say "what did you say?"

— Lola Reeves (@Dlowramirez) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Tell her that her cooking is bad.

— Malik Ghosty (@Malik_Six0) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Do absolutely nothing.

— slick (@Be_Cool_Fool) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff is by being a male… Anything we do is wrong. #Truth

— Hunter Winborne ® (@ThisIsHW_9) March 31, 2012

18 Ways In Which Cold Weather Can Affect Your Body And Mind

People either love winter, or they hate it with a passion. There is typically no happy medium between those two feelings.

But perhaps those who hate winter are onto something. Scientific and psychological studies have found that winter weather can have drastic effects on your body and mind. Here are just a few of the ways in which winter affects people around the world. Some of the effects are positive, and others are pretty terrible.

1. Studies show that people are less inclined to think violent thoughts when the weather is cold, so that’s one good thing about winter.

2. But winter temps can kill your sex drive. The cold weather makes you want to keep your clothes on. And who wants to get it on when it’s too frigid to take your coat off?

3. In an interesting experiment, people were placed in a prisoner’s dilemma. Some people were asked to hold ice packs, and the others held hand warmers. When asked if they’d defend their friends or rat them out, those holding hand warmers were less likely to rat their friends out than those holding ice packs. Cold hands, cold hearts.

4. The winter air makes your skin super dry because there is less humidity in the air. One good way to combat all of the nasty side effects of having dry skin is to cut down on shower time.

5. I’m sure you’re well aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but did you know why the winter makes people more depressed? It’s because the brain is sensitive to low temperatures, just like the body. If it gets too cold, the brain responds by releasing chemicals that make you miserable.

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6. The flu virus tends to fly around more easily in cold air. Wash your hands, people!

7. One of the most obvious things about winter is that car accidents occur way more frequently in snowy conditions.

8. Gaining weight in the winter is also a problem, since our bodies crave warm, comforting dishes when temperatures drop. It’s called “winter weight” for a reason, folks.

9. If you are an asthma sufferer, your symptoms can worsen in the winter because of how dry the air is.

10. It is much harder for the body to control glucose levels in the winter, so people suffering from diabetes need to be especially careful.

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11. Cold temperatures cause barometric pressure to decrease. This drastic change can lead to severe migraines.

12. Low temperatures can increase swelling in the joints, making life much more difficult for people with arthritis.

13. Winter is tough on the eyes, too. Dry air can cause eye irritation, which is especially annoying for people who use contact lenses.

14. People seek out physical and psychological warmth during the winter, which causes an uptick in romantic comedy viewership. You decide whether that’s good or bad.

15. Winter temperatures can cause cardiovascular problems. The pressure of having to keep your body warm in the winter puts a strain on your heart.

16. People who suffer from indoor allergies have a much harder time managing those allergies when they’re trapped inside because of harsh conditions.

17. Radon, an odorless gas found in the soil, makes its way into homes far more easily in the winter. Long-term exposure to this gas is known to cause lung cancer.

18. Lack of light during the winter can negatively affect your sleep cycle, which means that many people find themselves feeling tired throughout the day.

Maybe we should all move to Florida for the winter…or just permanently. Winter has been scientifically proven to be a crappy time of year for the body and mind.