Twitter lynch mob predicts riot if Zimmerman is acquitted!/ayo80proof/status/190303910135730177!/Bijvn/status/190502217869045760

I hope America knows if Zimmerman is found not guilty … some city is going to RIOT!

— Sandpaper #Grit220 (@oljames88) April 12, 2012

glad that ZIMMERMAN FINALLY got charged with murder of TRAYVON but if they find this fool not guilty, could have another riot break out!

— Ike Thunderton (@PlanetManSexxxy) April 12, 2012!/Bora_City/status/190272119941238784!/epierce2011/status/190184950341963776

I bet George Zimmerman get found not guilty so niggas can start a riot.

— AJ (@0130AJ) April 12, 2012

So who's ready for a riot when Zimmerman is found not guilty?! #looters unite!

— Ms J (@Chump_Juice) April 12, 2012

#TruthIs if zimmerman is found "Not Guilty" ima start a riot, ima start a riot. (2 chainz voice) #SeriousTho …….”

— heezy (@heezy_mac) April 12, 2012

I feel a Rodney King riot of Zimmerman is found not guilty…

— TAErockstarr (@Off_GLASS) April 11, 2012

If Zimmerman is found not guilty I already know what stores I'm gone RIOT!

— Star Wilson (@SuperStarDizzle) April 11, 2012

I swear if Zimmerman gets Not Guilty it's going to be a riot !

— keys . (@keyweezyy) April 10, 2012

If zimmerman found not guilty, its gonna be a big ass riot

— Deezus (@410_drock) April 11, 2012