18 Wonderfully Geeky Valentine’s Gifts For Scientists

Show them how much you care (about scientific accuracy).

1. This scientifically accurate Valentine’s card.

Because having very specific ways to describe how someone makes you feel is important.

2. This pair of mugs.

Because declaring your love any other way is elementary.

3. This nautilus necklace.

Because having your own jet propulsion system is sexy.

4. This anatomical heart puzzle.


Because it’s important to be able to pick up the pieces and put your heart back together again.

5. This agate watercolour print.

Because geology puns rock.

(Also, for last-minute present buyers: this watercolour is available to download right away, you just need to get it printed on decent paper.)

6. This minimalist card.

Because you can never have enough anatomy puns.

7. A beautifully cross-stitched STD.


Because VD doesn’t just stand for Valentine’s Day.

8. These anatomically correct heart cufflinks.

Because you should wear your heart on your sleeve.

9. This Valentine’s card.

Because they are your sweet-heart.

10. This silver-plated coffee spoon.

Because if caffeine is your valentine, that’s ok too.

11. This tardigrade model.


Because a $10,000 solid gold micro-animal model is the only way to show you’re really serious.

(There are cheaper plastic ones in fetching colours, too.)

12. This lunar phase necklace.

Because you can customise it with the date you met.

13. This vintage constellation map print.

Because sometimes you need a reminder to look up at the stars.

14. This binary cross stitch.

Because robots have feelings too.

15. These not-at-all-creepy anatomical heart soaps.

Because love means washing your hands with scientifically accurate soap after you go to the bathroom.

16. This USB astronaut book light.

Because sometimes you need a little extra company when your other half is away.

17. This heartbeat scarf.

Because you can’t always be there to keep them warm yourself.

18. A serotonin necklace.

Because your valentine should know how happy they make you.