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Plane skids off runway in Philly; Passenger tweets aftermath [pics, video]!/E_ROSE16/status/444241780590923777

Scary moments at Philadelphia International Airport today after a U.S. Airways jet attempting to take off had an as yet unknown problem with the nose gear and skidded off the runway to a halt.!/SWaltersTV/status/444250222294999040

Fortunately no injuries are being reported.!/ZackStieber/status/444247855759654912

This said that she was a passenger on the plane and tweeted some pictures:!/han_horan/status/444241143992029184!/han_horan/status/444246200451989504

Video of the plane being evacuated:!/MicahGrimes/status/444253042582360064

Twitchy will monitor this story and update with any relevant details as they are known.

‘So you’ve read them’? Hillary spox’s response to email news could spell BIG trouble

As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon did his best to spin the latestHillary email bombshell. He failed miserably, of course.

But he may have inadvertently done even more damage than first thought:

Well, gosh.That sound you hear? It’s the sound of a giant can of worms being opened.

Dem Sen. Max Baucus speaks out of turn, admits sequester was White House’s idea!/ShannonBream/status/304269893174431745

President Obama has emphatically and repeatedly denied any responsibility for the looming sequestration cuts, but Montana Sen. Max Baucus is breaking with fellow Democrats and not letting Obama off the hook:

An obvious, known fact. Not debatable. RT @rncresearch VIDEO – Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT): Sequestration was Obama’s idea

— Starz and Strypz (@StarzandStrypz) February 20, 2013


Reggie Wayne re-signs with Colts!/AlbertBreer/status/179747495608463360

After so much talk from Reggie Wayne about wanting to reunite with Peyton Manning, the wide receiver has decided to re-sign with the one team we guarantee Peyton won’t be playing for ever again. The Indianapolis Colts.

Reggie Wayne's 3 year deal with the Colts worth a max of $17.5M #freeagency not too many WRs left at this point.

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) March 14, 2012

Earlier on Tuesday there were also rumors that the Miami Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall for the sole purpose of signing Wayne and pursuing Manning to take his talents to South Beach. It would appear that Miami is definitely out of the running for Manning now.

Was boy burned in Kansas City area fire attack targeted because of race-baiting teacher?!/warnerthuston/status/179929242950311936

Another student from the same school’s mother seems to think it was a factor:

The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. “What would you know about it?” exclaimed the teacher dismissively. “You’re not our race.”

This was not dialogue from a Hollywood movie. According to a woman named Melissa Coon, it was what a teacher at East High School in Kansas City told her 13-year-old son, Allen, when he attempted to answer a question during Black History Month. Coon identifies that teacher as Mrs. Karla Dorsey, who is black; Allen is white.

As has already been reported, Allen was a victim of a vicious racial attack last week in which two older black teens doused him with gasoline and set him alight, saying “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” Not surprisingly, Coon has pulled her son out of East High and, concerned about further racial violence, intends to leave the K.C. area.

While this crime is making headlines, Coon states that it was merely the horrible culmination of continual racial harassment her son had to endure at East High. Moreover, after conducting an investigation that included extensive interviews with parents and students, I’ve learned that Coon’s son is not alone. Other white students also report a pattern of racial harassment at the high school at the hands of their peers – and, shockingly, their teachers.

There’s a lot more at the link, so go read it all, and file under when ‘incendiary rhetoric’ turns incendiary.

The ‘feminism’ stage of the celeb nude pics scandal is utterly absurd!/wsliauw/status/507093940990787584

Hilarious. And as if on cue, here comes the “nudity is the highest form of feminism” argument, via Joan Smith’s latest at The Guardian, “Posing naked is one of the ultimate feminist acts”:!/KiraCochrane/status/506901063358631936

An excerpt:

Amid this cacophony of critical voices, one reaction to the theft of “nude pics” – the tabloid shorthand makes them sound so much worse, doesn’t it? – has been to ask why any woman would pose naked. The implication is that the singers and actors concerned have “asked for it” if the pictures are stolen, which is as fine a piece of victim-blaming as I’ve heard in a long time. Apparently, the punishment for “vanity” is publication, and some newspapers that didn’t publish the stolen photographs offered a handy guide to where on the internet they had appeared.

Oh, please. If you want to pose nekkid, pose nekkid. And as for “some newspapers” that provided a “handy guide” on how to view the pictures, et tu Guardian?!/GuardianUS/status/506284968868585472

With links, no less:

Images of more than 100 well-known actors, singers and celebrities, including what appear to be nude photos and videos, may have been exposed by a hacker in a major breach of privacy.

On Sunday a user on the 4chan website posted a list of mostly female actors and public figures, including Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Aubrey Plaza and Winona Ryder, of whom they claim to have explicit photographs or videos.

A number of photos from some celebrities, including Hunger Games star Lawrence, have since been circulating on file-sharing and photo sites. 4chanquickly removed the posts from their site but screenshots of the list by one of the posters has a list of more than 60 names of celebrities who are alleged to have been hacked.

The release of the images has drawn varying responses from the celebrities, with some conceding they are real photos and others denying their veracity.

Buzzfeed reported that the user had also posted images of his desktop, one of which appeared to be an image of Jennifer Lawrence.

Which brings us to stage four of the scandal: commercialism. The Guardian is profiting from the nudes, and from the outrage at publishing the news. When will their feminists writers take a stand?

She Asked Her Dad To Babysit Her Doll, So He Took Things To Hilarious Extremes

Moms get all the credit when it comes to watching the kids, but dads are great babysitters, too!

Trent McCain, owner of McCain Trucking & Harvesting, unfortunately doesn’t get to spend much time at home because he wakes up every day at the crack of dawn and puts in long, long hours. That’s why his precious nine-year-old daughter Joselyn asked him to watch her baby doll for the day. She never wants him to be lonely! He didn’t want to let his favorite little lady down, so he took the job very seriously.

He didn’t think he’d be a grandpa so soon, but he fell into the role quite nicely.

The doll’s name is Abbie, and she decided to help her granddad load the trucks!

She’s a perfectionist, so she made sure to carefully inspect every load.

The two of them took some seriously cute selfies.

They even went fishing!

He tried to let her drive, but her feet didn’t reach the pedals.

Joselyn eventually returned from her busy day out, so she and Abbie hit the field with Dad to check on some wheat. And guess what.

She added two new members to the family: Brinley and Anna. Looks like this grandpa has busy times ahead!

(via Twenty Two Words)

Cheers to a great dad. If Joselyn ever decides to have a few real kiddos, they’ll clearly be in good hands when she needs a sitter!

‘If only we’d let him be clear’! Politico offers insight into Obama’s ‘Bush hangover’!/MichaelBlum3/status/478651409873637376

Poor, poor President Obama. He just can’t catch a break!!/JohnEkdahl/status/478649880718483456

From Politico:

The rising chaos in Iraq — and the blame game over who’s responsible — are the latest reminders that halfway through his own second term, he’s still often more consumed by dealing with the legacy of President George W. Bush than building his own.

Obama supporters see a president who found himself so deep in so many holes from his very first day in office that cleaning up the aftermath of the previous eight years was going to take at least eight of his own: getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, stabilizing the housing market and repairing the larger economic collapse, all while chopping a $1.2 trillion deficit in half.

He’s really had it rough, you guys.

To detractors, particularly those with allegiances to Bush, that argument comes off as another excuse for a president who’s been unable to deliver much — a man they see as so driven to be different from his predecessor that he’s often blundered into catastrophe.

Now that sounds more like the Obama we know: Full of excuses and utterly devoid of substance — or integrity.!/bimbim1/status/478654675475238912!/Kozakman/status/478651808228069377

WH, Dems drum up fear and lies over Hobby Lobby case against Obamacare!/ItsThatBriGuy/status/405397694270566400

The owners of Hobby Lobby have been engaged in a battle with Kathleen Sebelius and HHS over their right to refuse to pay for abortifacients for their employees. Today, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Hobby Lobby’s case:!/michellemalkin/status/405391189534203904

From PR Newswire:

The nation’s highest court accepted the federal government’s appeal of a June decision by the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals that a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate to provide potentially life-terminating drugs and devices in employee insurance plans places a substantial burden on the religious freedoms of Hobby Lobby, which is solely owned by founder David Green and his family.

“This is a major step for the Greens and their family businesses in an important fight for Americans’ religious liberty,” said Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and lead lawyer for Hobby Lobby. “We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will clarify once and for all that religious freedom in our country should be protected for family business owners like the Greens.”

Naturally, the White House is pitching a fit:!/PressSec/status/405395765289160704!/markknoller/status/405395112902942721

And Dems are flipping their lids:!/SenatorReid/status/405382316878356480!/DWStweets/status/405395453774409728

But here’s the thing: Not only are the Dems unjustly outraged that a privately owned company wants to exercise its First Amendment rights, but they’re actively lying about the Hobby Lobby situation:!/krisheimler/status/405397546370990080


The Greens and their family businesses – who have no moral objection to providing 16 of the 20 FDA-approved contraceptives required under the HHS mandate and do so at no additional cost to employees under their self-insured health plan – then took the unusual step in October of joining the government in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case, despite the family’s victory in the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. [Emphasis ours.]

So the issue here isn’t the Greens’ refusal to provide employees with birth control. What Democrats have a problem with is that the Greens aren’t willing to compromise their faith in order to bend to the will of the government, which, by the way, should play no role in health care in the first place.!/markknoller/status/405396218081058816

Guess what, Mr. President: Birth control, like the rest of health care, is none of the government’s damn business.!/BBBE555/status/405395637010956288


If female employees decide they need birth control, and it isn’t covered by their employer, they can pay for it themselves.!/SuperAndrea/status/405396444254699520!/rachelveronica/status/405397187850285056!/GaltsGirl/status/405395081479192576

That’s what being empowered is all about, right?



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