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These ‘Baked Nightmares’ Will Leave Your Taste Buds Frighteningly Confused. Mmm.

We’ve heard of food porn, but this is something totally different. Artist, photographer, and Los Angeles baker extraordinaire Christine McConnell has created some of the scariest cakes you’ll ever see, or ever want to see. From alien waffle cones, to crazy cookie monsters, they’ll leave you screaming… for a fork.

Could you ever eat one of these? Either they’d creep you out a little too much, or you’d be scared to ruin it forever. Ugh… decisions! Source: Reddit via Twisted Sifter Use the share buttons below and let your friends know about Christine McConnell’s work.

Ouch! Laura Ingraham has better idea for carriage-banning de Blasio!/Lehockib/status/418078077172740096

Ah, memories! New York City and carriage rides: Who doesn’t love them? Well, you better hurry. Because NYC Mayor-elect de Blasio has decided that dastardly horse-drawn carriage rides are the most pressing issue of our time.

"You have a lot of problems in your city. What will you do first?"
"Ban horse carriage rides."
"Excuse me?"
"Ban horse carriage rides."— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) December 31, 2013

No, for serious:!/Johntherhino/status/418082831324049408!/Doc_0/status/418040985214402560


It’s funny, and depressing, because it’s true.

Laura Ingraham entered for the mix with a winning suggestion:!/IngrahamAngle/status/417870802957373440



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TIME pronounces Anthony Weiner’s campaign ‘effectively’ over!/RBPundit/status/375348188242116608

Say it ain’t so!

Anthony Weiner’s shouting match today with a Brooklyn deli patron was the final nail in his campaign coffin, according to TIME:!/TIME/status/375337705359429632

Others agreed:!/oadefisayo/status/375339034677370880

But let’s be honest here:!/thejaredschmidt/status/375341623925698560



Twitchy coverage of Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger

Amanda Carpenter explains WaPo’s ‘incredible’ O-care enrollment story!/edatpost/status/436531972899614721

The Washington Post published a story yesterday which says 12,000 congressional staffers have enrolled in an Obamacare plan.

Is that “incredible,” as the WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe tweeted? As Sen. Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter pointed out, it’s not incredible, but rather inevitable:!/amandacarpenter/status/436967828529217536

Being forced to sign up sure does help make for a more “incredible” enrollment number.

Thailand Bans Surrogacy For Foreigners To Stop Its “Womb Rental” Industry

Thailand’s interim parliament passed the law on Thursday after two big surrogacy scandals last year.

Thailand’s parliament has passed a law that bans foreigners from paying Thai women to be surrogates, in a bid to end the country’s role as a “fertility tourism” destination after a series of scandals.

A woman who identified herself as a surrogate mother at a news conference north of Bangkok in Sept. 2014. Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters

Thailand’s new law, passed by its interim parliament on Thursday, bans paid surrogacy by both Thais and foreigners, the BBC reported. Thai married couples, or married couples with one Thai member, can still use a surrogate if they do not pay for the service and if the woman used is over 25 years old.

Although the law appears to have been passed primarily to stop paid surrogacy, some Australian media reported that it also only allows heterosexual couples to use surrogates.

Thailand’s surrogacy industry came under the spotlight last year after a surrogate mother said an Australian couple abandoned their baby boy Gammy when he was born with Down’s Syndrome, taking home only his sister.

Surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua poses with Gammy at a hospital in southeastern Thailand in Aug. 2014. Apichart Weerawong / AP

The couple denied the accusation, saying that they would have been happy to take the boy but the surrogate mother decided not to give him up. Gammy remained with her and was later granted Australian citizenship to grant him access to medical care.

The case sparked public outrage over the lack of laws controlling international surrogacy — and that outrage intensified when it emegered that the man in the couple had been jailed in 1997 for sex offences involving girls aged under 13.

And last August, Interpol launched an investigation into a Japanese man who used Thai surrogate mothers to have 16 children, raising fears that he was running a “baby factory” and planning to traffic the infants.

Surrogate babies that Thai police suspect were fathered by a Japanese businessman shown during a news conference in Bangkok in Aug. 2014. Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters

Mitsutoki Shigeta denied the accusations and said he just wanted a large family, The Guardian reported at the time, citing his lawyer. The children were taken into care by the Thai social services and some of the mothers launched custody cases in January, the Japan Times reported.

As one of the few Asian countries where commercial surrogacy was not specifically outlawed, Thailand had become a go-to destination for couples from Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Associated Press reported.

Thai immigration policemen question Vietnamese women allegedly lured into becoming surrogate mothers in Thailand, in Bangkok in Feb. 2011. AFP / Getty images

Thailand’s international surrogacy industry was dubbed a “womb rental business” by some of its detractors, especially following last year’s scandals. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in most countries — exceptions include India, Russia and some U.S states, the BBC has reported.

The remaining big market for international surrogacy in Asia now is India, where the industry is worth $400m a year but the women themselves are often poorly treated, Al Jazeera has reported.

An Indian surrogate mother in Mumbai in Nov. 2012. Jonas Gratzer / Getty

Richard Lewis: Hatred for POTUS behind possible government default!/TheRichardLewis/status/390248764092317696

We’re all for more (conservative) women in office, but we’re not sure that’s the cure for egomania and, allegedly, racism at work in Congress. Is comedian Richard Lewis saying that racism is somehow behind the government shutdown and debt ceiling standoff? Well, hatred anyway.!/TheRichardLewis/status/390246839976357888

What was behind the last 17 government shutdowns then?

The ‘Bad Taste Award’ goes to the NY Times for its ‘unfortunate page layout’!/Bettesdiner/status/523844813980856321

Unfortunate page layout @nytimes

— Bobby Tanzilo (@BobbyOnMKEcom) October 19, 2014


Oooooh, wow. #fail RT "@BobbyOnMKEcom: Unfortunate page layout @nytimes

— Stacy Long (@StaKLoPR) October 19, 2014

This ad ran next to story of "charred human bodies". Lesson for skull bracelet makers–don't advertise on pg A4.

— mike pesca (@pescami) October 19, 2014

Seriously @nytimes? Lucky Skull Bracelet ad beside the article about clandestine graves in Iguala, Mexico.

— Jaime Tincher (@jaimetincher) October 19, 2014

#NewYorkTimes Truly Bad Taste Award for skull bracelet ad next to article about "at least 28 charred human bodies."

— sarabartonmysteries (@bartonmysteries) October 19, 2014

Skull bracelets ad next to article on finding unknown bodies Mexico?@nytimes

— Abraham G Walker (@KofiWaka) October 19, 2014

@BobbyOnMKEcom: Unfortunate page layout @nytimes” yikes!

— Christy Fletcher (@FletcherChristy) October 19, 2014


Oof! Will NYT notice ‘the unfortunate phrasing of this headline’?

You’ll Love What Happened When This Sick Little Boy Returned To School. We Can All Learn From These Kids.

The world would be a much better place if everyone treated each other like these kids do in the video below.

After being absent for a week from school with a stomach virus, Tyler returned to class to get the most amazing reception from his fellow classmates. After Tyler walks into the classroom, the kids all join in shouting, “Tyler! Tyler!” and one adorable little girl even rushes up to him and gives him the biggest hug.

The video was filmed by comedian and proud father Shawn Harris, who was delighted with what he saw from the children, writing on his Facebook “This video proves that racism is taught…this little clip may change the way we think about each other as adults”.

Source: Shawn Harris

Share this incredibly warming video with your friends and family below, it’s guaranteed to give them a huge smile.

‘Shameless plea’: HHS uses Daytona 500 to hawk Obamacare!/ICYMI_News/status/437681172559437824

The crowd at the Daytona 500 ran for shelter during a tornado warning today, but HHS depicting a crowd running for the exits would indeed have been a more appropriate imagery for their race day Obamacare pitch:!/jeff_poor/status/437680604340289536

This HHS tweet should have promised “if you like your pole position, you can keep your pole position.”!/HHSGov/status/437666240308334592

RIP Lady Gaga? Nah, not really!!/LGMonsterFacts/status/205186969670647808

“RIP Lady Gaga” was trending in the wee hours of the morning. But the pop diva wasn’t flat-lining. She was busy…tweeting:

I cANT stop writing music. Its AN ILLNESS.

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) May 22, 2012

Best quote ever. Haus of Gaga told me they love me because everything in my head moves like its on 42nd street.

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) May 23, 2012

Her fans gave new meaning to “RIP” to combat the Gaga-haters:!/hausofcassie/status/205195249419681792

Really Inspiring Person is the #1 trending topic WorldWide. RIP Lady Gaga

— Alex Carter (@JeremiahCarterr) May 23, 2012

Haters trended RIP Lady Gaga to show their respect and admiration to Gaga. We all know it means Really Inspiring Person; thank you haters!

— Lady Gaga Facts (@LGMonsterFacts) May 23, 2012

Just freaked out at RIP Lady Gaga trending but it's fine. It's just weird fans. Being weird.

— Sarah Smith (@sarahlsmith23) May 23, 2012

People have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.