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Heckuva job, Cory! Vulgar celeb tolerance brigade comes out strong for Booker!/CoryBooker/status/366727998730285056

On Monday, U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker proudly hit the stump with actress Eva Longoria, the 2012 Obama campaign co-chair known for her vulgar retweets about conservatives. (You know, those were the tweets she shared — and deleted — to create “dialogue.”)

But Longoria isn’t the only nasty piece of work pimping Booker’s Senate bid. A quick glance at his celeb supporters reads like a who’s who of Twitchy’s entertainment archives … and not in a good way.!/SarahKSilverman/status/367254767908962304

Comedienne Sarah Silverman thinks joking about getting a “quickie aborsh” is as hilarious as telling Rick Santorum to “suck a d*ck.” Earlier this summer, she was spanked soundly for her pitiful walk-back of N-word tweets related to the the ranch leased by Gov. Rick Perry.!/lenadunham/status/367098304641134592

“Brave thinker” Lena Dunham likened voting for Obama to first-time sex and pissed on Memorial Day. Just yesterday she was called out by her own side for the unbearable whiteness of being a “Girls” cast member.!/MiaFarrow/status/367290512862367744

What was that about unbearable whiteness? Self-appointed race cop Mia Farrow is the one to ask. She’s also a huge fan of gay-baiting anyone she doesn’t like, from Justice Scalia to the Pope.!/UncleRUSH/status/367261618645630976

Race-baiting liar Russell Simmons is a race-baiting race-baiter. Enough said. And his lying political director Michael Skolnik is cut from the same mold.!/MichaelSkolnik/status/367279174995554306

Classy crowd, huh?

Too bad the oh-so-tolerant and loving Cher hasn’t weighed in … yet. For now, she’s keeping her laser-like focus on the “TBaggers.”!/cher/status/367186208759099392

#DNCSlogans: Proposed slogans for Democratic National Convention!/jjauthor/status/238376710909874177

Hilarity, of course, ensued as Twitter users picked up the hashtag #DNCSlogans. They kindly offer some slogans for Democrats to use in preparation for their convention in Charlotte, N.C., next month.

The slogans are funny, because they are true! Here are a few of our favorites so far.

#DNCSlogans You make it, we take it.

— Jerry (@rightinillinois) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans: "OPM—Other People’s Money The mother’s milk of the Democratic Party!"

— Janie Johnson (@jjauthor) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Let's keep blaming Bush!

— Julian Gotovac (@JulianGotovac) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans What comes after a trillion? Let's Find Out! #tcot

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) August 22, 2012

#dncslogans "All Your Money Are Belong to Us!"

— J. Brenneman (@JBrenn) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans We think that another four years of #OccupyResoluteDesk is all that it will take.

— 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Obama so loved the poor that he created thousands more.

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans We create the problem then make you pay to make it worse.

— Infidel Crusader (@COCrowe) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans #MathIsHard

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Who needs facts when you have scare tactics?

— Katie Johnson (@kjon) August 22, 2012

Keep them coming, Twitter!

18 Babies Who Are Way, Way Older Than You

Shhhhh. These babies have work at the yard in the morning.

1. This baby won’t stop talking about how much milk cost back in his day.

2. This baby’s turn signal has been on for the last 35 minutes.

3. This baby knows how to fill out a W-2.

4. This baby came out the womb worried he was going to miss a rerun of Gunsmoke.

5. This baby still prints out directions.

6. This baby just sent you chain mail that started with “Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re”.

7. This baby won’t stop explaining the rules of cribbage to me.

8. This baby got a lifetime achievement award two days into life.

9. This baby can’t drink milk anymore because of what it “does to the pipes.”

10. This baby has a coupon for every conceivable good/service.

11. This baby is on the cover of this month’s AARP Magazine.

12. The only music this baby listens to is AM radio.

13. This baby came out the womb offering you a Werther’s Original caramel.

14. This baby’s favorite topic of discussion is room temperature.

15. This baby keeps calling Vietnam “French Indochina.”

16. This baby hasn’t driven over 20 mph for four decades.

17. This baby’s favorite hobby is saving receipts.

18. And this baby is old enough to be your dad. He might even be your dad.

Wish him a happy Father’s Day!

All this and more over at r/OldBabies!

Why is ‘Justin makes us wet’ trending?!/Amelia_1Dfan/status/191466602359816192

At first we assumed that Justin Bieber’s fans were responsible.  But, no. Virtually all of the  “Justin makes us wet” tweets are from critics:

oh my god ' justin makes us wet' is trending, when all Biebers fans are about 12 #toomuch

— Sophie Cooper (@sophiecooper) April 15, 2012

LMFAO ew Beliebers are so pervy, "Justin makes us wet" O_O

— phoebe in wonderland (@ssssssnakepit) April 15, 2012!/Callieox/status/191482442677358592

justin makes us wet ?? he makes me wet because every time I hear him I stick needles in my tear ducts and urinate over a map of the usa

— Glenn Newbury (@Flashplumbs) April 15, 2012!/BonnBBB/status/191481479392542721

Viewers prefer Tina and Amy to Oscars’ ‘boring’ host Seth MacFarlane!/EHolmesWSJ/status/305847848178700288

Well, those are some big heels to fill. The Academy Awards show hadn’t begun yet tonight, but viewers were already clamoring for SNL duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who hosted the Golden Globes. William Shatner said what everyone is apparently thinking.

“Why couldn’t they just get Tina and Amy to host?” – William Shatner, making a guest appearance during Seth MacFarlane’s opening

— People magazine (@peoplemag) February 25, 2013

As far as I’m concerned, the #Oscars began and ended when William Shatner asked “Why can’t Tina and Amy host everything?”

— Richard West (@RichieOnTV) February 25, 2013

Shatner got it right.Bring out Tina and Amy.

— Nich Boutique (@nichboutique) February 25, 2013

Off to a rocky start:

Wow – McFarlane is actually playing safe. By which I mean boring #oscars

— Saich (@FiascoPictures) February 25, 2013

Seth McFarlane is boring and obnoxious ..

— Allison Jones (@jonseyy17) February 25, 2013

Seth McFarlane is actually kind of boring and the Capt Kirk thing is lame.#Oscars2013Glad that part is over.

— Hilary Rosen (@hilaryr) February 25, 2013

What is this? The Seth McFarlane show?? He’s dancing. He’s Singing. He’s making terrible jokes. He’s boring everyone. #oscars

— Keira Soleore (@KeiraSoleore) February 25, 2013

I don’t mind Seth McFarlane’s cynicism, but I mind his not being very funny.boring. #Oscars

— lindastern (@lindastern) February 25, 2013

Seth McFarlane is not funny. At all. Like he is boring. So boring

— David beety (@machinesix) February 25, 2013

“Well, WE thought you were great!” – Seth McFarlane’s family in about four hours.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) February 25, 2013

Just sprinkle a few Sarah Palin-bashing jokes into the mix and you’ll be as good as liberal gold, Seth.


Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Mr. MacFarlane’s name. We apologize for the error.

A Turkish Company Is Cleverly Using Recycling Bins To Help Stray Dogs.

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs all over the world. It’s difficult to put a finger on why there are so many. Some groups believe that irresponsible pet breeding and sales have resulted in the homelessness boom, while others suggest the lack of population control. Regardless of the cause, there are homeless dogs that need our help. Pugedon, a Turkish company, is working to help the people and the strays that live in Istanbul. The idea that they developed is brilliant.

The homeless dog population in Istanbul is a serious problem. The city’s streets are filled with these urban strays.

So, Pugedon developed something that would help both people AND the stray dogs.

It’s genius.

This box is just a recycling bin. However, it can do so much more than that. The machine has containers for water (where you can pour your leftover water before recycling the bottle) and for dog food. Every time a bottle is recycled, a fixed ratio of kibbles is dispensed into the container. The recycled bottles cover the cost of the food, so no one has to fund the supply. Not only are people going to recycle more, but the starving stray population can be fed. Check out the machine in action:

(H/T BigThink) This recycling bin hits two important birds with one simple stone. It would be incredible to see more units like this appear all over the world. We are drowning in plastic that we use. Strays are starving. It’s time to find a solution. Share this epic idea by clicking below.

I Definitely Never Thought I’d See These Animals Hanging Out Together.

If cats and dogs can be buddies, no animal friendships should surprise us. Yet this one blew me away. Deer and chickens? It doesn’t seem wrong, but it certainly doesn’t seem like something that would ever happen.

In the Scottish Highlands, anything is possible… when it comes to deer and chickens palling around, at least. What’s crazy about the pairing is, once you see a deer and a chicken together, it seems like something that should happen everywhere. If you live in a place with both deer and chickens, you have to put them in touch the way Martin Davies, because it’s really a treat. Take a look!

A deer and a chicken? What?

Martin Davies

The gang’s all here.

Martin Davies

Wow. They really are close friends.

Martin Davies

That doesn’t mean the deer should let the chicken walk all over them like that.

Martin Davies

Well, I guess it is pretty adorable.

Martin Davies

(via The Dodo)

What a crew! I hope their bond is from a legitimate fondness for each other, and not a mutual fear of being eaten by surrounding humans.

18 Stunning Aussie Bars That Are Perfect For Summer

Because summer is the season for day drinking.

We recently asked BuzzFeed Community to share with us their favourite bars to drink at in Australia during summer. Here are all the ones you need to visit ASAP.

1. North Gong Hotel, Wollongong, New South Wales

Recommended by Cathy Zillion (Facebook). The North Gong Hotel is one of the coolest places to be on a Sunday night. Drink until you forget that you have work in the morning.

2. 2KW, Adelaide, South Australia

From Shaun Crawford (Facebook). This bar certainly has the best views over Adelaide. An excellent place for Saturday afternoon cocktails on a hot summer weekend.

3. The Corner Hotel Rooftop, Richmond, Victoria

Suggested by Lisa Dodds (Facebook). This bar often hosts live music, which means you get to chill out on a warm rooftop, with cold beer, listening to great tunes. What’s not to love?

4. Ponyfish Island, Melbourne, Victoria

Suggested by Robert John (Facebook). What’s better than drinking cocktail jugs during the afternoon while surrounded by water?

5. Sweethearts, Potts Point, New South Wales

From Gyan Yankovich. Sweethearts is a great rooftop BBQ which offers an awesome array of cocktails and fresh summery drinks.

6. The Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia

From Michael Kay (Facebook). The Gallery is one of those venues that just oozes cool. With an extensive wine list, you can certainly spend hours chilling out here.

7. The Beresford Hotel, Surry Hills, New South Wales

From jordanm29. The Beresford is an epic place to while away an afternoon in a leafy courtyard with a bunch of cocktail jugs. Plus its so close to Oxford Street so it’s ideal for pre-drinks.

8. Rooftop Bar, Melbourne, Victoria

From Priscilla Delatorre (Facebook). This place has amazing cocktails and astro turf. Best part is that in summer, it becomes a rooftop cinema.

9. Sky Terrace, Sydney, New South Wales

From Mick James (Facebook). Sure, it’s a little on the pricey end of the spectrum but The Sky Terrace is the place you want to be at sunset, sipping on Moët and taking Instagram photos so everyone knows you were there.

10. The Vineyard, St. Kilda, Victoria

From brittanyg4eef8a39c. The Vineyard is an excellent restaurant, so it only makes sense that they have a kick-ass beer garden to go along with it.

11. Siglo Bar, Melbourne, Victoria

Suggested by harrisonf4360539ec. This rooftop bar is a pretty classy establishment, a great place to split a bottle of wine and a plate of antipasti.

12. The Bank Hotel, Newtown, New South Wales

From Tahlia Pritchard. A visit to The Bank isn’t complete without tasting their amazing Pimm’s jugs. It’s great place for pre drinks before a night out in Newtown.

13. Portsea Hotel, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Suggested by adame4b54323e7. This amazing beer garden has stunning views of the water and is the perfect place to spend a hot day.

14. Preachers, Hobart, Tasmania

From Gyan Yankovich. Preachers has reached peak hipster status by putting an old bus – complete with fairy lights – in their beer garden.

15. The Glenmore, Sydney, New South Wales

Suggested by Jenna Guillaume. A great place for after work drinks, The Glenmore has stunning views of Sydney Harbour and also has a retractible roof so you won’t be caught in the rain.

16. Jade Monkey, Adelaide, South Australia

Recommended by Sarah Hurler Howley (Facebook). The Jade Monkey is 100% better after its location change, as it now has a perfect outdoor section which lets you enjoy Adelaide’s scorching summers while sipping on a cold beverage.

17. Opera Bar, Sydney, New South Wales

From Catherine Aurora (Facebook). You can probably just tell from the photo what makes this bar so damn special. Enjoy stunning harbour, bridge and Opera House views while you sip on delicious cocktails and soak up the sun.

18. Hotel Brunswick, Brunswick Heads, Queensland

From Courtney Cork Edwards (Facebook). Queensland can get hot. This riverfront beer garden has heaps of shade to escape the heat while you down a cold one.


HBO / Via

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Tim Tebow will not be the next ‘Bachelor’!/TimTebow/status/177067557029818369

Nobody wanted Tim Tebow to become the next “Bachelor” more than ABC. Having the Broncos quarterback looking for love on the show would have probably broken every single television rating record known to man. Let’s face it, the whole world has been taken over by Tebow-mania and whether you hate him or love him, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most popular sports figures in America today.

When rumors broke about the possibility of Tebow becoming ABC’s next Jesse Palmer, it’s no wonder why twitterverse ran rampant with excitement.

Tebow, however, crushed those rumors and said he’s “definitely not” going to be on the show.

Hopefully he realizes he needs to put love on the back-burner and try to learn how to become a consistent drop-back passer in the NFL.

David Sirota: Narcissism is assuming you know more than climate scientists!/davidsirota/status/392501711782158336

Salon contributor David Sirota was taking on one of those climate change deniers when he stumbled on this curious revelation, which makes us wonder: does anyone remember Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore’s field of study? Was it climate science?!/davidsirota/status/392502882802491392