Vile Twitter account mocking Breitbart’s widow suspended

On March 9, Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin tweeted about a disgusting Twitter user who opened a fake account mocking Andrew Breitbart’s widow, Susie.

Twitchy immediately highlighted the call to report the abusive account to Twitter.

Tonight, Twitter users note that the fake @susiebreitbart account has now been suspended.

They suspended the phony susiebreitbart account. Thank you, @twitter @support @abuse. You guys are awesome.

— One Who Remembers (@lheal) March 13, 2012

NICE! Some good news to wrap up the day: the vile @SusieBreitbart account has been suspended! #BeatTheBullies #IAmBreitbart

— Stephen Sheiko (@stephensheiko) March 13, 2012

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