Fake Twitter accounts soliciting ‘donations’ for victims in Boston

Unreal. Twitter is already suspending fake accounts promising donations to the victims of today’s explosions at the Boston Marathon in exchange for retweets.

Wow! Already there are fake accounts set up for the Boston Marathon asking for money! I think we just found a new level of scum.

— Jayne Sharp (@Jaynesharp) April 15, 2013

“Oh hey. Something awful has happened. I’d better set up a fake, official-looking account to beg for RTs.” – An actual person, minutes ago.

— Guy (@Brainmage) April 15, 2013

Folks, please don’t RT some Tweet supposedly from Boston Marathon twitter account re $1 per RT – fake, and taking advantage of situation

— Shane Stokes (@SSbike) April 15, 2013

Ghoulish fake account @_bostonmarathon

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) April 15, 2013

its actually disgusting that someone would make a fake twitter account and exploit this tragedy just to get retweets twitter.com/hollyniemiec/s…

— Holly Niemiec (@hollyniemiec) April 15, 2013

They’ve already created a fake Boston marathon account are you kidding me twitter.com/Whitenusss/sta…

— Jack (@Whitenusss) April 15, 2013

Report @bostonmarathons and every account like it for spam for taking advantage of this. They’re fake and trying to get ad money

— Nathan Gibbs (@ImNathanHi) April 15, 2013

Note that there was no way to donate money through the fake account; the goal, apparently, was merely to collect followers and retweets. Is it possible that makes the scam even more pathetic?

If you’re creating a fake Twitter account looking for RT’s right now, there’s a special place in hell for you.

— Derek (@DerekAggie06) April 15, 2013

If your reaction to a terrorist attack is creating a fake account and promising donations for retweets, please go kill yourself.

— Adam Nelson (@Admiral_Nelson8) April 15, 2013