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Powers blasts Obama; Likens ‘60 Minutes’ interview to ‘state-run media’

Oh, yes. She did. Kirsten Powers appeared on Fox News this morning and laid into “journalist” Steve Kroft’s swoon-filled lovefest on “60 Minutes” last night.

But Kirsten wasn’t done. She took to Twitter to follow up.

President Obama recently bashed Fox News yet again. Journalists who don’t wag their tails like good little lapdogs? They don’t suit.

He can’t stop, evidently. As Twitchy reported yesterday, it seems like President Obama should be named a Senior Fellow at Media Matters.

Go get him!

Fight like a girl? You betcha.

Zing! Predicting Obama’s State of the Union in 140 characters or less

It would be great and historic if the WH tonight did the sotu in 140 characters. Would have to tighten the speech a bit, but so worth it.

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) February 12, 2013

Indeed! There is no need for the long, drawn-out political theater known as President Obama State of the Union address. 140 characters is all you need!

What should President Obama focus on tonight? Please let me know in 140 characters. I’ll retweet a few. Use #sotu140

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) February 12, 2013

We don’t think she wants to retweet any of these.

#sotu140 MT @brady_cremeens The state of the union is less unified, less prosperous, less solvent, less employed, less innovative, less free

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) February 12, 2013

#sotu140 This speech began with my pollsters, then came the speechwriting team. There are no new ideas or programs. Only applause lines.

— Walter Shapiro (@waltershapiroPD) February 12, 2013

#sotu140 I Won. No more Mister Nice Guy. The Era of Big Government Is Over…Due.

— Jeff Greenfield (@greenfield64) February 12, 2013

Zing! Did we say all you need is 140 characters? Well, these enterprising souls are summing things up in less than that. Enter, #SOTUinLessThan140.

#SOTUinLesssThan140 We reject those who say I must not create a fictional argument and then triumphantly kick it down. #SOTUinLessThan140

— Razor (@hale_razor) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLessThan140 Spend, legislate, spend, ban guns, spend, open borders, spend, toss the Constitution, and did I mention spend more?

— Hayden Jackson (@HaydenJ96) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLessThan140 The previous administration left quite a mess for me to clean up. Wait, what? I made the mess? Well let’s ban guns

— Hayden Jackson (@HaydenJ96) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLesssThan140 Spend, tax, blame, exploit, pander, repeat.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) February 12, 2013

Don’t forget “Me, me, me!” “@michellemalkin: #SOTUinLesssThan140 Spend, tax, blame, exploit, pander, repeat.”

— Chris Fowler (@chris_fowler) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLesssThan140: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

— J.G. Alt (@nycconservative) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLesssThan140Lie..arrogant grin..lie..arrogant grin..lie..arrogant grin..lie..arrogant grin..rude remark about republicans..lie..

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLessThan140 All your asset are belong to us.

— John P. Squibob (@JohnPSquibob) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLesssThan140Set up straw man, present false choice, bash critics, pretend moderation, wage class war.

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) February 12, 2013

#SOTUinLesssThan140 Look a squirrel!

— Jeff Martin (@runnerjeff) February 12, 2013

#SOTUInLessThan140 I’m finally ready to get focused like a laser beam on jobs- wait, look!A buterfly!

— Torrey M. Spears (@torreymspears) February 12, 2013


so many drinking games! Ha! RT @michellemalkin: #SOTUinLessThan140 I, I, I, green, inherited, uh, unprecedented, investments, I, I, I, uh.

— Jamie Hall (@JayMe_Hall) February 12, 2013

That could be a problem. Or, a benefit, depending upon how you look at it.

I’m already drunk and I haven’t even made it through my drunk bingo card yet #SOTUinLesssThan140

— Michelle McCormick (@TexMex817) February 12, 2013

Oh, dear!

Keep them coming, Twitter! Show the president how it’s done, Twitter style.


‘Er, what?’ Ronan Farrow’s ‘team’ tries hand at comedy, gets the hook

Hey, did you know “Ronan Farrow Daily” has its own comedy troupe? Behold:

Crackerjack team you’ve got there, Shecky.

Our thoughts exactly.



Twitchy coverage of Ronan Farrow

Garry Kasparov rips apart NYT for providing Putin a propaganda platform

Former World Chess Champion and political activist who is on the board of directors of the Human Rights Foundation, Garry Kasparov, has some harsh words for the New York Times for publishing an op-ed article by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

All we can say at this point is “checkmate!”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

Meet Ronald Klain, new Ebola Czar and Election Truther (No, really)

Unreal. Plus, you know, this:

Obama Ebola Czar believes elections are rigged

— JWF (@JammieWF) October 17, 2014

Wait … what? As Twitchy reported, Obama tapped Democrat hack Ronald Klain as his new Ebola Czar (even though he already has one). Klain’s claim to fame? Responsible for the debacle known as Jay Clown Carney. But there’s more. He’s an election truther:

68% of Americans think elections are rigged.

— Vox (@voxdotcom) July 15, 2014

.@voxdotcom That's because they are.

— Ronald Klain (@RonaldKlain) July 15, 2014

The OOF. It burns.

@RonaldKlain: .@voxdotcom That's because they are.” So elections are fixed? That's how you got your new job eh? Thanks Ronald.

— ✞3н Åґḉн3ґ ✡ (@T3H_ARCH3R) October 17, 2014

@RonaldKlain @voxdotcom – yup, masterminded by @TheDemocrats …good catch #EbolaCzar partisan hack!

— The Legionnaire (@2_legion) October 17, 2014

Failing upwards. RT @JohnEkdahl: OOOOF

— Film Ladd (@FilmLadd) October 17, 2014

Good grief. Gird your loins, folks. We’re in for a bumpy ride.


‘Top men!’ Was new Ebola Czar Ronald Klain responsible for debacle known as Clown Carney?

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Guess what John McCain wants Obama to do about Ebola (Hint: WTF?)

#LEFturn: Colleagues, fans mourn NASCAR driver Jason Leffler on Twitter

Young NASCAR driver Jason Leffler died tonight after a horrible dirt car crash at the Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey. Fans and colleagues took to Twitter to mourn the 37-year-old racer.

Leffler leaves behind a 5-year-old son, Charlie, who just finished kindergarten. Friends and fans note how Leffler’s poignant Instagram account shared beautiful moments with his son.

Here are some of Leffler’s last tweets:

Deepest condolences to Leffler’s family. R.I.P.

Confirmed: The Fonz has completely lost it

Full stop. Yes, please! Stop making us collapse in giggle fits, Mr. Winkler.

And you know Winkler’s for real because his Twitter handle says so. A selection of links about “thoughtful” lapdog Joan Walsh:


Full Twitchy coverage of Henry Winkler

Full Twitchy coverage of “thoughtful” Joan Walsh

Former Virginia Cab Driver Turned FBI Most-Wanted Terrorist Reportedly Detained In Somalia

The FBI placed Liban Haji Mohamed on its list of most-wanted terrorists in January for allegedly providing support to al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda.

A former Virginia cab driver who was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for allegedly supporting terrorists has been detained in Somalia, according to multiple reports.

Somalia’s National Security Services said on its Facebook page Tuesday that its agents captured Liban Haji Mohamed in Mogadishu.

Facebook: NabadsugiddaQaranka

The security services posted the news after U.S. officials told the Washington Post late Tuesday that the 29-year-old had been captured.

The FBI declined comment on the reported arrest to BuzzFeed News.

The FBI placed Mohamed on its list of most-wanted terrorists in January and offered a reward of $50,000 for information leading to his arrest.

Mohamed is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia, and used to work as a cab driver in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

According to the FBI, while in Virginia he began to work as a “recruiter and radicalizer” for al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda linked terror group in Somalia.

In July 2012, Mohamed allegedly left the U.S. for East Africa to join the militant group. The FBI said they believed he has since been working there as an operative.

“It is important for us to locate Mohamed because he has knowledge of the Washington, D.C. area’s infrastructure such as shopping areas, Metro, airports, and government buildings,” Carl Ghattas, the special agent in charge of the counterterrorism division at the FBI’s Washington field office, said in a press release. “This makes him an asset to his terrorist associates who might plot attacks on U.S. soil.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia has issued a warrant for Mohamed’s arrest on charges of providing support to al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda.

Officials told the Washington Post that the U.S. is working to bring Mohamed back to the U.S. They said it will be difficult because the U.S. and Somalia don’t have an extradition treaty.

The FBI said Mohamed is a known associate of Zachary Chesser, a man who was convicted in 2011 of providing support to al-Shabaab.

The FBI became familiar with Mohamed during their investigation of Chesser, the Washington Post reported. Officials wanted to arrest Mohamed while he was living in Virginia, but didn’t have the evidence.

According to officials, the FBI planned to intercept Mohamed as he tried to travel to Africa via Mexico. However, Mohamed was able to leave the country undetected, the Washington Post reported.

An attorney for Mohamed’s family told the Washington Post that his relatives don’t buy the charges because they have family members that have been killed by al-Shabaab.

The family has not talked to Mohamed since 2012, the lawyer said.

Where Should You Go To Escape From London This Weekend?

Get out of town.

Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed / Getty Images/iStockphoto Artur Kula

Rep. Cantor disowns Young Guns’ endorsement of really, really old gun Sen. Lugar

Say what, Rep. Cantor?

The Young Guns Network is a group started by two former Cantor aides that shares its name with a book authored by Cantor. The organization has spent over $100,000 on Sen. Dick Lugar’s reelection effort in Indiana.

That’s 80-year-old “young gun” Dick Lugar, by the way.

Conservatives have criticized the YG Network for funding a pro-Lugar mailer that encouraged non-Republicans to vote against Richard Mourdock in today’s GOP primary contest. Clearly Cantor is eager to distance himself from that, but conservatives aren’t buying the “Dick who?” routine.

Heh. Cantor disowning the Lugar endorsement by Young Guns.

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) May 8, 2012

Ha! RT @LukeRussert:Cantor on Young Guns 4 Lugar: "I have not gotten involved in that race, this is an outside group I have no control over"

— Barney Keller (@barneykeller) May 8, 2012

Now that is a lie! RT @LukeRussert: Cantor on Young Guns 4 Lugar: "I have not gotten involved (cont)

— George Templeton (@rodentpolitics) May 8, 2012