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Meryl Streep’s Daughters Look Flawless In This Fashion Campaign

Those are some good genes — and jeans.

1. You obviously know Meryl Streep: Actress, humanitarian, goddess, living proof that perfection exists.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Can she do no wrong?

2. But do you know her three daughters?

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

That’s right, Meryl bestowed upon us the gift of mini-Meryls.

3. Grace, Louisa, and Mamie Gummer all appear in the new campaign for & Other Stories’ collaboration with Clare Vivier.

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

Is that Haim? Nope, it’s just the Gummer sisters killing the downtown chic look.

4. You might’ve seen Mamie in The Good Wife and Emily Owens, M.D. But here she is looking like a carbon copy of her mama.

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

5. Grace is also an actress and is currently starring on the CBS show Extant with Halle Berry. She was also on The Newsroom.

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

6. Youngest Louisa is a model with IMG.

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

7. Well, we know one thing for certain…

Stephen Shore / & Other Stories

8. … They got it from their mama.

Evening Standard / Via Getty Images

9. You must be a proud mom, Meryl.

John Legend Got Called Out For Singing In A Human Rights Abusing Country

But he had possibly the classiest response ever.

Musician John Legend made waves earlier this week when he used his acceptance speech at the Oscars to highlight the need for greater advances in social justice.

John Shearer / AP

“We know that the voting rights act that they fought for 50 years ago is being compromised right now in this country today,” Legend said accepting the award for Best Original Song for “Glory” from the movie Selma. “We know that right now the stuggle for freedom and justice is real — we live in the most incarcerated country in the world. There are more black men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850. When people are marching with our song we want to tell you we are with you we see you we love you and march on.”

It’s a strong message, but one that was seemingly undercut by the news that Legend was preparing to play a concert in Bahrain. The country has launched numerous crackdowns against political dissent, stamping out protests violently.

Riot police chase students, unseen, outside a high school in Manama, Bahrain, in 2013 Hasan Jamali / AP

Protesters in Bahrain rose up in the “Arab Spring” protests of 2011, and were instantly labeled agitators. The government sent riot police in with tear gas and batons. Given the fact that parts of the opposition are Shia, the government declared the movement an Iranian plot and called in military assistance from Saudi Arabia. The opposition continues to protest sporadically and continues to be met with violence from the police.

Political science professor at George Washington University Marc Lynch penned an open letter to Legend calling him out for his choice to perform in Bahrain and didn’t mince words.

“Like millions of Americans, I was profoundly moved by your Oscar performance of ‘Glory’ with Common and by your principled speech which followed,” Lynch wrote. “For years, I have been a great fan of your work, and of your willingness and ability to take strong and informed political stands. That’s why I was astonished and dismayed to learn today that you were planning to play a show in Bahrain on March 2.

“I write in the hope that you will apply your strong political convictions at home to a very similar set of problems abroad, and reconsider this performance, or speak out about what you see,” he continued.

“You have emerged as a voice of conscience in today’s America,” Lynch wrote. “In your writing, performances and speeches you have proven yourself to be a principled champion of equality who is unafraid to speak out for what is right.”

Riot police chase Bahraini anti-government protesters during clashes in Malkiya village Hasan Jamali / AP

“Bahraini lives have been taken by the police with impunity as well, and Bahraini lives do matter,” Lynch wrote. “I hope that you will think deeply about the implications of performing in a country like today’s Bahrain, where the violence of an unaccountable police against peaceful protestors mirrors everything against which you have spoken out at home. If you do decide to perform, perhaps you could speak out about the situation there as you have so gracefully done here in America.”

Rather than getting upset or defensive, however, Legend actually responded to the criticism rather thoughtfully, pledging to meet with Bahrainis struggling for justice.

John Shearer / AP

Some have recently suggested that, due to documented human rights abuses by the government of Bahrain, I should cancel my upcoming concert there. After consulting with human rights experts, I decided to keep my commitment to perform for the people of Bahrain, many of whom I am proud to call my fans, during their annual festival.

I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about human rights, civil rights and other issues of justice, both in the United States and abroad. The solution to every human rights concern is not always to boycott. Most of the time I will choose to engage with the people of the country rather than ignore or abandon my commitments to perform for them.

Often, the best way to drive progress is to show up and participate in the conversation. As we move this work forward, I hope to meet the many people who are peacefully struggling for freedom, justice and accountability, regardless of what country they live in, and tell them directly that I stand with them. Part of my mission in life is to spread love and joy to people all over the world. I intend to do just that in Bahrain, regardless of my disagreements with some of their governments’ policies and actions.


Whether or not he follows through with that pledge remains to be seen.

“If he goes, performs and does nothing but this statement, then it’s Kardashian-redux,” Lynch told the Washington Post, referring to Kim Kardashian’s weird visit to Bahrain to promote her frozen yogurt store. But, Lynch said, if Legend actually meets with oppositon members and “says something on stage about human rights, then it could be something good.”

Deer trot across Golden Gate Bridge, become social media stars

Oh no! It’s Sen. Chuck Grassley’s worst nightmare:

All together now: Awwwww!


Liberal journo Mike Elk sad about death threats to death threat connoisseur Erik Loomis

While we at Twitchy do not advocate death threats against anyone, we do have to note the irony here. Apparently it is okay for Erik Loomis to retweet death threats against people he doesn’t like, but it’s bad when he receives them himself. Maybe Elk should think about whether gratuitous references to violence should be brushed off as “metaphors.”

@mikeelk @erikloomis Kinda ironic that you are sad he got death threats after he advocated same.

— Jeffrey Stultz (@jeffreystultz) December 19, 2012

Look, anyone threatening Loomis needs to cut it out. It doesn’t solve anything and you’re no better than him.

Still, if one thinks it legitimate to demand Wayne LaPierre’s head on a pike and retweet talk of beating NRA members to death, it’s more than a little ironic to get sad-faced when similar rhetoric is directed at one’s allies.

Hat tip: Eric.

A Definitive Ranking Of “Twenty-Four Italian Songs And Arias”

Tu lo sigh.

24. “Alma del core” by Antonio Caldara

What it means, basically: I like you. I really like you. KISS ME.

From La constanza in amor vince l’inganno, this aria’s tepid melody manages to make the joyous emotions of love sound dreary and mundane. Caldara just confirms that pastoral relationships are a total snooze-fest.

23.Non posso disperar” by Giovanni Battista Bononcini

James Caldwall / Via

What it means, basically: I know you said you’re not into me, but I like you so much it hurts.

This aria tries to worm its way into your heart with an interesting tune, but it’s creepy to the core. The eerie tone ensures most singers won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

22.Vergin, tutto amor” by Francesco Durante

What it means, basically: Hey, Virgin Mary, please be chill about the sinners.

Not your best work, Durante. This song might get you into heaven, but it’s hard to win over even the most pious audience if they’re asleep before the second chord.

21.Lasciatemi morire!” by Claudio Monteverdi

Bernardo Strozzi /

What it means, basically: Let. Me. DIE.

Thank god this aria from “Ariana” is a one-pager. It’s not often that the audience wants to die, too.

20. “Come raggio di sol” by Antonio Caldara

What it means, basically: I might be smiling on the outside, but I am a HOT MESS on the inside.

While the lyrics might be relatable to some, this tune always ends up sounding like a total dirge. “Come raggio di sol” is the Debbie Downer of Italian art songs.

19. “Se Florindo è fedele” by Alessandro Scarlatti

What it means, basically: I’m hard to get, but if Florindo wants to be exclusive, I’m down.

This is a jolly aria, but since Scarlatti makes four appearances in this book, he’s competing against himself. This time, he loses.

18.Le Violette” by Alessandro Scarlatti

What it means, basically: Don’t be so shy, babe. Let me hit on you.

This jaunty number has a great beat and delightful melody. It might have gotten higher marks if it didn’t rely on the cliché of equating women to flowers. That was tired even in 17th century.

17.Pietà, Signore” by Alessandro Stradella

What it means, basically: Lord have mercy.

This is a dark, churchy song for the guiltiest of souls. It’s kind of a cosmic bummer. The next time you do something awful, like hooking up with your best friend’s ex, blast this and beg for forgiveness.

16.Pur dicesti, o bocca bella” by Antonio Lotti

What it means, basically: Yeah, that sweet mouth finally said “yes”.

For one of the few pieces in the book about requited love, this song is awfully bashful. But that’s to be expected from a choir boy like Lotti. Still, it’s not bold enough for what could totally be your make out anthem.

15. “Il mio bel foco” by Francesco Bartolomeo Conti

What it means, basically: My love flame burns for you, and only you, babe.

It’s easy to get swept up in this seductive proclamation of love. It manages to be seductive and robust at the same time. The only thing holding it back is that fake-ass recitative at the beginning.

14.Che fiero costume” by Giovanni Legrenzi

What it means, basically: Love is awesome, and totally not the blind baby everyone said it was.

This tune can really get your blood flowing and your hips shaking. Still, the whole weird blind baby metaphor keeps it from being the dance hit that it could be.

13.Nel cor più non mi sento” by Giovanni Paisiello

Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun /

What it means, basically: Love is literally making me crazy.

From L’amor contrastato, ossia La molinara, this darling aria is pretty cutesy for a song about insanity. It’s a little safe and sugary for a song about how loves bites, pinches, and pricks you.

12.Nina” by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

What it means, basically: Nina hasn’t gotten out of bed for three days. Someone blast this music and wake her the fuck up.

Poor, poor Nina. She can’t even hear this great song that was written for her. Pergolesi hits you right in the feels with this brooding tune. This is the quintessential rainy day art song.

11. “Sebben, crudele” by Antonio Caldara

What it means, basically: I’m gonna play the waiting game until you lower your standards.

This aria from La costanza in amor vince l’inganno is the ultimate anthem for unrequited love. Though it’s a little gloomy, Caldara brightens it up here and there to remind you to never give up hope.

10.Amarilli mia bella” by Giulio Caccini

What it means, basically: Amarilli, babe, I totally love you. Seriously, rip open my chest, your name’s written on my heart.

Caccini set a new standard for musical orgasms by writing this sultry song that has the power to get anyone in the mood. Once you hear that final “amore” your panties practically drop themselves.

9.O cessate di piagarmi” by Alessandro Scarlatti

What it means, basically: You’re colder than ice and you make me want to die.

From Il Pompeo, this morose little aria perfectly captures overwhelming sadness without being a total drag. Play it when your crush doesn’t text you back and you need to let those tears out.

8.Vittoria, mio core!” by Giacomo Carissimi

What it means, basically: Good job, heart. We’re finally over that bitch.

Love sucks, and everyone can relate to a good break-up song, especially one as cheerful as this. Carissimi truly had a timeless hit on his hands.

7. “Se tu m’ami, se sospiri” by Alessandro Parisotti

What it means, basically: It’s great that you like me, but if you think I’m going to give up other dudes, you’re sorely mistaken.

There’s some debate over whether this flirty tune is by Parisotti or Pergolesi, which gives this piece a seductive air of mystery. Who knew an Italian art song could be so coy?

6.Già il sole dal Gange” by Alessandro Scarlatti

What it means, basically: The sun makes things pretty.

This aria from L’honestà negli amori has a toe-tapping beat and a saccharine melody that will have you prancing with unicorns and vomiting rainbows in no time.

5.O del mio dolce ardor” by Christoph Willibald Gluck

Joseph Duplessis /

What it means, basically: I’ll find someone, someday. Maybe.

Originally from Paride ed Elena, this aria loses a few authenticity points for being written by a non-Italian. Still, Gluck managed to capture the Italian musical spirit by writing a thrilling song about being a loveless loser.

4. “Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile” by Francesco Durante

What it means, basically: Dance, girl. Dance to my singing.

This jig earns its high spot by being the most booty-shakin’ tune in the whole book. Durante’s had people gyrating in auditorium chairs for centuries.

3.Per la gloria d’adorarvi” by Giovanni Battista Bononcini

Pier Leone Ghezzi /

What it means, basically: Those eyes, girl. Dayum.

From the opera Griselda to the stage of Jewel, this glorious aria set the bar high for songs about eyes. Van Morrison ain’t got nothin’ on Bononcini.

2. “Tu lo sai” by Giuseppe Torelli

What it means, basically: You def know that I like you, so can we just be exclusive already?

Torelli truly delivered the drama with this piece. Never has there been a more gripping, heart-wrenching song about confronting your crush. Bring out the tissues!

1. “Caro mio ben” by Tommaso Giordani

What it means, basically: Bae, my heart’s sad without you.

“Caro mio ben” is the bread and butter of classical singers. Everyone’s done it, and everyone loves it. You may also recognize this tune from Raise Your Voice, further proof that this exquisite melody will continue to transcend genres for years to come.

#LynchMob: Dem. Rep. Lynch smacks down lying liar Douglas Shulman

And how!

Massachusetts Democrat Stephen Lynch pulled no punches this morning in his questioning of former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman. Shulman twisted and squirmed, but Lynch only tightened his grip:!/AgitpropNJ/status/337227872940994560


Good. He should be. What the IRS did is criminal.

Citizens were enthralled — and grateful to Rep. Lynch for refusing to let Shulman off the hook:

Indeed. This is what oversight looks like. And it’s glorious to behold.

FLOTUS Twitter account sending DM spam to people who don’t even follow her?

The Obama campaign has been spamming Twitter followers via direct message for a while now.

Normally, you can only send a direct message to someone who follows you on Twitter. But today, Reuters columnist Anthony DeRosa revealed that he received a DM from @MichelleObama even though he doesn’t follow her. And he wasn’t the only one:

Me too! RT @antderosa: Received a DM from @michelleobama again, even though I don’t follow her. Hey @twitter, what’s up with that?

— Samantha Shepard (@SamAShepard) November 6, 2012

Me too RT @antderosa: Received a DM from @michelleobama again, even though I don’t follow her. Hey @twitter, what’s up with that?

— Robin Respaut (@RobinRespaut) November 6, 2012

Odd, we’d think spam wouldn’t be on the first lady’s approved menu.

So what’s going on here? One possibility:

@antderosa “Twitter has given some accounts the ability to receive DMs from accounts they don’t follow…must opt-in”…

— Stefan Becket (@stefanjbecket) November 6, 2012

In July, Mashable reported, “Twitter has given some accounts the ability to receive DMs from accounts they don’t follow. Accounts with this feature must opt in.”

Did these Twitter users “opt in,” or is the FLOTUS account just special?

Twitchy will let you know if other Twitter users who don’t follow the first lady report similar direct message spam.

George Will talks progressivism and victimization; Cue outrage

George Will wrote a controversial column which ran in the Washington Post. The column is titled “Colleges become the victims of progressivism.” Here’s the opening paraphraph:

Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate. And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.

The rest here.

Will’s column is in part about how university attempts to prevent victimization can actually have the reverse effect and increase the number of victims. Will also wrote that progressivism makes victimhood a “coveted status.” However, many chose to read Will’s column as simply saying “getting raped is a coveted status”:



‘Rape culture wins’: Feminist freakout after Miss Nevada dares suggest self defense training for women

How does a HuffPo editor’s idiocy expose ‘everything wrong with feminism in a single tweet’? Like this

‘Manageable problem’? Obama: No containing ISIS; Must be dismantled

Is President Obama finally developing an ISIS strategy that he’s been heavily criticized for lacking?

Well, maybe.

Delivering an address at the conclusion of a NATO summit in Wales, Obama evolved from attempting to make ISIS a “manageable problem” to this:

It was a far cry from Joe Biden’s vow to follow ISIS “to the gates of hell.”

So to sum it up:



Rep. Darrell Issa to introduce joint resolution requiring Obama to present strategic plan to defeat ISIS

How reassuring! Is Obama ‘kickin’ the can down the road’ with ISIS, too?

Comedy gold: MSNBC failed smear attempt plus ‘informal Romney adviser’

Keep digging, MSNBC.

What’s the lie this time? Well, MSNBC published an “article” today that sought to push yet another lie: Mitt Romney isn’t considering a woman for Vice President. Because, icky old Sarah Palin. It was, of course, breathlessly pushed out as fact by other alleged media outlets.

'Palin poisoned the well on that' — 'informal' Romney adviser on a possible woman VP nominee (via @aterkel)

— HuffPost Media (@HuffPostMedia) June 19, 2012

Formal or informal? RT @thinkprogress: ROMNEY ADVISER: After Palin, women are disqualified from VP search

— Steve BESTE (@stevebeste) June 19, 2012

An “informal Romney adviser” who would “guess” what is in Romney’s head. No, really.

“I think, unfortunately, Palin poisoned the well on that,” said one informal Romney adviser, fretting that any woman selected as VP would draw inevitable comparisons to the former Alaska governor. “I would guess if I were inside the Romney mind that they’re worried that any woman chosen will be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny. “

Alas, MSNBC, Twitter users actually know the difference between reality and your Palin-obsessed fantasies.

cough "MSNBC" cough RT @kirstenpowers10: Romney advisor tells NBC … Palin "poisoned the well."

— Cindy Cooper (@CindyCoops) June 19, 2012

Source please? "Palin poisoned the well," said informal Romney adviser." NBC Romney’s search for a VP appears to narrow

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin (@HarrietBaldwin) June 19, 2012

Source? Stop confusing MSNBC!

What happens when you mix a shameful failed false narrative attempt and “informal Romney adviser?” Comedy gold.

RT @JPFreire: If you've ever tweeted at Romney, you too are an informal Romney adviser.

— Julian Sanchez (@normative) June 19, 2012

Informal Romney Advisor applauds MSNBC's decision to dig in its heels over WaWagate.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) June 19, 2012

Hahahaha RT @keptsimple81: Informal Romney adviser wears khakis, polo

— Stefan Becket (@stefanjbecket) June 19, 2012

If I shout things at the TV screen, does that make me an informal Romney adviser?

— Sean Geary Higgins (@SeanGHiggins) June 19, 2012

Informal Romney adviser says someday, he might be a formal Romney adviser

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) June 19, 2012

Informal Romney adviser calls people "dude" at the office

— kept_simple (@kept_simple) June 19, 2012

I once rode with Mitt Romney in an elevator, does that make me an anonymous informal Romney adviser?

— Caroline Wren (@CarolineWren) June 19, 2012

Informal Romney adviser can't confirm Mayor McCheese not being vetted.

— Paul Werdel (@prwerdel) June 19, 2012

@JPFreire You know who is an informal Romney advisor? @KevinMaddenDC in a t-shirt and jeans.

— Jon Henke (@JonHenke) June 19, 2012

One informal Romney adviser has been in the room with Barack Obama.

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) June 19, 2012


— Dean Clark (@earldean71) June 19, 2012

Sad, little Soros monkey Eric Boehlert and Ana Marie “I don’t read books before I review them” Cox try to make funnies aimed at Romney. They failed and instead just served to further mock MSNBC.

Informal Romney adviser fixed my carburetor; RT @anamariecox Informal Romney adviser tells me I'm awesome.

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) June 19, 2012

When even fellow loons end up mocking you, times are tough, man.

Another attempted false narrative debunked! With humor, as always. Thank you, Twitter happy warriors!

Of course, Twitter progressives tried to spin it away and mock Romney instead. With their patented bigotry.

@anamariecox Have more children than wives #informalRomneyadvisorideas

— Patrick Spears (@spears404) June 19, 2012

Stay classy.