Code Pink members attend We Are Woman rally in vagina costumes

Mainstream media outlets struggling to find a tasteful way to cover the “Pussy Riot” protests in Russia have another challenge on their hands, this one much closer to home. Representatives of Code Pink (as identified by the poster of the image) attended today’s “We Are Woman” rally dressed as vaginas.

This clearer photo identifies at least two of the vaginas as representatives of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Feminist Campus project.

FMF campus team staff @feminist_oryx & @meg_randall at #WAW protest today!

— Feminist Campus (@feministcampus) August 18, 2012

The costumes did garner attention, if not necessarily respect.

@AllisonSesso To Code Pink: I see the "CONGRESS RESPECT WOMEN" sign. How can anyone respect you all dressed up like vaginas? GET REAL

— DragonForce_One (@DragonForce_One) August 18, 2012

@AllisonSesso @codepink Kinda hard to respect anyone looking like that! #holypinkmoly

— Wonderlander (@w0nderlander) August 18, 2012

That's hysterical, or am I ovary-acting? RT @ToddKincannon check out the Code Pinkos in their vagina costumes:

— Billy Cole (@WilliamColeFL) August 18, 2012

I'm just SO filled with pride! WTF! RT @AllisonSesso: @codepink here dressed as vaginas at we are woman rally #waw

— Jersey Right (@JerseyRight) August 18, 2012

Representatives of Code Pink, NOW, Planned Parenthood and Rock the Slut Vote were scheduled to speak on the west lawn of the Capitol, addressing the issues of reproductive rights, equal pay and the Equal Rights Amendment.

You know there's a war on women in a country where the media refuses to report on a massive women's rights rally. #WAW

— I will not be quiet. (@noiwillnotbe) August 18, 2012

No war on women here; Twitchy will cover it.

@noiwillnotbe You are here in solidarity! #WAW

— Jessica (@esposa_de_oliva) August 18, 2012

They are scared to death that we will use our power. #WAW

— Jessica (@esposa_de_oliva) August 18, 2012

One high-profile supporter who could not attend sent her regrets via Twitter.

Sending my support to everyone at the #WAW rally in D.C. Sorry to miss it, but thanks to all of you for making your voices heard!

— Sandra Fluke (@SandraFluke) August 18, 2012

@SandraFluke I think you meant to say "thanks for making your VAGINAS heard", since that seems to be the extent of their vocabulary.

— RedGalBlueState (@RedGalBlueState) August 18, 2012